By Sally M. Bode

I know that the Muslims want us to apologize for the Crusades. But why is that? The Crusades came about after the Muslims had conquered a lot of territory. Although not technically a part of the Crusades, the Battle of Tours led by Charles Martel, grandfather of Charlemagne, stopped the move northward of the Islamic army. Before Crusades started the Arabs had advanced to Sicily, and all the way to the Danube.

We have records of their brutality, the rape and pillage. And we have pictures of what has happened to the Armenians and Assyrians in the early part of the 20th Century. It was a holocaust every bit as cruel and awful as what Hitler did. No one is asking for an apology for that. The Armenian holocause was GENOCIDE. The conquered peoples were not only occupied, but systematically eliminated.

The Crusades saved western civilization. It is because Islam’s spread was halted that we have the great advances in technology such as computers, automobiles and air travel. If Islam had been successful we’d be reading if we knew how, only by candle light!

Rumanians consider Vlad Dracul to be a savior because he stopped the Turks. Many have said how cruel and barbaric he was, he had been imprisoned in the torture chambers of the Sultan. He learned cruelty by example, how to intimidate by it.

People who are mass murders such as the leaders of the Islamic Jehad that caused the Crusades and created a defender such as Vlad Dracul, are not going to sit down to a Sunday School lesson on why they are being bad boys. Moreover the very most vile human behavior in history is rewarded with heaven if death occurs during Islamic Jehad.

Mohammed is not the seal of the prophets, he is not worthy to compare with those that came before him, Jesus or the Apostles, who led lives of gentlness, self-sacrifice, love and virtue. It cannot even be the same god. It is not possible.

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