15 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Harry Staylor says:

    I totally agree with her, I wonder – would she consider being our PM? She would definitely get my vote

  2. Pam Pickering says:

    I am from Canada and it would be nice for our Prime Minister to grow a set and state the same.
    Good for you to take such a stand. When I went to school, they sang O’Canada and said the Lord’s Prayer, now that only happens in the Catholic System. Let us all take this stand and get back to our grass roots. Kudos to you!

  3. Why do you even bother to post fake stories? There isn’t enough REAL news to talk about? You should be ashamed of yourself :(

  4. Laura says:

    WHY ARE YOU POSTING HOAXES? The story (and I mean *story*, not *report*) about the Australian Prime Minister is NOT TRUE, and furthermore promotes xenophobia and racism. It’s disgusting.

    • Peter says:

      Silly Sod. Grow Up

    • Max says:

      Muslims are killing us in our homes. Unlike us, they are open about the fact that Islam is at war with the Western world, Western democracy. Islam and democracy can not exist together.

      The war has already started and we have not started it.

  5. Brendan says:

    What kind of website is this? Your articles are fake. The Australian Prime Minister is not a moron and would never make a speech like this. Anyone who believes this for a second is a fool.

    Your site is like communism propaganda. Communists tell lies to make people fear others. Racists tell likes to make people fear others. Morons the lot.

    Shame, shame, shame.

  6. Stephen Bell says:

    Fake or not, it seems like sense to me. Very entertaining also! :)

  7. In our Commonwealth countries,many people have died to protect our freedoms,I’m happy that the Assie PM has stuck up for the rest of us.Move to Canada PM as you have my vote.Gord Yorkston-Canada…

  8. Del says:

    This article and it’s responses reinforces my belief that mankind is doomed

  9. amjad pervaiz says:

    Dear Brother Arabian Knight,
    Do you know about Islam, If islam is religion of peace and goodness then why all country fear to preach Christian faith in their country theny why they have no courage to listen Christian belief. because Muhammad sb was not prophet neigther from God. because if he was prophet then what Islamic ethics about sprituality.

  10. Gary Evans says:

    Stop sending me mail

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