BAIDOA – Sheik Moktar Robow Ali (Abu MansourMansour), top leader of the Islamist fighters of Al-shabab has Sunday called for the Islamists to redouble their clashes against the transitional government and AMISOM troops in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

“It is an obligation on us to be united for the Jihad ‘Islamic war’ we request from all population of this town, Baidoa to help us for the fighting. Support us for the war against AMISOM and TFG in Mogadishu,” said Abu Mansour

The leader had talked with more people in Baidoa, the centre of Bay region in southern Somalia where a stronghold for Al-shabab fighters adding that their fighting against the troops of the Somali government and AU troops was absolutely right.

Sheik Abu Mansour asserted his speech during lecturing ceremony in the town that the people in the region under the control of Al-shabab were required to take part what he called Jihad and be united.

The statement of Al-shabab leader Abu Mansour comes as there were continuous clashes between the group and TFG soldiers with AMISOM forces in the Somalia capital Mogadishu.

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