How Saudis Still have slaves and how they torture them

Saudi Arabians and most other Gulf Arabs in UAE, Oman and other areas routinely rape, torture and keep the maids jailed without money, passports and they steal their identities and they literally treat them worse than slaves. They follow exactly what Muhammad preached them and himself followed. Those Muslims who foolishly think Arabs have changed are living in a fools paradise. That is the reason all these Arab Sheikdoms are hollow, full of horror, misery and a hell.

The maids from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan work in huge numbers as they were lured by agents in their local countries to earn huge petro dollars but all these reports never told them the horror behind the jobs and that they were being sold.

Those who have been able to flee keep quiet for fear of death. There must be over a few million bodies that have been thrown in the Gulf seas in past years of tortured workers.

All those huge building created by poor pakistani and indian labor are now housing the fat arabs who do nothing but rely on foreign labor and servants who are hardly paid and if asked for pay they are beaten, tortured. Only few thousand who survive run away and take refuge in the embassies if very lucky. Millions of slaves have been buried without identities.

Where is the world? Where is the Green Peace and Human rights observers?

For years girls from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal are being bought and sold in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Jeddah and all other Gulf cities for dance. The dance is merely an excuse as upon arrival these girls are sold who rent these girls to rich arabs who use them like a rental car. These women are prostituted and those who try to run away are taken to sea and thrown away from a motor boat. There are currently over 1 million women being used as rape objects every single day for years. All this never ever comes to media because the media is sleeping and the media of Middle East is hushed, censured and only for superficial news.

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