The proof of Allah, in a tomato…?

Messages from Allah, and that too in a tomato?

Why don’t Allah and Mohammad together appear on a TV chat show and proclaim their being of god and his messenger…?

Now that would sort out the doubters! Got to go now time to read my tea leaves…!

I love it when people find “proof” of god, allah, etc…in produce or other food stuffs. Wonder if the tomatoes wanted to kill people too?

Tomato that fell out of sandwich had message from Allah, says a Muslim…!

Salman Gul found Arabic writing in a tomato. The writing means “Muhammad is God’s Messenger”. Above: A close-up of the tomato and where the writing is highlighted in white.

A MUSLIM claims to have found a message from God – in a tomato.Salman Gul discovered the apparent Arabic words as he munched on a roll bought from Subway in Normanton Road, Derby.

When a slice of tomato fell out he saw what appeared to be the message “Muhammad is God’s Messenger” formed in Arabic text by the tomato’s veins.

The first pillar, or tenet, of Islam is to declare that there is “no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God”.

His imam, or priest, at the Iqra Centre, Normanton, examined the tomato and confirmed his reading was correct, and said “it cannot be a coincidence”.

Mr Gul said finding the extraordinary fruit “clarified and confirmed” the strength of his faith.

He said: “For me it’s something really special. I was eating at the Halal Subway sandwich shop on Normanton Road and this tomato slice fell out from my sandwich.

“I noticed Arabic writing that appeared to be from within the tomato, constructed from its veins or venation – the botanical term for plant veins.

“I asked the guys who worked at the Subway if they could read the same thing, and they agreed. I needed a third opinion so I went to my local mosque on Portland Street, and the imam who teaches Arabic classes read the tomato and confirmed it.”

Mr Gul, 24, of Harrington Street, Normanton, said he had been a Muslim all his life but had never seen anything like the tomato.

The imam, Rafi Din Shah said the message had come as a surprise.

He said: “It’s no coincidence – it’s a sign from God. Muhammad said ‘I will leave this world but there will be signs that come to show I am the true messenger of God that will confirm my prophet-hood. This is one of those signs.”

Mr Shah said he had been teaching Arabic for two years, having got a masters in the subject at university.

He said: “I have never seen anything like this before, although you do read about and see these things on the internet. I think you’ll find this will be a major boost for the whole Muslim community in Derby. To hear and see that something like this has happened in Derby will really cheer people up.”

Signs of Allah and Muhammad have been reported on a number of unusual items over the years, including fish, honeycomb and in clouds.

One should read the grass leaves too[!], for any possible messages…More than likely he’d find a Firefly in the grass, the question is, what would the Firefly be doing there? So, there’s this god thing, creator and master of the universe, capable of achievements far beyond human imaginations, or so the story goes, and he suddenly decides to send a potent message to Earthlings. What does Allah do??? He writes a few words in Arabic (of course!) in a tomato. He guides the hand of the tomato slicer so that, the said message will be revealed to his beloved followers. But wait! The message might get eaten[?], so, Allah engineers matters to cause the holy slice to fall out of the sandwich. Behold, the word of god writ large and clear!!!

Ummmm, did the guy eat the slice, or has it been dispatched to Mecca to be revered unto eternity? It’s high time I converted to Islam. One cannot possibly argue with the evidence of this compelling nature…can anyone? I wonder if Salman Gul, the favoured one, will be re-named Saladin of Islam…?

I doubt anything useful could be created by the Muslims. They worship stupidity…!

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