Weeks after taking over as Imam at the controversial Islamic community center and mosque in Lower Manhattan, Sheik Abdallah Adhami has thrown in the taqiyah. Adhami said in a statement today, “It is important for me now to devote my time to the completion of my book which assists English readers in understanding and facilitating the language of the Quran. I wish the project leaders well.” It’s probably also important for the project’s developer to devote time to picking a new Imam who hasn’t talked about homosexuality as a dysfunction caused by child abuse.

The developer, Sharif el-Gamal, surprised everyone last month by announcing that the project’s long-time spiritual leader, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, would be replaced by Adhami. Imam Rauf then surprised everyone further by telling a Buffalo newspaper he’d be fine with building the mosque somewhere else if they could find a place. In response, el-Gamal issued another statement saying, “Imam Feisal has no authority or control over this project, over its board of directors or over Soho Properties, which controls the real estate. Park51, the Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan, is more than any one personality or imam.” That’s a good thing, because this guy’s burning through Imams like Terry Jones set loose in a Koran warehouse!

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