(Prime Minister Julia Gillard –  Australia )

Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the  government targeted radicals in a bid to head off  potential terror attacks.

Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques.


“I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.  ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’   We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish,  Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of  our society . Learn the language!’

‘Most Australians believe in God.  This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because  Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools.  If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.  ‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why.  All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and  peaceful enjoyment with us.’

‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this.  But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE  RIGHT TO LEAVE‘.’

‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE.   We didn’t force you to come here.   You asked to be here.   So accept the country  YOU accepted.’

Good job madame …

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  1. Bob Lee swagger says:

    Atta Girl! Ms. Prime Minister:

    If only the rest of the West had what you auusies have, maybe the Muslims would figure it out. Stick to your guns dearie–oh, speaking of guns, ow bout returning them to your fine peoples?

    • Lone Puma says:

      Mr. Swagger, We couldn’t be more proud of your Prime Minister, but it is important to also have your guns. That’s a tough one to figure out…seeing we Australia as the Out Back Country. Perhaps this email I just received will help your citizens achieving their goal.

      Best regards,


      The world’s largest army… America ‘s hunters! I had never thought about this….

      A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion:

      There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin .

      Allow me to restate that number.

      Over the last several months, Wisconsin ‘s hunters became the eighth largest army in the world.

      More men under arms than in Iran .

      More than in France and Germany combined.

      These men deployed to the woods of a single American state to hunt with firearms, and no one was killed.

      That number pales in comparison to the 750,000 who hunted the woods of Pennsylvania and Michigan ‘s 700,000 hunters,

      All of whom have now returned home.

      Toss in a quarter million hunters in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact that

      The hunters of those four states alone would comprise the largest army in the world.

      The point?

      America will forever be safe from foreign invasion with that kind of home-grown firepower.

      Hunting — it’s not just a way to fill the freezer. It’s a matter of national security.


      That’s why all enemies, foreign and domestic, want to see us disarmed.

      Food for thought when next we consider gun control.

      • Truly SUPERB STATS……….thank for that great train of thought…….and I would dearly love to visit Oz, but won’t until Australians are no longer the slaves of government and once again can breath freely handguns in their homes and on their hips………Good Government is kept good by fearing its own citizenry…which it cannot do if that citizenry is disarmed.

      • David says:

        awesome article…. however…. the next enemy of the state…. is the state itself. On December 31st 2011, the President signed the Bill, bringing into law…. the end of the fourth amendment. Anyone can be a suspected terrorist, if you have a firearm with weather proofed ammo, and you only need to be suspected, in order to be held without charge, lawyer, trial, notification to anyone that you are held, indefinitely… until the end of hostilities…. and the war on terror is designed by definition to last forever. So bye bye freedom. If you speak up against the government on anything important, you may just disappear. No more need to ship you to Gitmo. Gitmo has come to the mainland.

      • eddie anderson says:

        A far stretch of the imagination!! I think the powers that be in America would not want the public running about with thier guns if you were invaded. I find the idea of arming you population as a security force ridiculous and the fact that you as an american citizen think that this is the reason that your government allow you to have guns is also worrying. I am all for the right to own and use firearms, not for joe public to defend Scotland. I will leave that to the pros.

      • Dreegle says:

        You left out the bit about 200,000 accidental and intentional gunshot wounds/deaths, each and every year, once the hunters take their new, yet only annually used, toys home…

      • kenny says:

        just goes to show the level of paranoia in the states…put those figures up against gun crime/murder then you see its not such a clever statistic after all…extremists are not 8ft tall warriors with lasers for most americans would have you believe..after all its not guns that kill people, people do…and the good old u.s. of a. is full of idiots with guns..when will your country ever learn.

      • odonian says:

        the simple logistics of invasion preclude an invasion of usa rather it will implode as result of its own dynamics

      • Trickster says:

        How can you call that an army – deer don’t fire back! How many of this so called army would be willing to lay down their lives if the shit hit the fan? Being an ex solider of 24 years, I know their is more to being a soldier than just being able to fire a rifle! By the way I don’t disagree with the right to arms although I don’t think this argument is strong enough.
        : -)

      • krayze keef says:

        I for one would never want the us to disarm. Om a brit and knowing the us is allied is a great comfort. Long live the Queen and God bless the United States of America

      • jordynrae51 says:

        Awesome stats! As an American, I am actually quite proud to hear them. Thanks for sharing!

      • Tom Brown says:

        There are many good reasons for gun control BUT NOT NOW the UN is frantically trying to disarm America. A disarmed America is what the Russian politburo has dreamed of for years. Remember when Americas guard was dropped when Reagan and Gorbechev shook hands. Those Russians are not stupid they are happy to let us think that the USSR has been disbanded. It doesn’t work that way.

      • Christian says:

        Lone puma, thanks so much for all the stats. I’m feeling safer already :)

      • egg says:

        probably more to do with school kids wandering into school and shooting their classmates and teacher…when it comes to gun control rather than national security. Even if every hunter did not own a gun you still have a vast actual army anyhow.:)

      • A true blu aussie says:

        As an Aussie, I strongly doubt that Julia would ever say this. I certainly believe she’s pro Aussie, but I feel it’s very unlikely she would be so blunt in a speech to the media. And as an Aussie who’s spent considerable time in both Canada and the US, I must say that I feel WAY safer in Australia and then Canada then I ever did in the US. And since seeing the number of individuals who take up arms and go on killing spree’s in schools and university’s, let’s just say that I’m very content with the level of control the government in Australia have on arms. This also coming from someone who enjoys deer hunting with the boys in the Aussie Bush. I’ve never heard an Aussie express discontentment with our gun laws, however regularly hear concerns for the so called ‘freedom’ which the US has for people to arm themselves.

      • dave says:

        This was totally uncalled for.

      • Annette MBG says:

        Amen to that. This country was created by God fearing men! Witout that, where are morals! We are the melting pot of cultures, but all beieve in the same God!! That is what brought us all together. If you do not like it leave!!!!!!! Please!!!!!

      • bob says:

        well said mate lets hope ausie government gets the hint because they wont listen to us

      • clQr1rsb says:

        What makes all you gun owners think it is right to go around killing defenceless animals? Makes you feel like macho men aye? Then you’ll have the nerve to say you believe in God!! I agree with everything the Aussie PM says, however guns and violence have never solved anything and only cause problems.

      • Well said! Add all of the states hunters and non-hunters who are armed together, and we are talking one powerful force to be reckoned with if provoked… And that is probably not far off with the way Barry ‘O’ is destroying this country. “Cheers!

      • Orrie says:

        As long as the government keeps their hands off our guns we will remain the largest army in the world. There are those in our government doing everything they can to disarm us. We cannot let that happen.

      • Jim says:

        After reading most of these comments allow me, as an American, to say that most of you do not understand the true spirit that is still here.
        I’ve never been in the military but that don’t matter.
        A sleeping giant has been awakened once again and this time it is for the right reasons.
        We are aware of the atrocities of our traitorous govt. all the way from pearl harbor and the land is full of pissed off patriots.
        We never know what the tide will bring.
        The entire world is under attack.
        Anyone seeing chemtrails there?
        Thats pissin me off more than anything else.

      • chris says:

        I see a lot of people replying about the nutcases doing damage in schools, small numbers compared to the numbers of people who prevented thier familys from being murdered by criminals who don’t concern themselves with gun control

      • Lily says:

        Crime has actually gone down a bit in the US, because criminals are thinking twice before breaking into someones home. Sadly though, we have a Muslim in the White House who wants to ban all guns to help his Muslim brothers take over our country.

      • Don R. Holloway says:

        Thank you Lone Puma for your remarks. We Americans greatly value our constitutional right to bear arms. If our country is threatened, its citizens are the third line of defense behind our military and our law enforcement agencies. I think your Prime Minister is doing a great job, but I hope she values the rights of her citizens to protect themselves. Our current President (Barack Obama) doesn’t have half the backbone of Julia Jillard.

      • donald says:

        False count on number of deer hunters. While I dont know the specific states used in the computation many states allow multiple tags per hunter often even 5 or more per hunter. Good thought. Faulty information however.

      • Robert Tallman says:

        I’ve heard this is why Japan wouldn’t invade our mainland when we we’re at war with them a long time ago

      • Thomas Smith says:

        Thumbs up!!

      • doug says:

        well said!! add in the Southeast, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and you see
        America will be a force to be reckoned with.hope you don’t mind if I copy and paste this to my FB page.

      • nowayjw says:

        Fake. Check it out on Snopes or Hoax Slayer for the real, and full story. This is the 3rd Australian PM this has been attributed too. It’s too bad the original poster didn’t do just a little bit of a background check to make sure it is accurate.

      • Tom says:

        If the hat fits wear it

      • Tom says:

        Makes no difference ‘Do You Support sharia law in Australia and elsewhere or not?

      • meilani says:

        good,,, all the attacker of bombing in bali had no regrets after killing 200 people, they’re really sick religion indeed,,,

      • Chris says:

        Nah to be honest it sounds like a good point, but I think you better stop saying your this and that, because at one stage the roman empire had the largest army in the world, then the british empire and you say you do, but lets face it, those ‘hunters’ are just people from different parts of America, and you have probably counted most of them twice, maybe four times, as there is four states and these hunters would like to hunt in more than 1 place. You have guns to protect yourselfs because of the native americans and wild animals that once dominated your land, then because of lawlessness and also to eventually defend against the British. Well you have no need for those guns anymore, the brits arent in favour of occupying you or anyone anymore, they just want free trade and a better country. DEFENSE ISNT EVERYTHING. Look at the British, they have nukes they have an army and they still go to daft wars that they shoulden’t but look at norway, not even in recession, WHY? Because they spent hardly anything in defense, same as the brits, hardly any wars at the height of theyre empire, WHY? because of deplomacy. Take a look to Asia they have 1.2 billion people who if armed would swamp all of europe and north america in no time, but they wont, because there is better things to worry about than weapons how about less money on your army and more on improving the many jobless in your country, and the damage caused to new orleans. OR EVEN A NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE! If you are the richest country in the world then why can you not afford it, or to go to space or to spend money on renewables, or even to stay in Afganistan! YOU CANNOT AFFORD IT! Also, the growth in South America will mean competition for you aswell, hey in 20 years time it might be you americans trying to head south of the border! The biggest economy in the world is the EURO despite being in crisis, and the USA is heavily in debt to China, the one that your setting up defense against. just let China get on with it. All they want is peace, and growth – thats why there is a communist regime in place and a hard line military action on uprisings, who knows maybe their investment in Africa will finally fix problems there and make them rich. They deserve it the most after all the trouble they have went through.

      • Stan says:

        Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State is in the process of forging a treaty with the UN to take our guns away as we speak.

      • Wow!! yeh! thank our Lord for all the hunters in America, we have a standing army! Is that something like the ‘national guards’ ?!!

    • Stevie says:

      Julia Gillard for next British Prime Minister

      • Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi says:

        You know we aren’t Britian right…. Saying that is like saying Italians are Greek or Americans are all Canadian (examples only). Just because over a 100 years ago British came to Australia doesn’t mean we are British, We are Australian and proud of it mate :D

        Lets not insult Julia’s great words with saying British Prime Minister :D

      • you do know don’t you that this story is all bullshit. Julia Gillard didn’t make that speech at all. Its been going around facebook for ages and all the racists jump on the band wagon as soon as they see it and claim it as true…..

      • Sophiee says:

        @aussie aussie aussie … I think what stevie means is that Julia Gillard should come over here (to the UK) and become prime minister, as unfortunately our ‘great leaders’ don’t seem to share the same views as her!!!

      • bridget says:

        she would certainly get my vote, she speaks what she see’s and has the balls to stand up their and voice her opinion. We need more leaders like her , who are not afraid to say their piece without fear of offending all none British/English people. If they wan’t to stay in the UK then the rules are there for all, they must accept that, or stay in the land of there birth. If not there, then find some where else where they will be happy to obey “The rules of the land”

      • Lorin Letain says:

        To Kenny; So according to your statement are all Canadian’s idiots as well. There are thousands of hunters here who are not paranoid as you would suggest eh!

      • P Ross says:

        Piss off , Julia . We Aussies are sick of being spoken down at like we are 5 year olds , lied to ( yeah that’s it the carbon tax you promissed you wouldn’t introduce ) . your no better than all the rest of the back stabbing pollies , every year you give yourselves huge pay rises and for what , so you can sit on your fat asses while everything , fuel, electricty and food goes up ! Rise up Australia put these Fat cats on the dole cue and see how they like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tom Brown says:

        If Julia didn’t say it, she should have said it,. She doesn’t deny it does she?

      • andy l says:

        I will back you up one hundred per cent on that Stevie. she may be a woman but, she’s got bigger balls than any so called candidates in the UK.

      • Karyn Johnston says:


      • Tone says:

        Right on there she could be nearly as good as Lady Thatcher,
        & while she is at it, she could pull us out of The Lefty Europe

      • Marlyn Gillard says:

        Well…She is Brittish :-)

      • Maddy in the real world says:

        Really, are people so ignorant that they believe what they read when they know nothing about the topic being discussed ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS GOING ON IN ANOTHER COUNTRY?!! It’s those kinds of people that got her in as PM and now you wont find a single person who’ll admit to voting for her!
        We don’t want her, you take her England!

      • Margaret Scott says:

        Agreed…You can have Gilliar & Ruddick we don’t want them….Can we have a new subject????

        The burning of the Aussie flag on Australia Day…I think it s discusting….But hey the aboriginals DO have a point of sorts as I been following it dayly

      • Maddy in the real world says:

        What point Margaret? Those disrespectful little magots have undone so much of the good work others (Aboriginal and not) have done! Get them off their asses, make them get a job or an education and contribute to this great country! We treat them like children because they don’t take responsibility for themselves or their actions and expect/demand the government to take care of it. I used to be sympathetic about this but now I see there are far more pressing situations and those that burn my countries flag I HAVE NO TIME OR SYMPATHY FOR!

        I’m not talking about all Aborigines (some like to use the ‘racist’ card if I don’t specify) because there are many out there who were discussed by this!

      • Margaret Scott says:

        I partly agree with you. Yes there are a lot who just want hand outs for doing nothing. But also there are white Aussies who are the same. Following whats been said on the Tent Embassy page & looking up information . Yes they have been wrong in some issues. Believe it they asking for so many Millions $s I think as a good will…This is the Qld mob that is…plus 51% of the rbt & 51% from the state & federal goverment..Oh hum..They got fat chance….It mainly started in 1888 when Queen Victoria was suppose to sign the sovernty…I could go on….As I said, very interesting & a lot of pro s & cons..The burning of the flag??? I told them she should say sorry to the Australian public..But I suppose they ll be no chance on that..Brat she is…Lead on by the older people

      • peter copper says:

        Oh yes please please pretty please, she has the Balls for the job, not like our cow-towing lily livered PC correct brigade, under orders from Brussels.

    • cannot believe the cheek of the head of a nation of immigrants to speak like that towards immigrants. If she really belives all the immigrants should leave where they do not respect indigenous australian culture how about she leaves as she clearly isnt embracing abourginee beliefs.

      • Steph Mc says:

        Osaze Bacchus-Oum: You have read between the lines, and have just taken in what you can to criticise her words. She isn’t saying that immigrants should leave, infact she’s saying that immigrants are more than welcome, and as people living in Australia, we have seen this, with around 40% of the population being (recent) immigrants, and welcomed among the community…

        What she is saying is if the immigrants have a problem, or become offended by the Australian way of life, expressing their beliefs, their religion and their culture within the schools and communities, THEN it may be time to exercise your right to leave. Living in Australia we are slowly being unable to celebrate our own culture/Christian beliefs in schools and community, to the point where Christmas decorations are starting to offend immigrants, and Santa/Christmas activities are being banned from our schools, which is our tradition and culture.

        It is the immigrants who complain they are offended by our beliefs/culture and lifestyle. So what Julia is saying is, we are happy to have immigrants among us, and we are open minded to each believing and following your own religion and enjoying the freedom of choice and accept each other in the one community -BUT dont try to change or disrupt ours. DONT complain about the Christianity of the schools, DONT complain about the Christmas Decorations, or how it offends you, and if it does offend yourself, or your religion (which it shouldn’t , as its not insulting to others), then please…..GET OUT and stop doing your little “rallies” of violence when your offended as they more than likely do in the country you originated from, (which is prob why you left) otherwise our country will be no better than yours.

        Take in the most important part of the speech – “IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS MUST ADAPT”

        And as far as aboriginals go, unless you live in Australia, then you will see we have a very open mind in terms of learning the Culture of our aboriginal people, as a matter of fact i think all schools/school kids at one point have been educated in regards to the aboriginal beliefs/stories and artwork…and we also celebrate sorry day, a day dedicated to our aboriginal community, so dont speak about wether we embrace our aboriginal culture unless you have been educated here.

      • Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi says:

        Osaze Bacchus-Oum Please re-read what she said with an open mind, Australia has open arms to everyone, but just because someone is being nice to you doesn’t mean you should put them down about what they believe.

        I’m sure other countries wouldn’t like it if Australians came to their country and told them to stop all their cultural beliefs. If Australians wouldn’t do it to them, then why are they doing it to us?

        We embrace Aboriginal beliefs too. We are taught in school about Art and History. We are also given the choice at almost every Community Centre to attend more classes in story telling, dance, Art and many more workshops. Please have more facts behind you before you go making bold statements like that. It offends many people, me included, even more so since I grow up in a country part of Australia and alot of my friends are Aboriginal. Hope you had a Merry Christmas a great New Year (keeping up the Christian beliefs).

      • Aussie-Ness says:

        @Steph Mc and @Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi – well said! I too am a very proud Aussie and find blaze comments like those made by @Osaze Bacchus-Oum to be offensive. While I grew up in a small country town where there wasn’t really an aboriginal community, we were still educated about their traditions and culture and the reality check of the fact that Australia, by default – is a nation of immigrants. And to that point, even though it was a tiny town that I grew up in, we still had a multicultural school with kids from many different parts of the world whose families CHOSE to make Australia their home. While they still had their own traditions and values from their home countries (I wouldn’t expect anything less!) they still embraced the Aussie way of life, and these families were in turn embraced into our community without issue. I have been living as an ex-pat now for 10 years and while I am very very proud to be Australian, and still celebrate Australia Day and Anzac Day (and of course Aussie sporting events!) I wouldn’t ever dream of being offended by someone in my host country who did not believe in the same things that are important to me and to also be part of my Aussie ways. I don’t expect my host country to pander to me, I was the one who moved here and I will continue to be a very proud, but respectful Aussie any live by my host countries rules and laws and respect their history and culture.

      • Jamie Howard says:

        Seriously Osaze Bacchurs-Orm … what planet are you living on – re-read it and understand the principle is simple

        Everyone is welcome – everyone can have their own beliefs BUT respect those of the country you are in …

        Simple !

        Great speach and jealous that the UK wont say as such.

      • sally oreilly says:

        She is not saying all immigrants should leave, she is saying that they should respect the law that govern this country. These laws are made be the people put in government, by the Australian people.

      • paul.arsenault says:

        osaze maybe you should leave you fool

      • rolly says:

        You have no idea mate. The aboriginals get a hand out which most piss up against the wall. You have obviously never seen them lining up out the front of the bottle-o before it opens at 10am after they just bought a loaf of bread and a jar of vegemite for there kids to eat during the week. I had a friend whose job was to keep an eye on the bank accounts of these aboriginals who had kids and when it started getting low she had to put money in the account so the kids could get fed. Also, the parents get money for the kids to go to school , the school i went to they just disrupted the class most of the time and if they didnt go to school they were beatin by there drunk parents. They claim they are longgrassers etc but most wouldnt know one end of a didgeridoo from you the other. But before you get all uppity on me i do know there are some good indigenous people out there and there are some shocking white people as well. Let me suggest a trip to darwin and see what they are really like, the mall needs to be hosed out everymorning because they use it as a toilet, they fight each other in the parks. Anyway im over talking about this, hope this was of some use to you.

      • Greg - Ex Digga, Aussie & Proud says:

        Or down the main street of Catherine or Alice :o) … Its called Cultural Awareness … Everybody is Equal and I believe that … Slack Idle DICKHEADS deserve NOTHING … Black White, Yellow, Bown even the Irish ;-> LOL

      • Margaret Scott says:

        Like you said…Treat all the same no matter what colour race or creed.. But ruddy hell. You forgot the white Aussies who also get handouts & gamble or drink it away while their kids go with out..Go to Balga for a big example..As for money for the aboriginal kids to attend school> It s called abstudy. The white Australians get Austudy. Both are means tested. If the aboriginal child has too many days from school their money is cut. Oh & it is of equal amount. I know as my children was getting Austudy until I was told they should be on the Abstudy. The school recieved more money from the goverment per aboriginal children attending.

      • gerbil says:

        DON’T BE AN IDIOT! your true enemy is the MUSLIM. Muslims ATTACK every culture and race. They are now genociding africans in darfor, russian’s south in cheychna and they attack the han chinese in the south. They are at war with INDIA for ages, they immigrate in europe in trying to take over it thru their sharia law. The philippines have been at war with these cockroaches for hundreds of years. The south have been trying to take over the north. In the U.S. they THINK they can infilterate and take over, but it will never happen, because these muslim turds will have to fight us asians, whites, blacks and hispanics to their destruction. MOST of us are SICK of muslims. They do not contribute to the earth. If you believe in CLEANING the ENVIRONMENT, the biggest pollution facing mother earth are MUSLIMS. There is nothing more polluting then a muslim with their GARBAGE OF ISLAM!

    • richard says:

      Wow what a fantastic statement,this is how a country should be run.I wish our primeminister would grow balls and stand up for Great Britain.

    • Arabian Knight says:

      ignorant, stupid and weak

    • c.strother says:

      Ah hello maybe that’s why the rest of the west doesn’t have what us aussies have. Fuk guns we don’t want them, and although we do have violent crimes we have far less than the US for examle. Violence is UN AUSTRALIAN what is Australian is being laid back. Come one come all muslim Asian European african ect. relax enjoy party work hard and accept others. But bring your problems violence and bagage then go away we won’t allow you to poison our culture and way of life and i am proud to say I speak true for the majority of austalians

      • Maddy in the real world says:

        Sadly dude, this doesn’t happen in Australia…. Don’t know where abouts you live but have you seen the Suburbs surrounding Sydney in the last 10yrs? I got out of there 14yrs ago because of the Muslim prayer halls that were going up, Asian brothels, and funny thing… that’s when all the shootings started. You DO NOT speak for the majority; you speak for the blissfully ignorant who live away from all the problems.

    • James says:

      Soldiers or not if the united states was invaded I highly doubt the united states government would be trying to disarm its citizens and I doubt even more highly that it would come even close to working, if an invading force was going around your country killing innocents and taking prisoners I’d would have to say there would be absolutely no shortage of these hunters willing to fight guerilla tactic warfare, I’m not saying that they would be well organised or even close to as good as a real soldier would be but a bullet still kills and most hunters have been shooting since they were 12. I think an invasion into America wouldst be pointless and wouldn’t happn, it would be flattened with bombs first.

    • Karyn Johnston says:


      • upaces88 says:

        Karyn, since this is the 3rd or 4th time this ha happened…would you please get us an article from your newspapers, OR….? And, let us correct this?

      • nelco69 says:

        What the hell difference does it make, wheather she said this or not, it is unimportant, it is the statement that counts, nobody would have any problem with anybody coming into there country, if they wanted to come and intigrate, but radical Muslims which are growing exponentially have no such desires, they only want to intigrate the societies, that they come to, into there Dar Al Islam philosophy and impose Sharia law on everyone, man women and child, Sharia seeks to control the private as well as the public life of the individual, this would destroy freedom altogether, radical Muslims are a clear and present danger that needs to be eradicated sooner rather than later.

    • Gabriel says:

      God bless you Ms. Prime Minister!

  2. Michelle Sepulveda says:

    What gusto if only the powers that be in the USA would follow suite. You go girl!

    • Alex Sabur Sr. says:

      You are the most fantastic woman on the planet ! All the whiny, whimpy, petrified hypocrite AFLCIO and democrats and libertarians need to get out of our country and be sent home with the muslims and their stupid sharia law bullshit! You should be the president of the entire free world , asian and african countries. We should all be part of your future. Please don’t let the little tiny puny minds around you deter you from what you want to do. You go girl! I a so proud of you.

      • Alex Sabur Sr. says:

        Correction Line 2: Should be ACLU not AFLCIO.

      • betty says:

        Funny you should say “AFLCIO and democrats and libertarians need to get out of our country and be sent home with the muslims and their stupid sharia law bullshit!” To only then say, “You should be the president of the entire free world” This massive contradiction is laughable a bit like most people here.

    • Tonya says:

      Michelle –
      I am an American and I totally agree with you. I wish we had Julia’s gusto in the states, I believe that there would be a lot more pride in our country if we had that kind of back bone in our government. I only hope that one day our leaders will follow the example Julia has stated.

      • XG says:

        Ron Paul will take back the US Constitutional principles that have been trampled on and violated by our current and past leaders. Ron Paul 2012!!!

  3. Mike Tapinsky says:

    Did anyone bother to check the veracity of this article? Check out I would like to hear politicians speak in such a frank manner but, sadly, they don’t…

  4. Terri says:

    Is this true, I have seen reports that it’s not.

    If it is, then I have changed my mind about Julia, that takes GUTZ!

    • Better you read other article too…

      • Foolo Injusto says:

        I am an Aussie living in Australia, I agree totally with what was reported but I can assure you I was dumbfounded when I read it. It is totally out of character for this woman. She has openly declared that she does not believe in God. One of her cabinet ministers (the Finance Minister) Penny Wong is trying to introduce sharia law into our national finance laws. This prime minister is not what you guys think she is, she is a billion miles from it. I do watch the political debate here very closely as I do with what happens in your country and the rest of the world. I believe she will say anything to stay in power. As it is she leads a minority government, the majority of people here did not vote for her. She has teamed up with the greens and 3 renegade independents and has a very nasty agenda.

  5. Canspec says:

    She did not say it. It was from an op-ed published by a U.S. Air Force veteran in an obscure Georgia paper, shamelessly combined with other statements and attributed to various Australian politicians.

    Australia has a secular government and Constitution. I doubt it would even occur to them to call Austrialia a Christian nation. That is a distinctly American religious right concept.

    • Lone Puma says:

      Actually, it was Jesus that said go out into all the world and preach the Good News of Salvation, which is where Christianity started. Salvation is not an American concept. Either you believe in the written word of God our you don’t, but either way, judgment is coming to America for her wickedness, which is now godless nation. The corruption of political leaders ignore Jesus Christ as the Son of God or the Savior of the world. America was once the light of the world, but has been attacked by the atheists and faults religions. We’ve become tolerant of everything unholy in the eyes of God while contaminating the innocent, as a cancer. These people come to America because of the peace given by God, but since we’ve become a nation of faults religions, God has removed his hedge of protection over America. That being said, God also said it will be attacked by her enemies for her disobedience. Only those closely following the Lord will be spared.

      • Tim says:

        What a load of crap. Religion worked in earlier civilizations because “man” didn’t have knowledge an couldn’t find answers to what we would now see as very simple things, like natural disasters, death etc. God(s) was (were) the only thing that made sense to those civilizations. We have evolved now and have s lot more answers to things, and are continuing to learn and find more answers. Yet it astounds me that there are still people who stick their head in the sand and look to their god for all the answers…amazing

      • Steph Mc says:

        I couldnt agree more with the comment left by Tim, as i dont beleive in God. im amazed some people still preech their sh*t to atheists…if you think we are going to hell, fine, but keep it to yourself and stop trying to change peoples opinions.

      • Leah says:

        Hahahaha each to their own, one things for sure if the world were full of atheists there would be very little to fight about!

    • Arabian Knight says:

      God is there and he did not describe himself as female, it is disgusting how feminists try to articulate the word to their own satisfaction. God is god and he is the only God, not a father, not a son .. Just “God.” Atheists do not believe in god until they get in trouble. Then, it is easy to shout “oh, god!”

      • spleenburner says:

        Get a fucking clue.

      • lols says:

        i cant tell you, i may be athiest, but when i shout ‘oh god’ im definitely not in trouble ;)

      • Muradi says:

        you are right, you give the correct answer & comment .I am muradi from Afghanistan If you need any inform about self or anythings I will ready any time My face book name is Muhsin Muradi………………!!!!!

      • gerbil says:

        atheists don’t believe in GOD because they believe they came out of a monkey’s ass and muslims believe in their false god because they like to go into a monkey’s ass. What a better marriage then an atheist and a muslim. They can BUTCHER each other and leave the rest of us alone by leaving our planet and fight their wars in the planet UR-A-NUS!

  6. M.J. Simmons says:

    As for on the comment to see if true, do you realize that site is Snopes?
    Do you know who ownes Snopes??? Don’t expect an unbiased answer from them!

  7. Adedayo Adewale says:

    True Talk, May the Almighty God continue to bless and guide you and your entire nation. How i wish other leaders of the rest of the world can come out bodly to defend thier nation culture like you did. Ride on Madaam…………..

  8. chris polly says:

    That a girl! someone sent me this article today, better late than never.
    I live in Canada and I am fed up of the Bull&&*&&*&*(* , customs are letting
    these people in “carte blanche”, wow! i am amazed, and they take away my toothpaste
    when I go Cuba. I love you Prime Minister, we Canadians have no testicles.
    These people are blowing up our children, our subways and our families.
    I want to move to Australia now and work for you, any time.

    • Recent immigrant to Australia says:

      Fuck off snow nigger. We’re full.

      • Aussie born and bred says:

        Bold statement coming from a ‘recent immigrant’. I’m pretty sure we were ‘full’ before you arrived

      • Angel Nova says:

        Fuck off recent immigrant muscum! Go back to the hell hole of your origin and go kiss the ground and lift your ass 5 times a day to pray to your satanic allah! Hail Allah, the satan!

  9. Sarah Moon says:

    Australia has got it right!!!!! At the moment – people from Muslim countries are flocking to the U.K. to escape corrupt regimes where the people have limited freedom and are kept in ignorance and poverty.- Once here they avail themselves to- free interpreters – housing – benefits – etc. However – instead of embracing the freedoms they now have – they want to bring the way of life they left behind to the U.K.!! Our way of life is being eroded and diluted – and the Human Rights activists (many of whom are not even British) try to make us feel we should allow all these people to change our religion and everything that makes us proud to be British!! If they don’t like what they find in the U.K. – they can always return to their own countries!!!

    • LeeLee says:

      I’m from the U.K. and like you ‘ I am sick of the erosion of Society especially through the bowing down to minorities from Islamic states’. I did forsee this happening back in 2001 though. I suppose i’m a bit of a modern day nostradamus. Any Civil war torn country citizens head right here to us in the U.K. it is draining our facilities, confusing the moral ethics of society and is a strain on our housing system which is there to provide our own future children. A genuine born and bred U.K. citizen is placed on a housing list that they get told 1 year later that is non-existent now due to priority housing given to high priority applicants – i.e. Somalians , Iraqi’s , Afghanistani’s…I mean what the hell??? Your own bona-fide citizens don’t get priority?? Our government is blatantly soft in the head – we’ve fought with this lot over the last 25 years except the Somalians but we know their views on Christianity and the West – ‘look at Black Hawk Down’.
      Talk about feeding up the enemy!! And believe me it isn’t for the kill.

      As our communities get weaker their communities grow stronger – spiritually / financially .andand

      • Ann says:

        Well said, LeeLee! It is happening here in the US also. Our own citizens are being displaced, losing jobs, etc. While our businesses are being sold to immigrants. Immigrants are being given housing, food stamps, grants, etc. While it is harder for US citizens in need to acquire these things. Our people are angry. Our government isn’t listening. And those hunters spoken of earlier…..believe me most of them will not hesitate to protect our people if it comes to that.

    • gerbil says:

      YOU BRITTS need to fight back and defend your country from the muslim turd invaders like what winston churchill did against hitler. MUSLIMS have always been dictators and oppressors. Winston churchill even warned against them in 1939 before hitler. Muslims aided the nazis! Muslims are enemies to all cultures. They don’t belong in the human race. Western civilization better wake up to the muslim threat worldwide. These cockroaches immigrate to infilterate and take over a society. It has always been their tactic throughout their history. MUHAMMED the pedophile and mass murderer always INVADED, butchered and forced ISLAM on the inhabitants of a land!

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  14. Elliot from Australia says:

    Sadly, she did not say this.
    She is the leader of the centre-left Labor Party, in government working closely with The Greens (who are much farther left). While This issue of Islamification isn’t seen as a current, hot issue by the Australian mainstream, when issues of Islamification do come up, the same thing happens as in the rest of the Western World with the media + left wing politicians dismissing discussion as racism.
    The only recent PM of Australia I can imagining saying something remotely similar to the quote would be John Howard (conservative Prime Minister from 1996-2007)

    • David Salter says:

      Its a shame this story isn’t true. The way things are going it’s only a matter of time before these loony leaders change the laws to allow religious sacrificial murder – all the name of some made up god or other!

      • Ann says:

        Yes, it is a shame it isn’t true. I was about ready to move to Australia, til I did some research on this speech and the PM of Australia.
        David, I don’t believe it will come under the name of a made up god. Obama has basically abolished our 4th amendment.

        (‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.’)

        His (Obama’s) gov. can come into our homes for any reason now. I suppose if I made the wrong statement here and it came to their attention, my home could be invaded and I could be branded a terrorist or traitor.

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      God Bless you Johnny, hope you’re still keepin’ fit matey =)

  15. J360 says:

    This is a hoax. It was reported that Prime Minister John Howard – Australia made exactly the same speech. This is from a hate group.

  16. Sadasiv says:

    It was the native Australian aborginals to whom Australia belonged.
    The Brits colonised & slaughtered the aborginals indulging mass murder and rape. Aborginals were exterminated by the British and driven from their lands.

    The sad part is that nothing has changed for the bettter for these native Aborginals. They live in utter poverty, have no access to education or health, and most of them are in prison, with very low life expectancy compared to the whites.

    Aborginals are humiliated and oppressed in their own land by the coloniser ‘whites’ – even today.

    There is a strong undercurrent of racism in the country. Just two months ago, the UN slammed Australia for apartheid, racist policies.
    We are seeing racist attacks on Indians, every day. And this is the same Julia Gillard of Australia who is refusing to take action & even down-playing racist attack on Indians.

    Lets get our facts straight – before we begin to admire scallywags & celebrate their wobbly remarks…

    • Aussie48 says:

      Australian Aborigines do have access to everything you claim they do not. I lived in a town where there were two missions set up to help those that wanted to assimilate with the ‘white Australian’ way and culture, unfortunately this was and still is hard for a race who have very limited tolerance to alcohol and this is the root of many of the current problems confronting Australians both white and coloured. I am not biased, I have English heritage (of which I sometimes feel ashamed) and grandchildren who are 1/16th Australian Aboriginal. We do not ‘label’ them as ‘Aboriginal’ they are Australian and hopefully will grow up to understand that since time began there have always been different races of people and there have always been wars and occupation of lands that resulted in death and other atrocities. Australia is a great country and any race/culture that feels they want to change the ‘Aussie’ culture that has evolved over the past two hundred years should take a good look at Australia and its’ people and ask themselves why would you want to change something that isn,t ‘broken’. Rise up Australia and stand proud….we aren’t the same as other cultures – we are Aussies…Proud and Free!!!

    • zulu says:

      well if they are still living there then they was not exterminated like you said in your statement,
      if it wasn,t for the brits australia would not be here, they will be still living in caves and mud huts like the naitive americans,indians and most of the popualtion in africa, even in biblical times didnt arabs try to colonise most of the world persians come to mind who where the oppressors i think you need to a bit more into history and facts,

      it wasnt just the west, the mongols gehngis khan,attila the hun, alexander the great, joesf stalin do i need to go

      • My two bob worth... says:

        I like this one but mostly du to the fact that if Australia wasn’t colonised by the brits then I guess we would all be yellow skinned with slanted eyes instead… My guess is they wouldn’t have be so nice either and the natives exterminated…. it could have been much word!!…. As for the immigrants well I guess us working class aussies are starting to tire of having our pockets emptied to pay taxes that then in turn get handed to the next freeloader stepping off the boat… not to mention it almost a crime to have an opinion any more without upsetting offending someone because a) either your racist or b) they don’t understand english and think its easy to just play arrogance…. anyway I best stop typing before I start rambling and making no sense at all…

      • Maddy in the real world says:

        If you want to try to work out the ‘true’ owners of the land then remember we (Australia) were once joined to Indonesia… so are Indonesians the REAL ‘true’ owners of the land? Then again didn’t we all stem from Africa?

        Lucky the Poms got here before the Japs, because if the Japs got here first I’m confident there would be no such thing as an Australian Aboriginal!

    • Aussie Boy Thru'n'Thru says:

      Are you retarded Sadasiv? You do realise that the so called “Aboriginals” are not any more native to the land then anyone else who lives here now?!
      It has been proven and documented time and time again that they were not the first people to colonise this great land of ours. They came in and wiped out the indigenous population before the Brits did, at least the Brits did it humanely, killing them quickly (well most of them that is).
      And don’t even get me started on them living in poverty, we give them more than enough chances to clean up their acts and do the right thing, if they make the choice to sit around and drink piss all day,( living off of government benefits because they are too lazy to get a job), then that is there choice.
      I will not sit idly by, while some idiot, (YOU), with no idea of Australian history tries to tell me or any other Australian citizen that we are racist, while our families are murdered, raped and mugged by these people every god dammed week!!!
      I suggest you go and learn your facts and have a hard look in the mirror before you go judging someone else for piddly little nothings!

  17. dwa1952 says:

    It is a shame the U.S. has a bunch of gutless wonders running this country. The United States of America was founded on the same principles as you folks in Australia. The US went thru the same things that you did during the development of our countries. Sure I do not agree on the tactics of our governments during those years, but look at the freedoms we have that most countries dream of. Weather she said these things or not,
    Bottom Line:
    LOVE it or LEAVE it!

    • zulu says:

      our country is the same if she said it or not but every word is true

      • Maddy in the real world says:

        Prove it zulu. Bet you can’t. Show us all a reputable site that says this about Gillard.
        It’s a load of crap that only the uninformed, ignorant or gullible believe. Sorry dude but every word of what I just said its true!

  18. Theresa says:

    Ms. Prime Minister,

    I beg you to come run for President of the USA…. we are desperate for a leader who truly loves her/his people and the values that their country was built on. Above and beyond that a leader who is not afraid to speak their mind and defend a belief system that is genuine. Australia is blessed and lucky to have you! Love it or Leave it!!!! I LOVE it!!!

    Theresa Kiefer
    Dallas, Texas

    • WakeUP says:

      Typical uneducated, racist Texan. You realize she CAN’T be our President as she’s not a US citizen? Furthermore, this malarkey is nothing to admire. We have a long,long way to go mainly because brainless nitwits who think this way fight every tiny scrap of progress.

    • Chris says:

      Stupid GUN NUT!!! Get a free Health Care System!!! Its what Christianity stands for!!! Not insurance and seclusion! Jesus threw out the money lenders at the temple! he hates the rich who are selfish and dont give help to others! Another thing, she cannot run just as that idiot Arnold Swartzenegger cannot! and he is now an American Citizen! YOU NEED TO BE BORN THERE!!! And she does no love her people!!! She is not fair to the Aboriginees (The natives) and she is like every politician, enfactuated with wealth and power! YOU ARE NOT A PREIST! YOU CANNOT BLESS SOMEONE!!! Come back when you and many other Americans get EDUCATED!!! AND THE JOKE IS ON YOU! Your so-called fair government actually censors what you get to see, you never hear what goes on outside America, I should know I have been and my cousin lives there! BBC news lets you in on everything! WE KNOW WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT IS UP TO! What the hell is your government up to?!?!?! You have great chunks of your land sectioned off without answers!!! If that happened In Great Britain, we would rise up and throw them out!!! We have a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT!!! We know what they are up to? Where is yours! Away and eat a squirrel you stupid red neck!

  19. Brian Jones says:

    I am proud to share the planet with this woman. Period.

  20. Tony Brunner says:

    I think the She is Great. Too bad the Canadian Government did not have the guts to do the same thing.

  21. Paul says:

    Should be more politicians like this woman in this world , every government needs a few like her.
    I think she is fantastic !!!

  22. Muslim says:

    You australian really need education, in muslim countries all the religion fellowers are following their laws into their society as this is the matter of choice, if someone wants sharia law into its area whats wronge in it? do an election and follow the results thats it!!!

    • htl says:

      you muslims are decivers just like your profit you will say you are a relgion of peace and you are full of lies. what election are you talking about. this a christian nation we should not allow muslims at all. Saudia Arabia does not allow chruches why should we allow moswues in our christain countries, if you want sharia law go back to the middle east.

      • Kayles says:

        You are rude and ignorant. Please educate yourself before further speaking against any religious group. You make me ashamed to be a Christian. So you’re saying you want to be like Saudi Arabia, then?

      • Tam Davison says:

        Htl has said how he fells about this issue and he is entitled to his opinion, Kayles, also has their opinion, but just you try and take your Christian views to a Muslim country or set up a Christian school or church and see how far you get, they won’t stand for it, so why in the hell should we??

      • Nadim Ahmed says:

        I like it. There should be no sharia or any religious government

      • Banislam says:

        Well put HTL.
        Most non-muslims agree with you!!!!!!

    • Kayles,

      You’re using a misnomer for an answer to the original premise given in the gentleman’s citations, his grammar and spelling errors notwithstanding: that in Secular Oz, it is legitimate to expect Civil Reciprocity for the building of mosques in Oz with the building of churches in Saudi Arabia (or any other Islamic nation).

      Civil Reciprocity means that in any open, honest, and civil society, a secular construct of reciprocity in expected civil behaviour should and must be expected: such is the case with the Rules of War, Rules of Diplomacy, and of course, International Law in many different areas: civilized people act in reciprocity with their laws.

      Saudi Arabia by this (and your implied) definition, is NOT a civilized society or government: considering the very existence of the Mutaween, this is proof in and of itself concerning the validity of my statement.


    • Tom Mc Culloch says:

      As the lady stated if you want to live in Australia, it is because the country you lived in does not give you the social freedoms you require. If you want Australia then live by the rules. If you want Sharia law move to a country that has it. It is a simple choice really. There is no argument. LEAVE

    • Arabian Knight says:

      In the name of God (Allah)
      First, i would like to praise god for guiding me to the path of heaven. I would like to praise god who sent to us his messenger Mohammed (peace be upon him) just like he sent Noah, David, Solomon, Abraham, Jacob, Ismail, Mouses, Jesus and made Mohammed the last prophet and the best of all humans.
      My comment is in a way far from this fabricated article by an ignorant nobody and the majority of comments made by racist, hateful and obviously shallow minded semi-humans; whose lives are about eating, drinking and getting laid when lucky.
      Secondly, you are shaming Christianity by labeling yourselves as christian and the most you know about christian faith is Sunday Church X-mass. You are secular idiots who are converting to a religion of hate of other religions (especially the ones that you do not know much about; such as Islam).
      To call Mohammad Peace be upon him and his household and the rest of his descendents a raper or child molester is a crime and a lie. I pray to god that the soul of the liar rots in hell. If you base your accusations on your own resources, you are biased. If you base your claims on a research in Islamic history books, then if your mind functions properly (which is not the case here) you would see clearly that Mohammad can not be described as a raper or a child molester; given how great of a person he is.
      He was an illiterate who knew everything about all previous messengers and confirm the message of his ascendents Ismail / Abraham / Sam / Noah. In a time where almost everybody around him worshiped idols, he believed and prayed to god. His enemies (not only his followers) confirmed his greatness and noble character. He was offered an Arab Kingdom, so much money and any women he wished for giving up his message of worshiping god (Allah). He refused and was tortured and almost killed many times; but he stood up for what he believed in. I pray for his soul and praise him for all he did for human beings; including my humble self.
      That being said, everyone is free to choose their belief. I believe in ALLAH All mighty.

      • Nadim Ahmed says:

        Your whole statement is a very clear example that you are a racist, because by definition racism emerges from a sense of pride of being absolute and superior than others. In my life I have seen most of the Muslims talk about equality but practice racism, just take one example about Middle East: they say we all Muslims are brothers and equal and then no Muslim other than Arabs can get nationality of Middle East even if born there. Muslims talk about tolerance but they consider other religions pack of lies and their owns as absolute and perfect. Wherever they go they instead of merging in the society form a separate group and start sowing seeds of separation, disharmony and anarchy. May God help them

      • me me me me says:

        What you on about? Can you not read properly?
        Who said anything about anything you have just ranted about?

      • gerbil says:

        hypocrite! the most racist and biggotted groups all muslims. You cockroaches force and discriminate against everyone who don’t accept your PAGAN and satanic goat name ALLAH! may peace be upon his asshole name MUHAMMED, the world’s biggest pedophile and goat molester! We all know a lot about ISLAM, it’s the world’s oldest cult and we know your tactics of deception, lies, more lies, hatred and racism towards INFIDELS which is the rest of the world dumbass. I GUARANTEE you there will be worldwide WAR against all muslims coming soon. WE are sick of your SICK cult and mass murderring false WAR false religion. You can shove the quran up your ass and stop worshipping muhammed who was possessed by demons. That fool was far from being peaceful. We all know muslims are hateful brainless idiots! May we all piss on the quran and dead jihadists!

      • Maddy in the real world says:

        You believe… Muslims aren’t allowed to question their religion so how do you justify your belief if that’s not allowed?

        Interesting thing is that most Muslims are Muslim because of their family and parents raising them Muslim. The reason I believe Islam is ‘The Religion of Peace’ is because it would be if everyone did as the Prophet Mo said and as the Qu’ran says. Although if it is the religion of ‘peace’, why are people punished when they sin instead of forgiven? Too many contradictions when it comes to religion (not just Islam, I have done my research in the past into religions because I find it interesting how some people will put all their faith in something they can’t prove and have just been told to ‘believe’).
        All in all, it’s your right to believe what you want but no person, group or MINORITY should impose those beliefs upon another. What if a Christian did that to you? Would you take ‘peaceful’ action against him?

      • Charles Leal says:

        My Savior is Jesus Christ ‘ The Prince of Peace ‘; I understand that the god of the Muslims and of Islam is known as the ” god of war “…Why is that? Why does this religion of Islam wants to destroy all other Religions? Why Jihad against the Western culture ?

      • Charles Leal says:

        I wonder if America will ever get another President like Harry Truman; if Truman was still around as President of the United States he would surely thin down the crowds in the Radical Islamic world and send the death-wishers to meet allah in la-la-land…by dropping a couple of little fat boy-nukes to make their wish come true!

      • Maddy in the real world says:

        I agree with you Charles; Google ‘The religion of Peace’ and see what it says. Then read bits of the Qu’ran and you’ll want to buy every Muslim a dictionary!

      • Olga says:

        Yes, dear, and you are free to do so as you live in a free country and nobody will mess with you. Now, we are christians, we believe in God All Mighty who expects us to love, share, work hard, forgive, and other beautiful things. We are christians and we live in a christian part of the world. If I were a Muslim, I would live in an islamic part of the world. as simple as that.

    • spleenburner says:

      See this is the problem, you’re wrong. end of, don’t like it…. fuck off.

    • Chris says:

      Haha yeah and you will lose 20million to one, don’t be daft! :-P Why would anyone want to live under a daft society based on thousands of years ago, its rascist, its sexist and to be honest its ridiculous! It is holding progress back in the middle east, have they got high speed rail? Have they got their own space programme? NO! Think about it evolution is a natural thing, if we didn’t change something every so often then we would be stuck in the same place and nothing would ever be different, even this suggestion of implementing sharia law is CHANGE, come on be realistic! People who believe in this should wake up and piss off, because they are living under a fascist government who do anything they want including drinking, gambling etc. So grow up!

    • upaces88 says:

      I agree with Htl….when a Muslim moves into a country…as a “GUEST” of the country. It isn’t their place to try or force anyone to follow their laws; AND, they, of course, are welcome to worship as they please, BUT NO SHARIA LAW!!!

      The Muslims are not happy!
      They’re not happy in Gaza
      They’re not happy in Egypt
      They’re not happy in Libya
      They’re not happy in Morocco
      They’re not happy in Iran
      They’re not happy in Yemen
      They’re not happy in Afghanistan
      They’re not happy in Pakistan
      They’re not happy in Syria
      They’re not happy in Lebanon.

      So, where are they happy?

      They’re happy in Canada
      They’re happy in Australia
      They’re happy in England
      They’re happy in France
      They’re happy in Spain
      They’re happy in Italy
      They’re happy in Germany
      They’re happy in Sweden
      They’re happy in the USA
      They’re happy in Norway
      They’re happy in every country that is not Muslim.

      And who do they blame? Not Islam…Not their leadership….Not themselves.

      Excuse me, but how stupid can you get? Einstein’s Defines Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result” (paraphrased)

  23. neil foreman says:

    Christians are just as nutty as Muslims.

    • Were that the case my dear Neil, why haven’t we seen DAILY news reports of Christians cutting the heads off of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, et al, or the multiple hangings of homosexuals from bridges, mobile cranes, or perhaps, the stoning deaths or beheadings of teenage girls for their ‘crime’ of being raped?

      Nowhere in the New Testament (the Main Source of biblical Christian doctrine/teaching) will you find a single commandment from Christ or His Apostles to go out and execute homosexuals, apostates, or anyone not willingly converting to Christianity.

      You CAN however find COPIOUS such commandments from the Muslim prophet Muhammad in both the Qur’an and the Hadiths……

      Do yourself a favor Neil and take the time to actually study the doctrines of both Islam and Christianity from an Academic point of view, rather than a subjectively emotive basis.


    • Tom Mc Culloch says:

      If we live in a christian country/society then we can be as nutty as we wish. We as christians or as natives of that country will deal with that, using national/christian laws

      • Arabian Knight says:

        Dear Tom Culloch and others
        If your country was built by people like you it would not have been as advanced nor as tolerant. I always agree that immigrants (must) respect the culture in any country they move to. On the other hand, any country that opens doors for immigrants (must) respect them and make sure they live in with dignity. It is not fair every time political disagreements take place, the first thing you shout is “LEAVE.”
        This is the style of the ignorant and the weak; who by no means takes credit for the advancement of their own country.

    • gerbil says:

      you got it wrong, ATHEISTS are just as DELUSIONAL and evil as MUSLIMS. get your facts straight. ATHEISTS commit genocide like mao, stalin, hitler, etc. muslims commit genocide like muhammed and all his followers since. ATHEISTS and MUSLIMS make great couples!

      • Charles Leal says:

        gerbil : I like your post where you start out by saying , ” Hypocrites “; I like that whole statement. I am also tired of hearing these fanatical-bunch chant ‘death to America’, if I had my way, I would ‘ Nuke them early in the morning ‘ so they can go see allah face to face and collect their virgins . Except , they are going to be told ‘ha ha ha’ it was a lie ! That’s the Islam way ! Go the other way where the other devils are waiting for you ‘ with open arms in the pit of hell ! I bet that after a couple of ‘ little-fat-nukes ‘ , we would have instant peace for at least another 50-100 years. In the long run if we ‘Nuke’em’ , we will save ourselves and them alot of grief .

    • upaces88 says:

      Christians do NOT murder and slaughter their own wives and children.
      Christians do NOT gang rape a young teen, child or adult female.
      Christians do NOT blow up buildings with people in them.
      Christians do NOT eat the dead body tht they just murdered right in front of a child right in front of the mother

      MUSLIMS DO…You really need to keep up. You sound like one very stupid or ignorant … I’d like to say person….now I wonder.

    • upaces88 says:

      Really? How many Christians have you witnessed murdering a child then eating the child right in front of the grieving mother?
      How many Christians have you seen gang rape another man? Well, dip stick, it happened to our own Ambassador.

      Neil, I don’t know where in the world you have been but you need to catch up overnight.

  24. Dale Beilman says:

    Thank you very much!! Well said!

  25. dan says:

    just saying what we are all thinking…. good on ya Julia

  26. Shari says:

    I can’t believe this fake “speech” is still making the rounds. It saddens me that people lack the basic skills to research and confirm before engaging in such gossip. Unbelievable.

  27. htl says:

    US resident

    You go girl. I am Christian who lived with Muslims. They are full of hatred to anyone who is not Muslim. They want to take over the world and apply their stupid Sharia law. I am happy that someone finally saw the light and has the guts to tell them that. Their plan is to go to other countries and multiply, and when they have enough of them, they will demand Sharia law. This should not be conisdered a religion. Their god is all about killing non-muslims and marrying a lot of women. The women have no right in anything and they have to cover from head to toe. If you read the biography of their prophet, you will see that he was in it for profit. He was a child molestor, murderer, slave trader, who has no respect for women.

    • Kayles says:

      What’s hilarious is that your first few lines could easily be describing Christians. Do you hear yourself? You want to take over the world and use Biblical law. How is that any different? You obviously know absolutely nothing about Islam.

      • Kayles,

        Quite obviously, HTL DOES know ‘something about Islam’ as he/she cited ACCURATELY concerning the Muslim prophet Muhammad’s actions during his lifetime: he was a pedophile, as he DID not only engage in serial RAPES of a little 9 year old girl, he married that girl when she was only 6 or 7 years of age!

        The Muslim prophet Muhammad CONTINUED to commit serial RAPES of that little girl for some 9 YEARS until the time of his death. He also committed RAPES of other girls and women, including MARRIED WOMEN, whenever he wanted to so do.

        The Muslim prophet Muhammad DID MURDER anyone he wanted to murder, including executing them by BURNING THEM ALIVE, sawing their heads off, cutting their limbs off one by one, etc.

        Lastly, the Muslim prophet Muhammad DID promote and in fact COMMAND his followers to ENSLAVE men, women, and children, from any people/nation which his fanatic adherents (‘good and faithful’ Muslims) conquered by the sword.

        You obviously are the one in DIRE need of education concerning Islam.

      • Tom Mc Culloch says:

        Why would she want to know anything about them. Why dont you my dear go and live in afghanistan for a few weeks providing you do not become maimed or dead if you manage to get through the experience. You do not appear to know as much as your hilariously first line stated.

    • Jo Hayes says:

      How absolutly pathetic Christians are happy to live side by side with other religions and respect everyone’s right to chose their own religion even in our British carholic schools our children are actively educated to respect and understand other cultures and religions. The same can not be said of your radicals who only want to enslave and degredate anything other that what you all believe to be true. tolerance understanding kindness and respect is sadly lacking in your post

    • Arabian Knight says:

      People like Kayles are the type of people that established well respected nations. It is justice, tolerance and warm hearts that build nations. On the opposite side, there are those who live in wars within themselves; wasting too much energy in hating a great man who is right now in paradise for his contributions to humanity.
      Russel Bailey obviously did not do his research right and looked at Mohammad and Islam from the smallest window of finding flows (which do not exist) if you were only Fair in your History Research (which never took place; obviously). So, you can either be the creature you are and spread lies about Mohammad and express all the negative energy you have, or better yourself to be a proper human who looks for the truth.
      The following (translation) of Qura’an verse applies for people like you:
      ” ….. For surely it is not the eyes that are blind, but blind are the hearts which are in the breasts.”

      • gerbil says:

        you’re an idiot and those of us who know are enemies who are muslims, KNOW you scumbags always use DECEPTION and LIES. by the way, there are a lot of historians from all walks of life that say the same thing about MUHAMMED the warlord pedophile. It is you muslims who never go by facts but make up lies and make up false histories that didn’t exist. Your child molesting prophet even attempted to fight against GENKHIS KAHN and got obliterated and like a fool went into hiding in the caves when the mongols went after his army. muhammed had a land deal with genkhis and the fool executed genkhis kahn’s messenger, that’s why the mongols went out to retaliate. i bet you would deny that too because you are typical uneducated lying muslim. It’s not just the europeans or caucasians who hate your guts, it’s us asians and hispanics who hate your guts and will fight and destroy you muslims. We will just take your oil first. Don’t think my cousins the chinese aren’t going to take by force your oil when the time comes. They just do business with muslim countries for oil for now, but when they completely build up like a good communists that they are, they will INVADE your muslim countries and destroy you like the soviets should have done if it wasn’t for the good ol USA who saved your asses from the soviets.

  28. ollie says:

    This is rehashed from someone else years ago.
    This same statement went around the internet two years ago claiming it was the Australian finance minister.
    I still have the original email from two years ago.



  30. Sam Stevenson says:

    Well said madam Prime Minister Gillard!!! Too bad our spineless politically correct American politicians DON’T have the same stones to stand up for the Judeo-Christian principles that the United States of America was founded upon. The Prime Minister’s statement is well put and is in excellent form for its speaks to the sentiments of many in the US and Australia. If our Judeo-Christian heritage, laws, ethos, and morality don’t jive with your culture and you cannot assimilate into the fabric of our society then get the hell out. Leave. May America follow Ms Gillard’s lead and advise before we are consumed with the social cancer of political correctness.

    • Carlos Leal says:

      It would be nice if throughout the Country during The primaries people attending County Conventions would introduce ‘Relsolutions’ echoing Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s sentiments. I know I will, and probably ‘ word for word ‘ what she said.

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  32. carman says:

    Love It please come and take our president back. He is worthless. The U.S.A needs there backbone back. “GOD bless the U.S.A….

  33. xcalibur7000 says:

    You really know how to turn men on Ms. PM, Go Girl! I just wanna kiss you nice and slow right now! Strong Work :-)

  34. Steve B says:

    Got to love the internet :) It allows for anyone with a modicum of IT skills to take some out of context text, mix it with some more and then attribute it to a polititian who since becoming a Prime Minister has not exactly been inspiring, particularily intelligent or patriotic. The Australian version of Obama really!
    Many of the comments are at best entertainingly ridiculous, and to suggest that gun ownership solves all is just brilliant!! FFS
    Many of you reinforce my belief that evolution is not working anymore, and the dumb, the bigot, and evangelical all get to continue breeding, bit of asham really :(
    I suggest learn not to judge on heresay and get your facts right first, and then try to imagine a day in someone elses shoes before you get the keyboard out again.

  35. Jo Hayes says:

    What brave and forthright speech one which every leader in civilized society should be making but as usually it takes a strong minded inteligent women to have the courage to say it publicly

  36. richard elam says:

    What a fantastic statement, so very true, the majority of people think this way i live in england and it is a pity our goverment doesn’t think like that we are all fed up with being a staranger in our own country and wish more people would speak out like this lady, much respect.

  37. Fantastic post! I would like to see the UK take this stance…why we should be made to feel cautious of our believes, our heritage and our traditions in our OWN country I do not know. For too long we have towed the line of political correctness. I do not see why we should be made to sway on things that make us fundamentally British…well done Gillard!

  38. Duncan Gray says:

    I wish the UK had the same idea. A fantastic read . Here’s to Australia and hopefully Britain to.

  39. richard jones says:

    i just wish that the uk would grow some balls and be like our ausie brother and sisters if they dont like it f..k off

    • Brendan says:

      You wish the UK was full of fake stories about fake speeches?

      Thankfully our Prime Minister is not a moron so would never make a speech like this. aka IT’S FAKE!

  40. Robert campbell says:

    About time! They come here and dis our country, our women and our culture! AUSTRALIA SAYS NO MORE! Time to take a stand my fellow Aussie!

  41. Wambugu. says:


  42. JDNelson says:

    Wasn’t she originally Welsh?

  43. Michael Kenyon says:

    If only our UK Prime Ministers in the past had the moral fibre to say this. Well done Julia Gillard.

  44. Bill says:

    Born in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

  45. justmartyn says:

    Whilst I agree entirely with the sentiment, for the love of God stop congratulating her for something she didnt say. One more time, SHE DIDNT SAY IT.

    That is all.

  46. Tam Davison says:

    I only wish that the British Government had the balls to say what most of Britain is thinking, well done Australia!!

  47. e munnelly says:

    Well done Julia Gillard!

    • Steve B says:

      Good link, unfortunately however the dominant posting here is by those who do not seek truth or understanding. They would seem to only seek anything that allows them to use outrage to support their racism, and lack of knowledge to support there anti Muslim/anti Christian chants.
      So it’s unlikely those posters will click it, read it or try to use it to form an opinion.
      That being said at least we can see the polarising of radical emotional beliefs of some and wonder at the fact that as members of the human race they can continue to breed and add nothing to it. :(

  48. Arabian Knight says:

    The Spread of Religion
    The constitution was declared in Makkah. Madinah become the capital a few years later. Riyadh, Dammam & all eastern provinces were purchased from the french colonizers (who happened to be christian). Yemen, due to its gold mines, was stolen from the Spanish colonizers (who happened to be christian). Then, due to issues of weapons of mass destruction, the Islamic army invaded Iraq. Iran was a threat to Israel (due to nuclear issues & oil $$) so the same army continued on. Afghanistan was not Islamic and hid some fugitive terrorist so it also was occupied. Pakistan was aiding Afghanistan, why leave it?
    The story could go on and on. Now, some muscles in your brain have moved a little bit. keep them going. Before you judge other religions, peoples or cultures (use your malfunctioning brain a little harder).
    Love & Peace

    • Gary A says:

      Unfortunately religion is an ancient means to control masses. It is often taken out of context to persecute and enslave. The concept of God was created to make us better human beings through understanding each other, but mainly understanding ourselves. True freedom can be achieved when you understand why there is religion, regardless of what name you give it.

    • gerbil says:

      The history of MUSLIMS worldwide is self explanatory. SMART intellient people do not believe in that CULT islam. it’s for fools and idiots. By the way, do us a favor, go jump off a bridge with the quran shoved up your ass muslim turd!

  49. Steve says:

    I wish the spineless politicians of the UK would take this stance!

  50. Tom says:

    She did not say these things. Google press release’s for the date mentioned and you will see.
    Gilard is hopeless and if you search for storys on the boat people that are arriving in Australia, you will see she is doing nothing about it, except for letting them into the country, giving them money, houses and free education while the tax payers provide.

  51. Ryan Bigby says:

    we’re all human… we all have a beating heart… we’re all capable of love and compassion… and (heres the shocker) we all come from the planet earth… if we cant share the planet and have the same opportunity and say regardless of religion, race or ethnic origin then what is the point… if a country is over populated then maybe they should start contributing to other countries to improve the welfare and over quality of life… no wonder they roll into richer more prosperous countries cos tbh i for 1 wouldnt wanna live my life in shoebox… rant over! lol

    • Nena says:

      I’m all for sharing, however, when people do not follow the laws of the land they are INVADING, knowing full well they will be ‘taken care of’ by that land’s CORRUPT gov’t, they are thinking not of whom they take away from, but of themselves. You can take all the money that I have worked for all of my life that was meant for me, and when that is gone, you can move on to the next sap. When all the money is gone and the people who work hard for it stop, then what? As I get through my life, and learn about history and how to research in order to make my own choices BASED ON FACTS and not here say, made up statements or mere titles of articles, I see that as long as politicians bait the masses, there are a large % that will take that bait because the are ignorant and do nothing to learn from past mistakes. As much as I love my fellow human, I am saddened that we no longer appreciate each other for our individual thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. I even told my father that I think i is wrong to preach unsolicited views and beliefs to people just because he is so happy and joyful for his religion. I say that if I, myself, or anyone else wants to hear it, they will seek it. If we all believed in the same GOD, then what is the problem? Oh, he has different names? Or those that do not believe in God are wrong? REALLY? And who the hell appointed any human the power to say anyone is right or wrong about religion? Oh, right, humans. Mere mortals. Not one human on this planet is better than the other, and yet we have self proclaimed prophets? What happened to the government working for the people? And religion SHOULD NEVER become part of government. Yes, we are one Nation under God. That doesn’t mean we are down for religious war when can’t even agree to disagree. I do believe in God. I also believe that no God of mine is full of hate in any manner. INDIVIDUAL WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE? There certainly isn’t any justice in my government turning it’s back on it’s own people. I will not accept another religion, because I’m happy with my life the way it is. Will I say another religion is wrong? No. Simple. If you hit me in my face, I will hit you back, harder and with more fury. Simple. If you leave me be, you’ll never know how hard I can hurt you.

  52. Ger Moorhead says:

    Well spoken. This is what the world needs, not to lay down the law………only to say it how it is. Our way or the highway and then stick to your guns. If we go to another’s country we need to obay there rules, that’s ok but at the same time if they come to our country they need to obay ours not bring there own. God bless and keep up the good work………I’m sure the world is watching.

  53. Gary says:

    What a speech…..Love it!!!!! If only our PM had balls like hers!! When will the British Government wake up and stop trying to be so f***ing PC???

  54. Matt says:

    Im a POM and I love this women by simple seeing what she has said. What a pair of balls I think the the British PM needs to spend more time with Julia and then maybe he’ll have half the pair she does. If I could vote for her I would.

  55. Nathan says:

    It is about time that the truth is spoken. We didn’t ask you to come to our country, you asked to come. I don’t care what you believe that is your right, but my country is based on Christian beliefs so if you don’t like it leave.

  56. Recent immigrant to Australia says:

    This goes to show how stupid all of you white motherfuckers are. Gillard never said this and would never say this. You’d have to be an absolute idiot to believe that a Prime Minster, who came to this country as an immigrant herself, would say this.

    On the day this story claims she made these statements, she was in Adelaide. The full transcripts of the speeches she gave that day are on her website:

  57. Jayson says:

    This would be great if it were true, yet 1) This was never the case as if it was every Muslim would be rioting in our streets, well, not mine as I live in North Qld where we work hard and keep Australian values strong and 2) This was never on the news or in any newspaper. And 3) Our PM, well not mine as I didn’t vote for her, is spineless and would never say anything like this. So, why is this even an article thats being spread? Wishful thinking I guess.

  58. Alley says:

    This article is just another urban myth.

  59. John Howard was quoted as making the exact same speech in 2008, word for word. It’s false, fake, completely without backing. It is crap.

    Australia is getting closer and closer to becoming America. I am an Australian, born and raised. I am somewhat ashamed of what Australia has become, a snippety, arrogant country who thinks it’s shit don’t stink. I don’t believe in God, I don’t pray and I don’t read the bible. I was told when I was 13 or so that I shouldn’t be a member of the Scouts because I wasn’t of Christian faith, by my scout leader.

    I moved to Finland in 2010. Far more tolerant people, a country run on common sense and basic human principals (for the most part). Free education for all, free health, free dental and truly accepting to anyone from anywhere.

    I still love Australia, but the people that inhabit it have a tendency to make me gag. Don’t let the Southern cross become the next swartz sticker, don’t let Australia become as blind as America.

  60. concerned fella says:

    dear everybody,
    i am dumbfounded by the poor/meaningless shit you all put up here.
    I have seen first hand what the muslims in afghanistan do to each other.
    1. They do not execute homosexuals because they all are, no lie men for fun women for reproduction.
    2. I have seen a women hanged for being raped.
    3. I have seen a little boy with serious bone fractures and other multiple injuries, he had been run down by a motorbike rider and left to rot for three days in 50 degree celsius temperatures.
    4.They all put themselves ahead of each other (especially when there is money involved) while i was there an afghani person killed one of his co-workers in his sleep because there grandfathers had an argument about crops decades before.
    5.I have seen women viciously beaten just because they looked at white men.

    I do not want to have anything like this happen in my country, and cannot understand why any humanbeing would tolerate it nhappenning in there own country.

    • Arabian Knight says:

      Dear Dumb Fella
      The whole world have seen you and your coward mates invade Iraq and Afghanistan for purely capitalist causes that had nothing to do with freedom nor weapons of mass destruction. It is technology that USA stole from Hitler’s Germany that was developed and advanced by immigrants from all over the world that help you do so.. not how brave you were or how noble your cause was. You lied to the whole world, killed (MILLIONS) of innocent men/women and had so much pleasure torturing them in Abu Ghareeb, Guantanamo and other places. It was educated and well trained Americans/christian who made all these shameful decisions, executed them and did things even animals would not do. All these pictures, films and authenticated documents witnessed how sub-human you were. You raped women, men and young children in these countries for fun. And you still have the nerve to come here and judge a country you have destroyed and attribute these deeds to Islam.
      If what you said was true about (((some))) Afghans, It is surely true about most Americans ((And Allies)) that they even did worse. Yet, i will not be as low as you are and i will not lie to myself or others and attribute it to Christianity.
      You are only labeled christian and you are a heartless creature that eats, shits and breeds stupidity and other lifeless creatures.
      I have witnessed George Orwell’s ministry of truth in my life time. God bless his soul

      • Emma says:

        Arabian Knight

        Seriously???? Have you heard your self?? Muslim this, christian that…….. calling men cowards for invading countries???? Get off your fucking high horse and give ya head a shake. Another sodding racist, yet again trying to turn the tables. This whole thing and a lot of what you people are putting on here is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!! Muslim, christian, Jewish……….. who fucking cares!!!!!! Why don’t you work on your attitudes and get a grip. Has anyone heard of just being a good person. Call me an idiot but hey there you go!!!!!! My husband is right now in Afghanistan and has been for months. He goes there because thats his job not to kill people of because he enjoys it. His beliefs are the same as mine…….. Do good to others, regardless of who they are and what they believe and ya never know. You might get good in return. Ya might get shit on but hey thats life. Also i think a key word that is missing from these rants is ” extremists” whatever their fucking religion. Everyone has their own mind and views its their human fucking right, don’t like it then walk on by!!!!!

  61. AUSSIE_GIRL says:

    Firstly Arabian Knight you really shit me, you are sitting there defending beliefs that are wrong in 95% of the countries around the world, it is not that we don’t want people coming into our countries we welcome them but its people like you that we wish we could keep out.

    Secondly living in Australia and know exactly what this red head mole is doing to our country I don’t believe she would stand there and say that seeing as though she is going to up the numbers off illegal immigrants funded by tax payers money. The only person with the balls/guts to ever state something like that would be Pauline hanson and if she was the one in charge we Aussies would be able to call Australia home.

    As for all of our Australian soldiers overseas in Afghanistan at the moment even though I sincerely know that use are doing everything use are doing there for a great reason we are wasting our resources and our time having you in a country that will never change, they live in poverty always have always will, they would rather sell there daughter to the highest bidder then to fight back, unfortunately no matter how much we try and spend time in that country to make things better for them, no matter what building we build for them they will never change to make their lives better. I feel our money and resources are better spent on countries willing to change and have better life, but unfortunately the majority wont change to the ones that do come to Australia and I know a lot of them that come here for a better life adjust to our way of life and finally enjoy it. To anyone else who doesn’t as far as I’m concerned your not welcome we are all entitles to our own beliefs and religions yes. BUT DON’T TELL ME I CAN’T HAVE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS FOR MY KIDS, OR NO SANTA CLAUSE BECAUSE IT OFFENDS YOU, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT DON’T COME HERE OR DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE STAY THE HELL IN SIDE. DON’T TELL ME I CANT WEAR SHORTS ON A 40 DEGREE DAY AND SAY THAT I’M A SLUT AND DESERVE TO BE RAPED. IT IS SHIT LIKE THAT, THAT IS NOT WELCOME IN OUR COUNTRY.

    • gerbil says:

      if these MUSLIMS try to prevent you aussies from practicing christmas, SHOOT them or beat the crap out of them. I DARE ANY MUSLIM in my country to try to KEEP me from having CHRISTMAS, they would wish they would have never set foot in a christian or secular land, because i guarantee you, many of us will ELIMINATE them literally. WE ARE SICK OF MUSLIMS and they WILL NEVER EVER force their garbage of ISLAM on us. WE ARE SUPERIOR IN FIGHTING THEN THEM AND WE OUTNUMBER THEM AND WE HAVE MORE RACES UNITED TO KICK THEIR ASS! Tell muslims to shove the quran up their ass!

  62. Chris D says:

    Ok. I read this poorly-articulated diatribe some years ago. Back then it was attributed to Kevin Rudd- and the wording was precisely the same. In fact if you google some of the key racist phrases you will find that John Howard, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have all had this ill-informed article attributed to them.

    Of course, if this reply is actually posted, which I doubt it will be as it challenges the prevailing attitude of this site, I doubt many people will believe what I have written. Of course, some will say that it doesn’t matter who wrote it because the sentiment is spot on. I believe it is ironic that people would come to a site apparently devoted to ‘freedom of speech’ to lambast people who subscribe to different beliefs and cultures to their own.

    Far too many people agree with the sentiment that immigrants have the ‘freedom to assimilate’ rather than the freedom to practice their own religious or cultural beliefs. This sentiment is often based upon one’s feeling that their own religious or cultural beliefs are supreme and everyone else is just stupid. Quite the opposite of freedom I would think.

    I was born in Australia to Australian-born parents, my parents’ parents were also born in Australia. I love this place. However, there are certain elements of the dominant culture to which I object. Blind patriotism and the feeling that one’s own culture should not be challenged by others is simply backwards and ridiculous. I do not agree with sharia law, but then, I do not agree totally with the Westminster system, nor many other elements of what we know as the Australian criminal justice system. In fact, there are many social norms existent in Australian society to which I whole-heartedly object. Yes, this makes me un-Australian. Call me what you will.

    The problem with democracy is that often it is the tyranny of the masses. And this site gives me great reason to question the intelligence of the masses.

    Oh, by the way Concerned Fella- I’m writing this from Afghanistan, where I regularly venture outside the wire. You are completely wrong about Afghanis.

    • Paul says:

      I would simply applaud if I was present to hear you speak this aloud.

    • gerbil says:

      DEMOCRACY is the best human government MORON. go live in your SHITHOLE muslim country and you can shove the quran up your ass! the rest of the world WILL FIGHT you muslims

  63. Jaymz49 says:

    Awesome finally someone said it! If I could vote for her I would.

  64. Omg says:

    This is fake, i wish this was the view of our prime minister, but its not.

  65. kit says:

    yes!!! this is how everyone should think and act, our country has been brought to its knees with all these immigrants (uk) and i think enough is enough!!!!

    • bill says:

      UK? are you forgetting where your ancestors came from? and whos your Queen? …thats right Queen Elizabeth II (of the UK)

  66. Greg says:

    This is the only positive thing she has ever done.

  67. Chris D says:

    The link above will take you to an article published by Silents Speech. The publishers claim it is an excerpt from a speech given by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Julia Gillard did not give such a speech.

    Ironically, I stumbled upon this article on a website purporting to be concerned with ‘freedom of speech’. Ironic because the article lambasts people who subscribe to different beliefs and cultures to their own.

    I first read this ignorant and poorly-articulated diatribe some years ago. Back then it was attributed to Kevin Rudd- and the wording was precisely the same. In fact if you google some of the key racist phrases you will find the article attributed to John Howard, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. The actual source is not clearly known.

    In summation the article takes the position that immigrants should conform to the prevailing culture and practices in their new home country regardless of their own religious or cultural beliefs and practices. The ignorant, albeit typical ‘love it or leave it’ sentiment is clear throughout the article.

    Before I begin my retort to this article in earnest I will explain the position from which I write my response. I am an Australian-born male with Australian-born parents. I am a staunch Atheist with a theoretical and practical opposition to organised religion. I am also a philosophical individual Anarchist who questions the legitimacy of all governments to create and execute laws and thus impart ideologies on their constituents. Practically, I support a liberal democratic government with very limited powers. I abhor the use of capital or corporal punishment in any case.

    Now I have laid bare my starting point I shall progress by addressing the points made in the article in isolation and then addressing the sentiment of the article and those ignorant enough to support it.

    The article reads:

    “I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’ We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society . Learn the language!’

    I agree whole-heartedly with the first sentence. I too am tired of the political-correctness existent in our society. I have my beliefs and everyone is free to question them at will as I question the beliefs of others. It is ironic that the author of this article states that they are “…tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture,” but clearly the author is offended by the beliefs and practices of other cultures. If one expects others to respect their beliefs and practices then one owes it to their fellow man to respect their beliefs and practices or at least respect their right to believe in those beliefs or practices.

    My next point of contention is the statement that the prevailing culture in Australia “has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom”. A reference to the wars fought by Australia and an interesting example of how a prevailing Australian culture has been formed. It is wise to remember that Australia has never fought a war in defence of its own borders, this includes engagements with Japanese forces in the Pacific frontier of WWII. The author, whether intentionally or otherwise, attempts to tie Australian culture to its predominantly British ancestry. Notably, the author never makes reference to Australia’s indigenous history, nor the contributions of the Chinese and Afghans during the gold rushes of the 19th century or Europeans in the 20th century. The contributions of indigenous Australians, Chinese, Afghans and Greeks should not be overlooked when assessing why it is that Australia stands tall as a prosperous nation.

    The author’s next point about Australia being a predominantly English-speaking country demonstrates their ignorance of most people migrating to Australia. Yes, English is the official language, and the language most widely spoken in Australia- that much is true. Before 1788 not a word of English was muttered by anyone living in this great land. As stated previously, the waves of immigration to Australia- first by the British in the late-18th century then others has meant that Australians have always been a diverse bunch of people speaking a diverse range of languages.

    The advent of non-English-speaking migrants is not new. Most migrants arriving in Australia have a basic working knowledge of the English language and those who do not often aspire to learn the English language. The standard of English written and spoken by many Australians is nothing to aspire to in any case. I do not discount the benefits of a society with a common language. To be a fully-functional member of any society is it important to communicate a common language and from a practical perspective English is certainly the best language to use in Australia. If people inhabiting Australia are unwilling to learn the English language they are isolating themselves from a society where English is the accepted language. If individuals choose to isolate themselves in such a way they are doing themselves a disservice and this is something one need not concern themselves with too much.

    The next paragraph reads:
    ‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture. ‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics most Australians believe in God. However, since the mid-1900s the number of Australians claiming faith in a Christian denomination has decreased steadily. Recently, less Australians have claimed a belief in Christianity as more have claimed to be of ‘no religion’ or other religions such as Buddhism (the number of Australians claiming to be of Buddhist faith increased 79% between 1996 and 2001). In 2006 the number of people claiming to be of ‘no religion’ or those whose religious belief could not be determined out-numbered any single denomination. For the first time in a national census less than two-thirds of Australians claim to be of Christian faith. Of those, less than half regularly engage in religious practices.
    The author’s claim that it is appropriate to display such beliefs on school walls, a reference to children engaging in Easter or Christmas activities is legitimate. If Christians wish to pick and choose when it is most convenient for them to practice their religion, then they should be free to do so. Though I am an Atheist I respect the right of others to exercise their religious beliefs. However, the growing number of children with faiths other than Christianity should not be forced into praising the Lord if their chosen religion would have them believe otherwise. If efforts are made to accommodate children and families with Christian beliefs then equally efforts should be made to accommodate those who believe in Buddha, Allah or any other supernatural being.

    One should not forget that one of the only human rights afforded to Australians in our Constitution is the freedom of religion. Section 116 of the Constitution states that, “The Commonwealth of Australia shall not make any law establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance”. One could fairly argue that the observance of religious holidays and practices associated with Easter and Christmas are unconstitutional.

    By claiming that “If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture” the author suggests that Christian religion forms part of the prevailing Australian culture. One could rightly argue this is not the case. Never have I seen an Australian tourism ad featuring a reference to our strong Christian values, our love of churches or other such places of pilgrimage. In fact, Australians are far less religious than most other ‘Western’ people. Being predominantly of Christian faith forms such a small and insignificant part of who we are as Australians that it is not worth mentioning.

    As for the Australians who do not believe in God, where are we to go? According to the author of this article Australian Atheists are not welcome in Australia. The 20-odd per cent of Australians with no religious association whatsoever are now not welcome in their own country. Or does the author simply mean that Australians who were born here and have no religious beliefs can stay, but new people who will not convert to Christianity should not be welcome… this is perhaps the authors most ridiculous argument.

    The next paragraph reads:

    ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE‘.’

    I was born in Australia to Australian-born parents, so I guess by definition I am Australian. So that would make this my country, my land and my lifestyle. I do not whinge, whine or gripe about the flag (though I feel no patronage to the UK and question why its flag is on ours); the pledge or Oath (though I feel no need to subordinate myself to Queen Elizabeth II or make reference to a higher power I believe to be fictitious); our Christian beliefs (though I have none); or our way of life (though I question who ‘we’ are and what exactly is meant by ‘our way of life’. Encouraging me to leave the country in which I and my parents were born simply because I disagree with you seems extreme. If, as an Australian, I disagree with the author then why should any immigrant to this country not be afforded the same right?

    Before the author begins to ‘quote’ Julia Gillard they write the following:

    Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

    Ok, the PM never told Muslims who wished to live under Sharia law to “get out” of Australia. This is clearly the belief of the author and clearly demonstrates their racism.

    I generally, though not completely, support the principles set forth by English common law. I accept the system is in part derived from the principles layed out in the Bible, but in Australia and most other Western countries laws often closely reflect a rational human conscience. I personally do not support sharia law (in its various forms) however; I do not oppose the use of it in societies where its principles are widely accepted.

    Let me be clear, I am offended by some of the principles of sharia law (which has its principles based on teachings of the Quran), as I am offended by some of the principles of Australia’s criminal justice system (which has its principles based on teachings from the Bible). Specifically, the incursion into the personal space of any individual by the state is abhorrent. This happens rarely in Australia and commonly in societies where sharia law is the prevailing law. I oppose any set of comprehensive rules which governs virtually every aspect of an individual’s life. I oppose sharia law, but I defend the right of a society to practice it.

    It is not absurd to believe that societies could exercise their own justice on a more local level within Australia. Presently Indigenous sentencing courts co-exist with more orthodox courts in Australia, sharia law courts could do similar. In fact the Ancient Romans considered criminal justice to be a private matter (albeit with somewhat dire consequences). I have provided these examples not to demonstrate that they work fantastically well, but to provide examples of what one would consider unorthodox criminal justice systems.

    In conclusion, the assertions expressed by the author of this diatribe are racist and ignorant in the extreme. The author generally ignores the benefits of diversity and multiculturalism. The author shows irrational fear of change in a society which is ever-evolving. Personally, I believe the best way to approach change is to accept that change is inevitable, set your own principles but be prepared to adapt them. Defending something you do not personally agree with is not hypocrisy; it is an acceptance that others will not always do what you believe is right and that does not make them wrong. Tolerance is always a virtue.

    • Nick says:

      Feel better – Julia Gillard said no such thing – it’s a bogus chainmail.

    • Erica G says:

      Beautifully put! I couldn’t agree more with every word of what you have said! To the others replying to this thread, I don’t think he thinks she actually said this.. He is just writing why something like this, real or fake, is wrong on so many levels.

      I am a non-religious American of European decent.

  68. Gavin says:

    Its about time someone spoke for what the most of us think and put the point across with out people accussing us for being racist. I only wish that David Cameron and the uk would take note from the Aussies.

  69. william says:

    Outstanding words

  70. Christina price says:

    When you next met the uk PM give him a backbone to stick up for us. Well said

  71. Stefan says:

    Hello Australia!

    I am out of Germany and i love that Speech! It is your Country and your Rights and Laws. Every body who comes in to your Country, has to accept your Law!!! It´s the same here in Gemany, but nearly no one wnts to accept our rules… That is very sad for me….. Please keep doing what you are doing…. ;-) Sorry for my bad english…

    Greez from Germany

  72. ToddC says:

    Dreegle says: You left out the bit about 200,000 accidental and intentional gunshot wounds/deaths, each and every year…

    Well, not exactly accurate dreegle – there are 613 accidental deaths by guns in the USA in an average year. The rest of the gun deaths are intentional – murders, suicides, robberies – and almost all of these are drug related – and there are already laws against murders and drugs and robberies… so more restrictions is not the answer.

    Don’t get me wrong – 613 is still 613 too many, but in a population of 300 Million, there are 450,000 smoking deaths, 33,000 vehicle deaths, and even over 28,000 accidental poisoning deaths in the USA every year.

    My point is: It’s already illegal to rob a liquor store, right? Do you really think that criminal will care if he’s supposed to register that handgun? Last week, there was a soldier with PTSD that shot and killed a Park Ranger, and gun-control advocates were saying that was due to the relaxing of laws preventing guns in National Parks. Really – do you think this mentally ill man would have stopped his rampage if there had just been a ”No Guns Allowed” sign? Why don’t we put up a ”No Shooting Park Rangers” sign while we are at it.

    I don’t mean to make light of this – ANY deaths are significant, but I know from living in Canada, the only people who are inconvenienced by strict gun registration laws are the LAW ABIDING CITIZENS – the hunters, farmers, trappers and sports shooters. The criminals and drug pushers don’t register their guns and they keep using them for crimes – regardless of the registration laws.

  73. dave wells says:

    This woman is what men should aspire to be like ! When the faggots siting around watching football realize that the mothers of the western world have saved us because men could not find enough balls to say and do what this warrior has done, I hope they can at least find the courage she has displayed and at least get on their knees and ask for forgiveness for not being men. This chick rocks !

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  75. Rick Bishop says:

    Well said I wish the British Government had the back bone to say something similar instead of worrying if being British is offending the people that come here to take advantage of everything Britian has to give.

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  77. Mr R!!! says:

    Dear Mrs Prime Minister,

    Can I come and live in your country please? For words like that i’d even worship you.
    PS. God Save the Queen!!!

  78. tOM Trottier says:

    God is dead. News just hasn’t reached Australia.

  79. Lorin says:

    “God keep our land glorious and free, oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.” eh!

  80. Naz says:

    No christian government in this world can face the fact that Muslims are radically the fastest growing religion in this world. Also to note that Muslim do actually hold 2/3 of the business around the world aswel as most of our country (Uk) business are owned by Muslim. If a country say equal rights and honour then why say obey us?
    If a country was to remove Muslim from a country, god help them as everyone knows “they will be under attacked” and to note the Muslim hold the largest wepons in this world. So lets be gentle about how we say this, there are many ways to approach and ask the Muslim to support you.
    Uk resident

  81. Good for her! She needs to address who or what ethnic group lobbied to liberalize the immigration-policies of all white nations. The Muslims did NOT OR COULD NOT LET THEMSELVES INTO AUSTRALIA, Europe or NorthAmerica without secret, sneaky, unpopular tactics of that one tribe, the self-chosen and complicity of our own traitorous leaders. WITHOUT EXCEPTION, EVERY SINGLE MOVEMENT TO OPEN THE FLOODGATES TO NONWHITES IS LEAD BY PEOPLE WITH NAMES LIKE “BOAS, WELFISCH, CELER, FOXMAN, FINKELPERL, COHEN, LEVY. BUT THEY INSIST (not all, there are some decent, courageous anti-Zionist Israelis like the brave, honest journalist like Gideon Levy, the beautiful former IDF soldier, Anat Kamm (a 24-year-old female). She got 4.5 years for exposing the IDF’s targeted extrajudicial, illegal assassinations of Palestinians, Gilad Atzmon, YNETs Sever Plocker’s self-critical article “WE MUSTN’T FORGET THAT SOME OF THE GREATEST MURDERS OF MODERN TIMES WERE ‘US'(Soviet Jews). Also the 1/4 Jewish American Patriot, Alan Sabrosky PhD, former Marine who has been professor, adjunct professor to the US Army War College, West Point, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, has written around 16 books on American Military policy, over 150 monographs, articles, reviews, etc. He has state over and over he has unrefutable proof that the Mossad and certain clandestine US agencies, Cheney, Chertoff, Wilfowitz, Feith, Bush conspired to create a new “Pearl Harbor” to catalyze the American public in their hatred of Muslims, to Justify aggressive wars against not-so-nice, but innocent of the 9/11 attacks and MORE IMPORTANT CREATE THE DEPT. of HOMELAND SECURITY, whose real mission is to spy on Americans, punish dissent, to rip away our freedoms. The second I heard Bush say “this is a war on terror”, I left the Republican party. It is impossible to have an armed campaign on an abstract, amorphous, purposely undefined, undefinable “enemy” so the regime can claim anyone it doesn’t like, a “terrorist”. When these Neocons said they, Islamo-fascist attacked us because they hated our freedom, why then were other secular, liberal, “democracies” like Sweden, Australia, Switzerland not attacked? If it really had been an attack from the Muslims, the US military would have all but nukes Mecca. We live in Orwellian times.
    Kenneth S. Doig (proud Scottish-Lowlander & Anglo-Saxon American.

  82. Dam ignorant tards and bigots. says:

    Why ….

    the hell is this still up considering it is not true?

    I suppose when a point is so invalid people make crap up to pretend they have grounds to their ignorance and racism.

  83. Nick says:

    Julia Gillard never said this. It’s a chain email that’s been circulating for years (attributed, among others, to former Australian PM John Howard). Recirculating nonsense isn’t good for anyone.

  84. Guy says:

    I wish our prime minister(uk) had the balls to do this..well done.

  85. Chandra Shekhar Banerjee says:

    Great Going…..Australia is blessed to have a Prime Minister, who has the guts. This article is superb, and it has a ver logical communication. Good going….Cheers

  86. Pat says:

    So she says – ‘Our Christian beliefs’ yet she’s an atheist…that’s politics…lol

  87. Nick keen says:

    Julia gillard for UK PM!!!!!!!!!!

  88. The man from afar says:

    Maybe she didn’t say it but im sure she would like to cos she does have balls.
    In the beginning People were separated to work out their own problems
    Reading all this crap makes me wish people would realize that all religions have the same basic origin/story and all cultures have their own interpretation of it and their god. the fact remains that when our maker created this world the people couldn’t fathom an alien making us in his own likeness so they bowled down and called him Allah or god or joho or what ever . yes we are descendants of aliens and our maker separated all the countries and tongues so no one could evolve to be like him/her and therefore travel to his home planet and destroy it like we are destroying our own. the world has been fooled by government from the beginning , they know the truth but we all need something to believe in don’t we ! And so our creator gave us the simple rules to live by…the ten commandments or was it twelve. like a scientist our creator watches from afar , we are like ants in a jar so be careful its no big deal for him to start new!
    Crap you say! …do you really think humans built the pyramids and the buildings on the moon/mars believe it or not lol

  89. Brendan says:

    As an Australian I truly hope your paranoid racist attitudes NEVER get to this country. Americans are sadly seen as fools by many overseas. No longer is America seen as the ideal country. It’s laughed at, heckled, and sadly hated because of backward uneducated views like guns for all. Guns on hips? Home grown army? Are younreally so foolish?

    America is a great country but sadly the voice of the stupid is louder than the rational. Next they will be asking history and science books be thrown out and replaced by children stories and tales of a 6,000 year old earth and a giant boat that held 2 of each 8,700,000 species on earth… Ok… Someone put on the coffee… … …

    • Brenda says:

      This is about Australia, get over America! Your post is unrelated to the article

      • Brendan says:

        Wrong. My post was directly responding to comments here. And I fully get the notion of the post. As a son of a father who fled WW-II in Europe and husband of a wife who is a Vietnamese refugee I fully appreciate the need to join a society and culture you ask to join. That is only logical and respectful. What is moronic is forcing your beliefs on others.

    • gerbil says:

      you’re another idiot. AMERICANS have all races moron, and this asian american would be happy to SHOOT you with our guns. ANYONE who defends muslims is to be shot! AMERICA is the IDEAL country. STAY AWAY FROM IT and go live with your stupid communist and muslim buddies. What makes AMERICA great is because we can kick your ass and be happy about it and carry our guns so NO ONE CAN OPPRESS us with your COMMUNIST or ISLAMIC crap!

  90. Chris says:

    If she did say these comments, I want to live in Australia. She has more balls that all of Westminster and Hollyrood put together!

    Would you accept a Scottish Electrical Engineer graduate with only 1 years experience? I’d be over in a shot if you could find me the work!

  91. Amanda says:

    Think she is absolutely brilliant and that other countries UK included should follow her beliefs, Direct and to the point brilliant!!!!

  92. Might go to Thailand says:

    Sadly Australia follows America through dictation and is fast catching up with it in relation to crime and way of life except we don’t have any guns! O and beware of the tax man here he’s greedy compared to America. Being an Australian who was given my first real gun at the age of eight by my father and shown how to use it safely i now feel deprived and wonder how secure is this country. Sure i am old now but I spent many a day as a child alone in the bush with my gun and pocket knife and had lots of guns until they took all the auto ones and made it to expensive to keep the rest. I never shot anyone, never used a gun in crime but could spit a match at 50 yards any day, give me one now and i could defend my home against these pricks that keep breaking in and never get caught by the authorities . to many rules here now there is a fine for everything a tax for everything and then they put tax on it. and kids don’t have any freedom these days they have to grow with far to many rules.

  93. fay says:

    can we have her for our prime minister please?! :)

  94. Aaron says:

    Well said Prime Minister Julia Gillard just wish the UK prime minister would say the same

  95. Brenda says:

    I wish Canada would follow this! This woman is amazing for standing up and saying what we are All thinking.

  96. Dave says:

    This is BS, I have read this exact ‘speech’ dozens of times quoted from several different leaders, word for word, Including this prime miniser’s predecessor. Do they recycle speeches? NO, although alot of people love the idea of a leader standing up as such, it has Never happaened as such (except in Iran). Australia as well doesn’t have nearly the trouble with immigrants as much of the western world either, their immigration laws are extremely strict, and becoming a citezen takes years, if you ever achieve it. If people would stop BITCHING on blogs long enough to look at facts, face their representatives in the parlament of your country as a unified hole as opposed to whining from your chair as you do absolutely nothing to improve your own life and that of your own community, something may change. As long as people are lazy, whining and generally ignorant to the policies and situation in their own country (let alone educated in others) things will NEVER change.

  97. Peeps says:

    We need people like her in the uk where we now bow down to other life styles and forget our own.

  98. Toronto says:

    +1 for Australia!

    I have a problem with a Law that claims a woman’s value is half that of a man’s. It’s time to move away from outdated sexist laws.

  99. Dale Preece-Kelly says:

    Wow – shes fab! That has needed saying by governments in the uk and usa for so long! She really is leading the world here. Trouble is most governments are not brave enough to say this and worry too much about the politics instead of what their ppl want. Good on ya :)

  100. NotAXenophobe says:

    This is a hoax that has been floating around long before she took office (and was previously attributed to Howard). It’s nonsense. Ignore it and stop spreading this nonsense.

  101. nothing new says:

    What were the British that colonized the country in the first place, my history is a little foggy but I’m pretty sure the place wasn’t completely devoid of human life.

  102. Paul.m says:

    VERY WELL SAID!!! I think it is high time every nations of the world declare their stand,rather than co-existing with a sect of extremist in d name of islam,with a plan of turning the place into a muslim state., as they seems to be succeeding in some african states,which has informed sponsored voilence and civil bombings,(all in the pretence of political and religious violence) e.g sudan,somalia,nigeria(currently)

  103. maryclare says:

    Hear, hear. At last someone with the guts to come out and say what a lot of people won’t.

  104. Tommy NH says:

    RE: Ed Anderson Jan 9 2012
    “I find the idea of arming you population as a security force ridiculous and the fact that you as an american citizen think that this is the reason that your government allow you to have guns is also worrying.”

    I live in the great state of New Hampshire. our state motto is .”Live Free or Die” .
    I , like any other country mouse has been raised to treat a gun as any other tool. It’s just a tool similar to a hammer or shovel not some emotional egotistical weapon to be waved at any moving thing. We use our guns for hunting and home defense. “Home defense” includes any foreign invasion and I’m certain if that happened I along with all of my neighbors would be waiting at every turn in the road to “have a crack at em”. No need to worry if your here on Holiday, just don’t try to take over our country as 7 out of 10 homes have guns in them here in the USA…….;-)

  105. gus says:

    Now I see where Rupert’s bigotry comes from. Isn’t Ausrtalia made up of British criminals that were shipped away anyway. Australia is a worthless and bigoted country that deserves what it gets.

  106. Sonia says:

    Awesome! Very well put and about time somebody said something! Proud to be Australian! :-)

  107. kafoodie says:

    Nice job spreading misinformation.

  108. Dan Thomas says:

    I wish the American leaders would say the same thing here! What does it take for a Christian American to be allowed to settle in Australia?

  109. gloriousrose says:

    I thought the Native Aboriginal people founded the land of Australia?? All that the Christian Europeans did was annihilate them, ripped their family, kids, property, culture and dignity off of them and then called the country their own. How very fair and just….NOT! p.s. I’m not Aborigine nor am I an Australian, but perhaps some knowledge of the history actually helps.

  110. Sharon says:

    While I do think we need to be respectful of the beliefs of others, and while a genuinely opposed to most Labour stances, on thi occasion I am moved to support Gillard.
    If you go to Saudi for example, you cannot drink alcohol, as a woman must be covered in accordance with their standards, cannot be alone with a male other than husband or close relative and cannot drive a car. Is this wrong? No, it is their culture, judge it how you may, you will be arrested if you do not comply. Your choice, if this offends you, is to stay away.
    Having lived in other countries that bend themselves double to accommodate all beliefs the overall quality of life decreases, hatred of incoming cultures grows as the local culture is subjucanted on the name of multiple- culturism. We are a nation that is attractive to non- Australian born people due to who and what we are. Our culture is not for everyone, anymore than other cultures may not be for us, so, do we change what we are, or do we stand up for what it means to be Australian?
    My feeling is that as a nation we are willing to accept all genuine people that wish to live here, whever they come from. But, if they come with a preset agenda to change our country to reflect their wants and needs, or they find they cannot adjust, then Gillard is right. I say it with deepest respect and no malice, but if Australia is not for you because politically, from the position of the essentially Christian roots of the founders of this land, or the English roots of our legal system then please leave with our blessing and find somewhere that feels right for you.

  111. Jillybean says:

    Dont get too excited. this is an old story doctored from 2005 when the train bombs went off in Britain. Sadly the story is total rubbish!

  112. Gary Robinson says:

    What a leader. I wish the uk had someone as strong instead of the testicle less lot we have.

    • Steve B says:

      Julia Gillard has testicles!! ………………. thats probably about as factualy correct as the rest of the bullshit thats posted here!!

  113. Buffy the Hoax Slayer says:

    Oh, for fuck’s sake… if you’re going to post some made-up speech by the PM, at least go to some effort instead of posting some copypasta bullshit. D- for plagiarism, asshole.

  114. Herman Cain says:

    Well she showed her general level of intelligence when she called Lebanese a language…I have more intelligence in my little toe than you bunch of Neanderthals!

  115. Crusades Against Muslims says:

    Wow, what a lady! I guess in Australia, she would be known as a super sheila! Well done lady keep up the great work!. Greetings from the UK

  116. Brendan says:

    WAKE UP EVERY BODY!!!!!!!! IT’S FAKE!!!!!!!! Tell me you didnt actually think the is real??????????????????????


    In case you missed it it’ fake.


    Got the picture you?

  117. Ricky Salisbury says:

    Maybe you should come to the uk and show these soft money grabbing politician how to run tue country

  118. suzy rykers says:

    Well said!!! I am Canadian and my husband is American and this issue is evident on both sides of our border. i just wanted to applaud you for your willingness to stand up for your natives. I think that most polititians forget about their people and that they are their to protect the laws, cultures and habitants. I really enjoyed your speech. Thank you

  119. Chris D says:

    It is fake.

    It is fake.

    It is fake.

    It is fake.

    It is fake.

  120. Colin says:

    I wish Canada would grow a pair and say the same thing!!!

    • chocol8thunda says:

      you serious? I’m Canadian and that was a harsh statement. I assume you’re white. If so then you must be a member of the KKK cause all white people are racist. sounds stupid doesn’t it. I agree with the part about don’t come here and complain. fair enough, but to say all Muslims are terrorists, spy on mosques is just plain wrong.

      • Leah says:

        chocol8thunda, please show me exactly where in that fictional speech, it says that all muslims are terrorists?

        Exactly. It doesn’t. And even IF mosques were being monitored (which I highly doubt seeing as 98% of this article is fiction anyway), what’s wrong with that? I am sure our security agencies are monitoring a LOT of places where there is potential terrorist activity. And like it or not, the chances of terrorist activity involving Muslims is higher than the chances of terrorist activity involving Hindus or Jews or Christians.

  121. kalen says:

    Yes because the American government is so afraid of its citizenry that they have made the patriot act and the new law that gives the military power to indefinitely detain citizens. Americans are watching their rights disappear in the land of the free to do what they are told.

  122. Alex says:

    Yeah, but it’s all a Hoax and we all, I’m afraid, have been duped.

    See the Hoax Slayer link below, and see the commentary on when this HOAX was last circulating on the Internet.

  123. Gary Evans says:

    What a plucky woman she is, she will forever be my hero from now on she will have a place next to marylin Monroe in history, if only I could give her a cuddle right now.
    (Uk) what is the u united, they need to scrap that for a start we never unite for anything apart from royal weddings, get a grip UK our home is falling apart because of religion, add red and yellow ya get orange, blue x yellow = green add to many colours it starts to look like SHIT

  124. Martin l Tait says:

    Outstanding Madam Prime Minister (per mer per terran)

  125. MarieKJ says:

    We need someone like her in AMERICA! Our goverment officials are COWARDS! Only a few will stand up and make things right but our govt keeps pushing them down. Im seriously considering moving to Australia, have so for quite a while. Reading this makes me sure it will be the right thing to do.

  126. updamuslims says:


  127. Shannon Donnelly says:

    Well said. Behind this woman all the way. The British government here could learn a few things from this speech! Julia Gillard should run England!

  128. Gringo says:

    Julia Gillard is a bitch she is fucken liar. And if she really said those words. She sure didnt come up with them. As far as im concerned she can fuck off along with her deputies and that dickwad Bob Brown and her bullshit Carbon Tax. Thanks to that cow i pay more for everything and its still going up.

  129. Russell says:

    I just love this lady. She got class. She would make a very good British P/M.

  130. Dan says:

    Fucking morons lol

  131. This is a regurgated FAKE story!!! Shame on the ‘author’ who is lying to you!!

  132. chad Thackston. says:

    Outstandi. given westerners living in Islamic countries have to abide by their laws. they can accept your laws or bog off. i just wish our leaders in the UK had the stones to do the same.

    Well done ma’am

  133. kim says:

    I wish so much that UK was like this, I wish I could live in Australia also! I think its such a great country regarding keeping it Australian and not pussy footing around!

    • Brendan says:

      You wish the UK was full of fake stories about fake speeches?

      Thankfully our Prime Minister is not a moron so would never make a speech like this.

  134. Laura says:

    What’s your source please?

  135. Eric Tevely says:

    This is how it should be!!!!

    • Dave says:

      Are you people really so gullable as to believe that this is not a work of fiction? Take a minute to look up the title or the first few words of this “speech” and you will find sites citing this going back several years which credit this speech to several different individuals. Although compelling, and a stance most of us wish our representatives in our own countries would take, it is, unfortunatly, a clever and compelling hoax. No politician would ever make a speech like this in the ‘free’ world, it would be political suicide. This doesn’t mean that many of them do not wish they could speak their minds in a manner as displayed in this post. Although this is a hoax, the message is representative of the viewpoint of most peoples in any country where a slow methodical invader is executing a plight to take over by breeding instead of firepower. It is an ingenous tactic executed by a people who exercise both solidarity and a common cause, something that us westerners are quite foreign to with our individualistic societies and selfish attitudes.
      My point of view on this matter, just as in any contest, is let the best person(s) win. If we as a culture or society are too lazy or complacent to take care of ourselves, stand up for our rights in solidarity and common cause (as our apparent ‘enemy’ does), We do not deserve the luxuries we have. We have become complacent and spoiled by our luxuries (take it from a veteran). Many westerners do not know, nor are capable of conceiving the realities of the world outside of their own secure environments, le alone the horrors of warfare at your doorstep.
      Stop complaining, stop expecting someone else to take care of things for you as you sit on the sidelines of your own life. Our culture has progressed too far down this road to the extent that nobody seems to be responsible for anything anymore, including their own triumphs and failures…Yes I said Failure, a valuable lessonNorth Americans are not taught anymore.
      Grow up folks. You can sit by and complain, watch TV, eat too much and do nothing for yourselves, as a bunch of infants would, or get off your ass, meet your neighbours and bond with them, have a community, create values and solidarity, tolerance and respect and the enemy will be disarmed. Keep doing the same innefective things you do in your short and often insignifant lives and you (as a culture) will perish, and rightfully so. It is the open, honest, accepting and intelligent that will win in the end….if enough exist anymore in this age of ignorance in which we find ourselves.

  136. chocol8thunda says:

    You’d think with that rhetoric, White Australia will be implemented again. Her point is valid. Saying all Muslims are terrorist is simply wrong and fear mongering. As the rest of the world knows, Australia IS a very racist country. I mean is she gonna start monitoring synagogues because the Isrealis just killed an Iranian scientist. It’s a slippery slope if that happens. Next it will be another minority or homosexuals or political groups etc. Then again, what do you expect from the spawn of convicts.
    I believe that multi-culturalism is a joke. It’s failed. Stand up for nothing, fall down for everything. I see why she has done this. I don’t understand why she would fan hatred. What happens when some innocent, law abiding Aussie, who’s family has been in the country for generations gets fucked up by some white Aussies because they’re Muslim? Or mosques get vandalized, or people lose jobs. That sort of speech is a scary parallel to the types Hitler made. Muslims aren’t the problem, jihadists are. Saying every Muslim is a terrorist is like saying every white person is a member of the KKK. Simply makes no sense.
    I’m glad my gov’t; Canada is more tolerant. we have the same problems, yet we don’t incite hate and fear. Closet racist if you ask me. Far worse than an out right one. Least I know what you’re about and know where I stand unlike the people who support this stuff. I’m not Muslim, but glad my fam decided on Canada rather than Oz when we moved from Gillard’s homeland of Wales. Woulda been a scary existence being black down under.

    • Laura says:

      It’s a hoax.

    • Dave says:

      Well Said (another Canadian) seems common sense isn’t so common anymore.

      • chocol8thunda says:

        hoax or not, the sentiments are there, to which a lot of Aussie’s feel. just proves what I’ve always kinda thought. shame really. Australia has the potential to be a real leader in the world, yet isn’t. I think it’s because no one takes them seriously, who would? Xenophobes are rarely taken seriously. I dunno if you were dissing me or not. lol

    • Leah says:

      This nearly made me laugh.

      The world knows Australia is a very racist country? Funny that, why is it that all over the world people are only too happy to be welcoming to Australian tourists? And why is it that for so many people around the world, Australia is near the top of their travel wish lists?

      Besides, Gillard didn’t even make this speech. It’s been on the internet for years.

      And your parallels are absurd. Suggesting immigrants should assimilate into Australian culture, is NOT the same as saying it’s ok to vandalise places or discriminate in the workplace. Nobody is saying if you come to Australia you should ditch your religion or stop speaking your mother tongue. They’re just saying you shouldn’t start forcing it on everyone else, which is exactly what a lot of Muslims want to do. There’s also nothing in that speech about skin colour so I don’t see where you pulled that from. Also, nobody is saying all Muslims are terrorists. Your comments are ridiculous.

      BTW I will also remind you that Canada had penal colonies too. And your “spawn of convicts” comment was the most racist comment I’ve read on this entire page.

      • chocol8thunda says:

        Firstly, yes Aussies are welcomed around the world. As are Canadians, in fact Americans put our flag on their back packs when traveling. Just cause you’re welcomed around the world, doesn’t mean at home you’re just as welcoming. Your immigrant laws are damn near xenophobic. White Australia Policy just officially ended in 1973. Apartheid and the reservation system used in North America was based on your treatment of the aborigines. Wasn’t long ago they were considered flora and fauna. Canada has it’s issues too. I don’t say that Canadians aren’t racist. Trust me, there’s plenty of red necks. I’ve talked to a lot of Aussie’s who come here either to travel, work or move here. They have all said that there’s a deep seeded under currant of racism. Even if this is a hoax, look at the comments that are being bandied about. I agree with you in that when moving abroad it’s your duty to learn the local culture and understand it. Don’t force yours or try to change it. What I don’t agree with is using that as a front to basically promote hate and incite fear. Putting surveillance on mosques? Seriously? That’s fuckin harsh!! That alone would cause a huge divide. Easy to say you’re not racist when your surrounded by like minded people; then it becomes normal. As for spawn of convicts; is that not fact? The words may be harsh, but it’s true. Also, with out immigration, your country would cease to exist in 50 years. Your economy would become nothing cause there would be such a little workforce. Immigration and immigrants are vital to countries like Canada and Australia. It make us better and stronger. Today it’s the Muslims, tomorrow it’s another group. Think about it Leah.

    • gerbil says:

      it would be a GOOD thing for a mosque to get burned to the ground because muslims burn churches to the ground in every muslim country. you can shove your racist muslim crap up your ass moron. Anyone who defends muslims are scum of the earth

      • chocol8thunda says:

        you’re harsh dude. nuff said. don’t EVER come to Canada, a bitch like you would get knocked the fuck out. ass clown!!

  137. Dave says:

    Are you people really so gullable as to believe that this is not a work of fiction? Take a minute to look up the title or the first few words of this “speech” and you will find sites citing this going back several years which credit this speech to several different individuals. Although compelling, and a stance most of us wish our representatives in our own countries would take, it is, unfortunatly, a clever and compelling hoax. No politician would ever make a speech like this in the ‘free’ world, it would be political suicide. This doesn’t mean that many of them do not wish they could speak their minds in a manner as displayed in this post. Although this is a hoax, the message is representative of the viewpoint of most peoples in any country where a slow methodical invader is executing a plight to take over by breeding instead of firepower. It is an ingenous tactic executed by a people who exercise both solidarity and a common cause, something that us westerners are quite foreign to with our individualistic societies and selfish attitudes.
    My point of view on this matter, just as in any contest, is let the best person(s) win. If we as a culture or society are too lazy or complacent to take care of ourselves, stand up for our rights in solidarity and common cause (as our apparent ‘enemy’ does), We do not deserve the luxuries we have. We have become complacent and spoiled by our luxuries (take it from a veteran). Many westerners do not know, nor are capable of conceiving the realities of the world outside of their own secure environments, le alone the horrors of warfare at your doorstep.
    Stop complaining, stop expecting someone else to take care of things for you as you sit on the sidelines of your own life. Our culture has progressed too far down this road to the extent that nobody seems to be responsible for anything anymore, including their own triumphs and failures…Yes I said Failure, a valuable lessonNorth Americans are not taught anymore.
    Grow up folks. You can sit by and complain, watch TV, eat too much and do nothing for yourselves, as a bunch of infants would, or get off your ass, meet your neighbours and bond with them, have a community, create values and solidarity, tolerance and respect and the enemy will be disarmed. Keep doing the same innefective things you do in your short and often insignifant lives and you (as a culture) will perish, and rightfully so. It is the open, honest, accepting and intelligent that will win in the end….if enough exist anymore in this age of ignorance in which we find ourselves.

  138. viv says:

    Wow well said! Maybe our Canadian govt can learn something from this….

  139. terry richardson says:

    About time a leader of a nation said what everyone else is thinking, and before anyone starts with racism… It’s nothing to do with that, its about respect for the country that’s let you live here.

  140. Susan Ernzen of Arkansas says:

    Amen, that is how I feel too. You come to our country we didn’t tell u or ask u to come so learn the ENGLISH.

  141. Awesome Australian says:

    One of the best damn things I’ve ever heard a Prime Minister of Australia Say!

  142. Leah says:

    Julia Gillard didn’t say that. This speech has been doing the rounds for years, in fact in the past people have said that John Howard said that speech (he didn’t say it either). Stop re-posting hoaxes.

  143. Ryan says:

    its sad she can spout some racist shit and stuff about impeding on peoples rights to privacy in their places of worship and everyone seems to forget about all the bad choices shes made as prime minister.

    its not fair on the muslims that have been living here under sharia law for years and years, and whats next after them? other middle eastern or asian communities? its just racist shit really. i agree learn english and respect each other religions and shit but this is moving backwards in human rights.

    • Bob says:

      How about go home? Its not racist to speak about limiting RELIGION. Get a grip. If you want Shiria law and to talk to your imaginary friend (god) go live in Saudi and see how you like it..

  144. Leo Bennito says:

    Well done Australia!
    I love your country.
    Freedom of speech still is been upheld!
    Typical Australian spirit you lead the world where others fear to tread.
    A shining star and a beacon of hope.

  145. tony says:

    Good on ya girl, now only if the ball-less government officials who apparently run the U.K. took the same approach with regards to jobs for english people like the Spanish look after their own then we might get somewhere as well

  146. Raj says:

    Everyone who has commented here are clearly not informed.

    Since when did anyone have right to own a country? Australia sports country from existing inhabitants. Christianity was forced on the existing tribes and land was stolen. The PM clearly does not know her history!

    Guess she’s asking for trouble from extremists!

    • Dave Sanders says:

      Christianity isn’t a religion that was forced on anyone. True that missionaries went out to try to convert people but nobody was forced to accept it, especially not by threats, terrorism and murder as Islam tries to force their religion on everyone else. There are a still a lot of aboriginal people who still believe in the old ways and the old spirits but they are allowed to do so without prejudice. This is certainly unlike intolerant Islam who would, just slit their throats for being infidels and kuffers.

      As for countries being taken over, the Middle East has some of the largest land mass in the world and yet, even today, they still invade and take countries by force from other people in the name of their religion. I suggest you go back to your history books and read up on recent history before you mouth off about taking land from the indigenous people.

      • WakeUP says:

        did you forget the inquisition and the crusades and the witchhunts? nice selective memory you have. did you forget that even in the 1950s and later there were “Indian” schools to assimilate the beautiful Native Americans to “proper” Christians? How dare you even open your ill-informed trap? LEARN SOMETHING please.

      • Paul says:

        Errr Constantine made all other religions illegal under punishment of death. Then stole all of their religious observances and claimed them to be Christian. Modern Missionaries didn’t force Christianity on people, they simply traded them food for obedience.

  147. Dave says:

    If only we could have a PM in the UK with as much balls as she has got. Good for her, at least she has the intelligence not to keep bowing and scraping to the animals who use religion as a weapon.

  148. Robert punshon says:

    I really agree with all this speech. I just hope the British government take heed. I am not racist and i am not against people emmigrating but they shouldnt try to change the country they settle in. If we were to settle in their country we would be breaking their laws by trying to change their culture.

  149. Inja says:

    “I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture” -really? I got the distinct impression they have never worried about offending a certain culture; racism seems ingrained in Australian culture

    • Bob says:

      Hey Inja, how is speaking about religion racist? Like it says: if you want your religious law for your imaginary friends (god) then go live in Pakistan and see how you like it there.

  150. jeya says:

    Hats of Prime Minister. I am a migrant myself who came to Australia 10 years ago from an Islamic country. Today Australia is my home and I thank this land and it’s people to have given me this opportunity to be who I am and to leave a peaceful and unbiased life style. Thank you Australia. I call Australia home.

  151. Maybe if our priminister had the same view then the uk wouldn’t be in as much mess as we are. Its too late for us as we’re over run with them. Religion has a lot to answer for. They should all be rounded up and sent to their own island where they can exchange extreamest views amongst themselves.

  152. lily says:

    This is right decision. Those who don’t believe God they r muslim. Their Allah and our God is not same, if it is then law would be same but christains laws and musloms laws is fully different. Jesus said love ur neibours. Forgiveness is the best policy where as in muslim law there is no forgiveness. They chellange God, want to take laws in their hand. Judgement is only under God. Man cannot judge man.

  153. Kat says:

    you should check out… it was originally claimed prime minister John Howard made this speech

  154. Darlene says:

    I have wanted to move there for such a long time. I so admire the way they think!

  155. First, I heard this is a hoax. Second, anyone who thinks such a speech makes one a racist, deserves to rot in hell after they have their heads chopped off by these stinking muzzies who only live to murder the rest of the world that ISN’T muzzie!

  156. Susan says:

    God Bless you Ms. Gillard. Please come to the USA you have a lot of courage to say what you have said. We are in the process of looking for a President and would be honored to have you. We can just seal your birth certificate and all will be ok. I don’t guess it matters if you was really born in this country, it doesn’t seem so by our house and senate. I am so glad you all have no problem with church and state. You keep God first in your country and never forget where you come from and God will bless your country. So proud for the people your represent.

  157. Bob says:

    As an Australian I can pretty much guarantee the spineless PM would NEVER say this. Where is the source? Where is the proof? She’d NEVER say anything where she could upset anyone. She is part of a minority government who are too scared to say anything they don’t get a focus group to approve first. This is a total hoax. I wish it wasn’t because we need to stand up to ALL religions (muslims, christians, Hindus, etc) and tell them to shut the fark up and get on with their lives. If you don’t like it where you live go somewhere else! Muslims are particularly annoying in this regard. Go live in Iran or Saudi if you want Muslim law – see how you like it there…

    • David Hambly says:

      I couldn”t agree more. Gillard would never have said such a thing. In fact the government under her leadership has done quite the opposite. They constantly bend over for every minority group, especially those of islamic backgrounds. She”s even gone so far as to pledge nearly half a billion from our struggling economy to fund islamic schools in Indonesia and more in other countries. And these are not simply schools of academic learning that happen to be islamic but schools that also specialise in teaching and indoctrinating its syudents into Islam. The list goes on and on.

  158. Daniel says:

    its sad when a woman has more ba!!s than our president

  159. Vin Ienco says:

    um a little research will reveal this post is a complete hoax – smh

  160. Ter says:

    I love this article, except for one thing. Chinese isn’t a language!

  161. ghostswrit says:

    Julia for President!

  162. tracey says:

    well said wish our goverment here had balls like her .these people come here and feel they have a right to change our country living freely collecting free health care;welfare and god knows what else they get more than the canadian retired people that paid into the system ;
    wish i was younger i,d move to aussie land

  163. Jo says:

    Why cant Obama stand for our country like she stands for hers?? Australia is lookin’ mighty fine…

  164. Agent199 says:

    THis is all fake. This speech has been circulating for years (earliest version I can find is 2005) and attributed to every Australian Prime Minister and many others since then. Seriously, everyone supporting this needs to grow up a bit and learn a bit of diplomacy.

    • Millard says:

      If only it were real. I agree with it. Just wish we could put the right person behind the speech in front of it. By that I mean that we would know for sure who wrote it.

  165. Johnnomads says:

    Well said Madame PM, you certainly have my respect, far more than that wimp in Washington!

  166. freddy says:

    If you do not like it in the USA Then move to Russia and cry to them for your civil Right’s.I,am sure they would love to have you! Canada’s just a bunch of wana be Americans,They remind me of the French~Never fired only dropped once~If not for the USA the world would be speaking German.

  167. Sigdrifa says:

    This story has been doing the rounds for over a year. I don’t know who originally wrote it, but it is patently false. Gillard never made this speech. It has gone viral on Facebook, and even on Twitter.
    It is dangerous to keep posting it because people will come here, thinking we don’t tolerate muslims. They are overrunning the country and outbreeding us. They are granted more and more ground weekly. Australia has a very soft policy on islam, and we have muslim only swimming, muslim only toilets, muslim only areas.
    The speech is false. It never happened. We wish it were true, but Gillard is in Barry’s backpocket and fawns all over him. We have US troops arriving this month – for no valid reason, and more afterwards. Please stop posting it. We are in as much crap as the rest of the west.

  168. Kjetil says:

    I love you, You have balls thats all I have to say about that.

  169. Sigdrifa says:

    People really don’t read comments, do they.

    Speech is fake. She loves her muslim immigration.

  170. Farayi mupoperi says:

    Well done, either shape up or ship out! Radicals can be like vermin to well entrenched cultures & beliefs. Let them go where they kill, maim & steal under the guise of religion.

  171. John says:

    As an Aussie and having many Muslim friends around the world. I would like to add. That this statement is for any person coming from any country to do the same.
    About monitoring mosques. It’s a good idea as a person who has been to many mosques in lots of countries. I have realized that they are meeting places as well as places of worship. We know when you get hundreds of men together. They can become a mob quite quickly. Same at clubs, pubs, sporting events, concerts, parties and work place meetings. Just to name a few. It’s part of human nature not religion. Large groups of people can and do spiral into something destructive over nothing more than too many people. Pushing each other more and more till someone instigates his own agenda.
    I urge all Australian to get behind our Prime Minister and support the Australian way of life.
    Thank you

  172. Kini says:

    Hear! Hear! Well Said!

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  174. Load Of Crap says:

    Julia Gillard really write that? She is Welsh not Australian

    • Greg - Ex Digga, Aussie & Proud says:

      NOPE it is a Load of Crap …

      And she is AUSTRALIAN not Welsh … She was born in Wales and had her 5th birthday in Adelaide Sth Aust

  175. Yabba Dabba says:

    Mr and Mrs Fred Grandy would like this!

  176. Richard Butterworth says:

    she’s it the nail on the head.!!!!

  177. Doe says:

    We need her in our OVAL OFFICE!

  178. Annoyed says:

    Does it bother any of you that this woman is far left of Obama?
    Does it bother you that she is the third Prime Minister to be credited with this speech/email?
    Does it bother you that none of them said it or wrote it?

    Just because you want it to be so, doesn’t make it so.
    Fact Check.

  179. Chris says:

    I wish our parliment had the same views, and beliefs, we let anyone settle and work here, why can we not do as they do abroad were a company can employ an imigrant worker only if all the qualified native workers who apply are offered it first

  180. It’s too bad that this administration does not have the back bone to tell the people in this country, If they don’t like it leave. But I forget that Obama does not like this country nor does he like the patriotic people that reside here. SHAME.,
    He is a foreigner his self is he not?

  181. Cynthia says:

    I have great respect for the Australians for doing this. In our effort to be politically correct and always think the best of everyone we Americans have unfortunately opened ourselves up to being destroyed from within. More and more you see Sharia law infesting different parts of the country. As a Christian I know the historical impetus behind the first amendment freedom of religion clause. I believe in the basic principle of separation of church and state, though I think there has been too much knee-jerk reaction that actually impedes individual rights – but organized religions have no place in the running of this country – including the LAWS. Nowhere in this country should Sharia law be upheld as the law of the land. And anyone who wants Sharia law should move to one of those backward countries that already has it. As far as the number of gun-owners in the U.S. – that’s another right we’re granted under the Constitution. Statistics prove that legal ownership of firearms does not cause crime to skyrocket – but by golly, I’m happy to know those people are out there should something happen where they had to defend themselves against tyranny – whether from without or within.

  182. Daniel says:

    First tell the truth, then give your opinion.

    The truth is Prime Minister Julia Gillard didn’t say this. The first clue should be the failure of the person posting this to not provide a referencing link. Given that failure do your own search to source the quote. Something this inflammatory could certainly be linked back to an actual speech made by the Australian PM. Conducting my own search I discovered this “speech” or close variants have been floating around the web since 2005 when John Howard was Australian PM, and just after the London Tube bombings. But it is not something PM Gillard ever said.


  183. Chris Donegan says:

    Britain needs to adopt this attitude too!

  184. says:

    Would u please come the the US and run for president……………………

  185. LM says:

    Kudos to you, Prime Minister Gillard! I only wish the United States had a set of balls to say and do the same thing. The bleeding heart liberals and American Civil Liberties Union morons would allow that to happen. If you want to live like a muslim, then go live in a muslim country. It’s just like a saying I used when I was a bartender: when the bar was closing I would shout out, “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

  186. LM says:

    I meant to say that they wouldn’t allow that to happen.

  187. Tim says:

    She gets it! I am American and wish this was what was coming from our president but his idea is totally opposite. The majority of people I speak to hear feel the same way as your prim minister.

    • Paul says:

      The only problem is that while Austrlalia is 90%+ white and really only allowed the non Christian non white immigrate here after the mid 70s, America and Canada have had 5 or 6 generations of people with different religions living there and building the nation. It’s hardly fair to tell somone who had 5 generation of ancestors who helped build the nation to piss off if they don’t want to follow the bible belts idea of what is true.

  188. Chris says:

    That woman said the right thing if you don’t like it there well get the shit out

  189. Joseph Price says:

    I want to move to Australia and say goodbye NY…

  190. Actually, Australia was founded by English criminals.

    • Greg - Ex Digga, Aussie & Proud says:

      Actually you ignoramous … It was founded by the Dutch in 1606, who landed on the West Coast in a Barren Desert and they didnt want it…

      The English Aristocracy not “Criminals” (ie: King George III’s Royal Naval Officer Captain Cook) claimed the Great Southern Land in 1770.

      Yes, the 1st Colony (not Founder) was a penal colony in Botany Bay (Now Sydney) but soon after everyone realised what a SENSATIONAL Land and Opportunity this was and MANY Free Settlers came across to begin a new life – South Australia being a totally Planned Free State

      Heard of Google…? Suggest you use it before making broad, WRONG statements

  191. Shut up says:

    Why the hell is everyone so ignorant? People are products of their environment. Religion is force fed to children who grow up to to teach their children the same bullshit. Most of you have brains, use them the way NATURE intended, not god. This fighting will NEVER stop because people won’t break free and think for themselves. Religion teaches ignorance, the ignorant start wars, everyone suffers. There’s a trend here people.

    • Millard says:

      Shut up, you better hope and pray that fighting people use religion NOT to kill each other. It all depends on what RELIGION you are talking about. Stop making such blanket statements and wise up.

      • You're an idiot. says:

        It’s not blanket considering they ALL keep people close minded. This “fighting” wouldn’t be an issue if people woke the hell up. God is dead.

  192. Cassie says:

    JIp this is intresting what the hell has the staement made or not made by the Aussie Prime minister to do with deer hunting and american army, If the usa is invaded they will not be able to do anything as all their troops are in other countries fighting wars for oil

  193. Liz says:

    I think I have finally found a place to retire!!!

  194. Yowie9644 says:

    Since when did Australia have a *pledge*? Since when would an openly atheist PM push for *Christian* beliefs. Pull the other one, it has bells on it.

    Its been going around since at least 2008, was attributed to John Howard, and it wasn’t true even then. Please get your facts straight.

    • Knucklebiter says:

      I’m still surprised that many believe the truth about the facts of these words attributed to the PM of Australia. However, I am not surprised that the faux article is being passed around and embraced as truth. Although some knuckleheads like to throw around the word ‘racist’ and apply it to anyone supporting this faux article, the issue is not about race but about the preservation of community, in this case, the large expansive community of Australia, and the ideals that were set forth many years ago about maintaining a good lifestyle for all who participate in it.

      The words are essentially saying that the generations of Australian people have sacrificed much to make it a wonderful place to live. So if you are coming into that nation from your own, and bring your own ideals and impose them upon the nation to relocate to while expecting them to change, then you, the visitor, are out of line, not the nation’s people. Imagine having a houseguest come over and stay at at an owner’s pad while their house is being renovated and the house guest requires the owner to change their way of life to suit them, that would be out of line. I imagine the owner would accommodate them as best as possible without compromising their identity, but once that identity is threatened or completely changed, then the house does not become the owner’s anymore, it becomes the guest’s.

      Still, the good generations of people of Australia have worked and sacrificed hard to make it a great country, and they still are. However, this article is saying that if you come here, respect the nation’s ideals, not overtake it and change it for your own. If that’s what is wanted, why leave your original place of origin… improve it. But, don’t change Australians. This article, from what I can see, is being passed around simply because there is hope that politicians might actually take a stand in support of the people, but in all truth, they don’t. At least I don’t see it. But, they should support what the people want, and all they want is an identity; a good, safe place to live; and the respect for years of hard work for making Australia what it is today.

      By the way, my comments are not absolute, and they are only one p.o.v. But, the gist is here, I hope.

  195. Margaret Scott says:

    Well it’s January 2012 and until today..Posted on FB I never heard this apparently say via Julia Gillard..Let me tell you. STILL we are over runned by muslums….A message I sent to the Julia Gillard was…To stop boat people comming to our shores.. Why not send people to the Asylum seekers country…Check them out to see if they realy do require to immagrate to a new country. Have a cut off period for when they can apply. They then can come over once only paying what they would be paying to come over illegally.. Lets face it..We had the 10 pound poms. So what not the $200 muslyms…After the cut off point any illegals get sent back where they came from..NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

  196. Jack adams says:

    Amen..The United States should follow suit starting with our president.

    • Knucklebiter says:

      Unfortunately, the U.S. is too far gone and have pandered to the extremists while the middle of the road citizens, who do not participate in extremist activities, are being swallowed up by all the noise coming from D.C. and the media. It’s gonna take some miracle to get the U.S. back on track, unfortunately. Sadly, hardly a politician exists in the U.S. that will stand up to others on the extreme right or left… their job depends on not rocking the boat. And, the American people, as a whole in today’s society, are too ambivalent and eviscerated of their own identity that they are not sure who they are, what they represent, or what being a true American really is anymore. In that case, the whole of the U.S. is to blame ranging from the illegal immigrant to the taxpaying citizen who feels they can’t change the system to the corrupt politician or the idealists who say one thing and do another while caving under outside pressure. It’s a sad whish-wash on nonsense at the moment. Hopefully it changes.

    • Chris says:

      IMAGRANTS BUILT YOUR NATION YOU IDIOT!!! Why has there NEVER been a NATIVE American President!!! I think your country has got enough problems without being a fascist and racist state! like you done with all the suspected communists in the 1950’s, you arrested people just because people assumed and most were from Italy, The United States should sit down and shut up, You have NEVER won a war outright by Yourselves!!! Britain took over 1/3 of the worlds land mass and ruled over 1/3 of the worlds population, you on the other hand are 40 times the size and need us in every war you fight… Look at the state of vietnam! you never won that! Vompared to the Falkland Islands we were trying to fight for the FREEDOM of Oppresion of the Islanders to a Fascist regime in Argentina at the time, Look at the size of them compared to BRITAIN!!! And Britain won that war!!! OUTRIGHT! OK I will give you something, you won ONE battle that lead to your INDEPENDECE, but that was only because the British don’t like killing their own people, as you were at the time! And what was it for?!?! The continuation of the Slave Trade!!! Thats right WE BRITISH abolished that disgusting and disgraceful mess FIRST! There was no Tax Hike!!! You just at the time did not want to pay your people for their work! FREEDOM? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Don’t make me laugh! Pfft, GET A GRIP!!!

  197. jlburnham says:

    There is really not much more that I could express here that has not already been said. All I can say is that speech is on the of the best, most concise and truthful speeches ever. American politicians in this country need to grow a pair and say the same thing.

  198. Greg - Ex Digga, Aussie & Proud says:

    What a Sensational Article … What a CROCK OF SHITE most of these responses are – How did this get onto Gun Laws? Its about respecting ANY Country’s way of life

    Australia has Very Good Gun Control Laws and these have certainly saved Patriot / Aussie Lives … 200 000 “Accidental” Gun deaths a Year … God Damn as you Yanks say… !

    We have laws that allow you to have guns/rifles/pistols / etc … IF you need them – ie: farmers – legal fauna shooters for specific purposes ie: culling for the GOOD of all animals – Sports Shooting ie: Targets, Olympians (Which we hold many a GOLD Medal :o) ), etc …

    • Paul says:

      Or just wanting one. As long as you license it and show up at a shooting range a few times a year to justify your posession you can have all the handguns you want. I think people got confused when the governemnt asked people to turn in their UNREGISTERED weapons to mean we couldn’t have any.

  199. Paul says:

    Why do people think Australians are disarmed? Any Aussie can get a handgun or a rifle if they want. We simply have to license them now. I like that the PM is standing against stuff like sharia law but to call us a Christian nation is just rigiculous nonsense to garner votes. The churches are usually half empty on Sundays and the nation was founded by convicts not God fearing men trying to escape persecution.

  200. rolly says:

    Go julia give them the FIFO. Fit In or F#$k Off

  201. jeff from Canada says:

    I love this you should be the Prime Minister of Canada as well love your tenacity it’s awesome keep up the great work ! and then come here and kick those wining sniffling cant get there own idiots out of Canada !

  202. Aussie x3 OI x3 says:

    Okay…here is a little thing that many of you that state it is fake arent taking into consideration…..WE DONT CARE!!!….The fact is it is what ALL true blue Aussies have been saying for many years. Whomever put these words out there, is speaking on behalf of a nation that is tired of all this political correctness for fear of offending someone that chooses to live in OUR country knowing we dont share the same beliefs or traditions. We gladly accept everyone to our country, we just dont want OUR culture changed because of this fear of offending and because this foreigner thinks we should all believe what they do….and from a lot of replies in this post…it appears that many others from other countries feel the same way. It is like a lot of Immigrants choose an English speaking country, yet refuse to learn the language….what purpose does this serve?

    Those that spoke of giving Aussies back their right to carry guns…..we have never had that right, we dont have a constitution that permits every person the right to bare arms. We are Australia…NOT America…..Not having the right to bare arms has NOT been detrimental to our country as it has yours, we dont have murders every few minutes. We have Criminals that will obtain guns illegally, and yes we do have shootings here, but not to the extent that your country has….Yes I have been shot before, so that makes me even more glad that our gun laws are in place, I would rather be stabbed, that at least gives a better survival rate and does less damage to the human body.

    We are the USA when it comes to topics of this form….The United States of Australia!!

  203. Tomás says:

    Now replace Julia Gillard with an aboriginal leader and what do u get? O yeah hypocrisy

  204. Pingback: Australia Gets it. Why Don’t We??? « Gadget's Blog

  205. ladyfine says:

    Whether this story was said by the PM or not, it’s a story that needs to be told in every God fearing Country. People move to other countries to find something better. Who do they think they are to move to another country and claim their rights, cultures and/or religions should come first?
    Having lived in an Arabic country, I accepted that I’d be woken up to the sounds of their prayer while dark outside. Annoying as it was, I didn’t complain, it was their land – they were proud of their religion!
    It’s laughable how they expect the rest of the world to make space for their cultures, voicing how other religions offend them, when they are the ones migrating.
    Everyone should take note, make a research of where you want to go, and ADAPT! The world is vast and somewhere out there, there should a country that would suit your views!
    Any country that bends to them is allowing an infiltration and welcoming an invasion.
    Christians should be just as proud to display their love of GOD. If they want crosses taken down, they should negotiate to have their own religion stifled in their own countries.
    Otherwise they should shut it and bare it. These immigrants must remember that they only have citizenship, not NATIONAL RIGHTS!

  206. Scott says:

    At Eddie Anderson:

    That is what separates the USA from the rest of the world; it was mass proliferation and sales of firearms that helped up separate from England. The firearm is weaved into our fabric as a free society and this right shall never be taken away from us. Check out Mexico for example, no firearms and there is complete lawlessness. Any government that tries to disarm the citizens should be met with a completed all out resistance and if it takes having blood up to your ankles in the streets, then so be it…..the alternative is worse. The Aussies should be ashamed of themselves for letting their government disarm them; I always thought they were tougher than that. I do agree however that there should be a mandatory training session on safe gun handling prior to allowing a purchase.

    • Margaret Scott says:

      Yes, I guess USA is seperated from the world. Not many other counties have news of school kids/innocent people being shot up by some desgruntle person. Here in Australia, yes we have the odd rouge shooting, but not half as bad as USA..It was freedom of choice of handing unliscenced fire arms in, this was without charged for having the inliscenced fire arm. We still have the gun clubs, farmers ect who do get to keep their liscenced gun.Ankle deep in blood?? Whose blood? Blood of the innocent? Well I m glad I am a Australian.

      • Rob says:

        I think that it’s been said above, but I’m pretty sure that the amount of people who have defended themselves against violent criminals with a firearm exceeds that of those innocents that were murdered by crooks.

      • For an example of a mass killing of innocents outside of the US, quickly Google ‘Anders Behring Breivik’. I can’t think of any others at the moment, but that one sprung to mind immediately.

    • Paul says:

      I repeat. Australians were not disarmed. We were requested to turn in UNREGISTERED guns. I live in a city with a few million people, I’m not a farmer nor do I shoot in the Olympics. I do go to the gun range to practise and enjoy firing both my Beretta and Glock which I keep in my home, no problems. I simply had to register them. Why is this such a hard concept for people to comprehend? Australia was not disarmed, we were simply requested to turn in UNREGISTERED firearms and register ones we buy.

      • Margaret Scott says:

        Well said.We are still the lucky country. Even if we do have morons for leaders, but hey that can t be help. How many times does it has to be put here that the obove was not said by Jillia Gilliar it is all a hoax. We can stand up for our rights with out the fear of being shot at. We can travel saftley most of the time on public transport. And there is good & bad in all racis. As said before whether you black white or brindle when you are in another country that has taken you in. Have respect for the NEW cultre you may learn. AND learn to speak the language or go back to your own country. Our fathers & grandfathers fought under the Aussie flag for our freedom of speech.

  207. jester says:

    Every religious view is different but when your welcomed into another country, your a guest not the host who makes the rules. Smarten up, if you want a little respect, show more repect to others. If you want your culture and herritage to be your way of life, then go back to where you came from. Oh wait was there a war or bombing going on regularly. Was it because of one of your own countrymen trying to push thier different beliefs on you. No matter where we all go there is problems of one type or another just be aware of where your going and what to expect, if you don’t like it go somewhere else.

  208. Irene says:

    Go Gillard!!! I’m a Muslim my self living in Germany and I totally agree with what she says! Now if only Germany’s government had the gut to say this to those Muslim immigrants from North Africa and Middle east!

  209. nick says:

    L E G E N D !!!! we need to kick out the weak primeministers we are consistantly getting in Britain that just want to bend over and want our country to change to a muslim state.

    Why is is Gillard for Australia at present and was Thatcher for Britain the primeministers with any balls when the men are continually weak and spineless yes men???

    • Margaret Scott says:

      Nick, you can have Julia Gilliar, as it was stated way back It was a hoax. Gilliar has help make illegal immagrits worst. So much so the ingratful shytes go protests & destroy everything that us tax payers have given them. Their houses burnt, computors destroyed.ect ect ect.And still they come by the boat load.They have raped woman over here & expect it to be ok. Mosques are flying up all over the place. They complain about taking their habub (what ever it s call) off for ID on drivers licsences. We now are stopped playing Christmas carols in some schools & shopping centres, just incase we upset them. As far as I m concern it is a pity we do not have a PM that will be as strong as it’s been said above…By the way, you are welcome to your guns. How many innocent people have been shot in the US???

  210. Maire says:

    I wish more American would take this stand! We are killing our country. It is time we stand up and say if you don’t like it to bad so sad, go back to your country if you like it is so much better. The US needs someone like Prime Minister Julia Gillard in our leadership. You folks in Australia are blessed to have her! Look we have!

  211. Bro Ken says:

    Thank you!!! I am so happy that someone in authority finally told the truth!!

  212. Mark Smith says:

    We need this kind of political leadership in the USA.
    We allow them to burn our flags. Our politicians give illegals a free pass to stay in this country and we use American tax payers dollars to print voting pamphlets and other things so they can vote for the lawmakers that gave them the free ride. I am an American, and a 30 year military veteran of this great country. I am not fond of our Vote Hungry Politicians claiming to be leaders!

  213. beth says:

    Wat a racist cow wat christian values is she talking about has she forgotten austrailia was built up of thieves and muderers sent there from britain wen we didn’t want them and then they in turn robbed the country very “christianly” from the aboriginal people. Has she also forgotten her wages are being paid by the muslim taxpayers of the country and their votes probably elected her in. Has she also forgotten wat is happenoing in the world the so called third world are now becoming 1st world countries and I’m sure the aussies settled in other parts of the world wouldn’t be welcomed back into their “home country”. Quit brandishing all individual sects with the same brush woman or I’m sure u will piss someone off for real.

    • Andi says:

      like this…….:D

    • Greg - Ex Digga, Aussie & Proud says:

      Beth your a Dill … Its not true … Its not her … Not standing up for anybody but get all the facts before you Rant … Said this to many others on here too .. Keep smiling, its a wonderful country :o) even if your black white coffee or bloody IRISH even ;-> lol … Thats why we love OUR country :o)

      • phillip thomas scott says:

        What’s wrong with the BLOODY IRISH as you put it it was us that built your BLOODY COUNTRY but I forgive you

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      God damn it Beth, you have no bloody idea what you’re talking about! “When we didn’t want them” – When who didn’t want them Beth? ‘Wages being paid by Muslim taxpayers” (note I spelled Muslim with a capital [Christian has a capital too if you want to be all political correct and riotous about it]) – Why is it always about the poor, hard done by Muslims?
      Oh and Gillard never said any of that and she’s already pissed plenty of people off for real by saying and doing the opposite of what is said here!

  214. HELLRAISER says:

    The USSA should follow Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s example.

  215. yousef says:

    Good. Job. Xoxo

  216. N. Jackson says:

    Well said.

  217. Thanks God ,West going to understand the real picture.
    You are brave woman and Prime minister.
    We Love you.

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      I don’t… and I don’t know anyone that does!
      Find a reputable source that says she said this. Bet you can’t or wont even bother looking!

  218. Dear Prime Minister,we LEAD’s team appreciate you and your Office as Prime Minister.
    We request you that you also take some bold steps to support Poor Pakistani Persecuted Christians.God bless you more and more.

  219. No school should have Christian associations! The idea of a religious child is laughable to say the least! Secular schools all the way! You want to teach children to do maths, English and science, not how to hate other people based on their religion or views on life, something this prime minister ought to consider.

  220. Vera Griffin says:

    I have never understood how a country (United States of America) feels so free when most everyone has to own a gun to feel safe. That is very contradictory to my way of thinking.

  221. Pingback: Australian PM does it again !

  222. mandy138 says:

    Did no one actually look this up to verify the source? From what I can find, there was never such a speech. I even searched on the PM’s website. I can find this speech on all of the hoax websites, like It is an amazing speech, and it was invigorating to read, but after doing a few searches that took me less than 5 minutes – I have tos ay that I don’t think she ever made such a speech. If I am wrong, I stand corrected. I’d love to believe it true!

  223. phillip thomas scott says:

    Well done Madam,if British minsters would do and say the same there would be more jobs for British people.I salute you and long may you reign

  224. Roly says:

    Wow!!! She has just skyrocketed in my estimation of her. I wish other Western leaders had her “balls”

  225. Caren Thorne says:

    Thank GOd their is someone left in this world with morals and values…If she could only come and run our country the world would be saved. Bless you Prime Minister Gillard, you make me want to pack up and move to Australia!

  226. jcmorris says:

    Good God this is BRILLIANT!!!! Oh how how I wish our leaders in the US had the balls to say this!!!
    Ms. Gillard, you are one brassy lady, and you give me a great reason to emigrate to Australia!!!

    P.S. Even if this was fake, it’s 100% true. Sharia is misogynistic, intolerant, and barbaric. More simply put: it’s evil. Islam is incompatible with Western civilization. Toss it out, and let it rot in the desert.

  227. T. McClenning says:

    Wish more countries and their leaders would take tough stances like this. I’m so sick of the U.S. being afraid we’re going to offend someone.

    • Margaret Scott says:

      IT IS A HOAX GILLARD NOR ANY AUSTRALIAN MINISTER SAY THE ABOVE. NOT ONE OF THEM WOULD HAVE THE BALLS TO SAY SUCH THING. AUSTRALIA HAS TOO MANY IMMAGRITS AND THEY WOULD BE VOTED OUT BY THEM. IT IS SPOT THE AUSSIE OVER HERE. sorry for shouting but need to get point of view over. We do not need guns for protection here. We have a fairly good law inforcment and good Aussie people. Enjoy 2012

  228. kenny says:

    please will you be our prime minister here in the uk ? it may be to late though now as massive damage is done here, but it would be worth a shot.

  229. Rick from Canada says:

    Now if we can get Steven Harper and Obama on the same page as the Aussies,then wer could take care of all the fracking babies that come here and then bitch because they don’t likie our way of life so they want to change it so it will be like their pathetic countries

    • Maddy says:

      Trust me, you don’t want to be on the same page as our ‘leader’… although us Aussies are getting sick of it. This is all BS! Gillard would never risk being politically incorrect or show even a hint of what could be twisted into racism. She’s a coward dude, sorry to disappoint.

  230. The guy who actually thinks before speaking. says:

    This is faked.

    1. Julia gillard is an atheist, and is infact noteably soft and careful about what she says about immigrants.

    2. these “quotes” are copied and pasted from a racist chain email that has been in circulation for ages.

    This pops up every now and then, attributed to a different (often fictional) politician each time.

  231. Douglas Norman says:

    To bad Canada would just wake up and do the same. But we just have to many bleeding hearts in Ottawa

  232. angelicracer says:

    Check out the date of this, cretins.

  233. John H. says:

    A political leader with fortitude, willing to stand for what’s right. About time. Please let the USA politicians how to grow a pair and make the same stand. I applaud you.

  234. Urska says:

    I wish we had someone like her

    • Margaret Scott says:

      it s a hoax, jiliar gilliar did not say that..infact she s all for the ruddy isylum seekers to come to aus..just this morning another ruddy boat with 75 people on board arrived at christmas island…

  235. I’m so glad Prime Minister addressed this matter – Muslims aren’t a religion but more a Political movement who try and push their laws on everyone else as they’ve bullied their way into Nations like United Kingdom.Judeo- Christian beliefs have always being the very foundation of Australia, New Zealand etc I mean I didn’t see no Muslims fighting in the Anzac war good or bad Muslims so what do countries owe them. Aboriginal culture will always be embraced; yet many aboriginals like the indigenous Maoris of New Zealand both embrace Christian beliefs even if they don’t practice them or even attend Church its not about that. Muslims have used the threat of Terrorist to play their own tricks – so good Muslims saying we can help you if you have Sharia law- Christians are persecuted every week in Muslim countries because Muslim Countries are fine line their law or hit the highway- well this is a taste of your own medicine when it comes to Sharia Law both good and bad Muslim are in this mind game together and play Christian nations well not anymore it seems.
    Prime Minister should get a Victorian Badge of honour for her stance.

    • Margaret Scott says:

      kenneth and every one else…it s a hoax, silliy gilliar did not say that….pity we not have a leader who would do somthing about the ruddy boat people arriving…instead of welcoming them. another load of 75 peple arrived this morning taken to christmas island. it s already over crowded. so what s going to happen…yet another riot, more destruction as they wish to get out with us aussies.. then year or so down the track, they ll start complaining of our way of life…phooeee i say…send them back before they reach our shores.

      • Maddy says:

        Right on Margaret!!! We need to take care of our own before we open our arms to second world countries. Why are people believing she’d say something like this? Show me a reputable source that also has this story…

  236. Stefan Matei says:

    Spot on !!!!

  237. God be with Australia…From the USA…Fight for your freedom.

    • Chris says:

      You LIVE in a POLICE STATE!!! Can’t you see that!!! You can be arrested and detained for a week for looking a certain way!!! YOU HAVE NO FREEDOM!!! And you PRAISE SAUDE ARABIA just because of business! ITS NOT A DEMOCRACY, its a DICTATORSHIP, its TYRANY and you support it, YOU even Have a President that can impose any law he/she wants like Homeland Security by George Bush, one man passed this!!! You gave up your Freedom when you set up an Elected Dictarorship! Just SHUT UP, and I don’t think God is with all the poor in your country, just as the rich aren’t!!! Get off your high horse, stop using blasphamy God does not favour 1 race, or one country, infact he would hate America and its pro military ideas! Bugger off!

  238. Maddy says:

    I’d put alot of money on Gillard never saying that!

  239. Mile Smith says:

    Well! Finally someon has the courage to say it well done Madame Prime Minister!! Mr Harper should pay attention to this!!

  240. Alex says:

    We need to extradite the Ozzie government and install them in Westminster …

  241. Dolores Hill says:

    you say everything i think=could you please give the(USA) just a little piece of your back bone.I cant remember being so tired of walking on egg shells,so i wont step on all those toes who has there backside in the air.And do you suppose we will ever get back to being as PROUD of our RESPECTIVE countrys as we once were.I have so much more to say BUT maby i should not.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MABY IT WILL RUB OFF>

  242. chris colbert says:

    True blu aussie,

    You mention feeling safer in Australia and Canada after “seeing the number of individuals who take up arms and go on killing spree’s in schools and university’s” in the U.S. What exactly IS the number you’ve seen? The number I’ve seen is about 1 every 50 years on average. Sucky to be sure…but not exactly common. I think you’ll manage to survive a visit to our country.

    Australia and Canada have a murder rate somewhere around 2 per 100,000. The U.S. is about 5 per 100,000. The U.S., Canada and Australia are all comfortably among the “safe” countries, so quit worrying about visiting the U.S.

    There really is no correlation between private gun ownership and murder rate–people in certain countries tend to kill each other whether they have guns or not. It’s always struck me as kind of funny that some people think you can reduce crime rates just by outlawing guns. If that crap worked, you could just reduce murder rates by making murder itself illegal. People have been killing each other for thousands of years even though gunpowder wasn’t discovered/invented until 1232. You’ll have to keep looking if you’re hoping to find an inanimate object on which to blame man’s propensity for violence.

  243. Madame Prime MInister,
    What a priviledge to have been able to read your speech. Even at my age (72) I want the honor to be able to live in your beautiful Christian Country. A Country found on Christian principles and beliefs that still beleives in GOD.
    Indeed most Australians believe in God. In my heart I beleive this to be a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded Australia; LONG LIVE AUSTRALIA and all that it stands for in GOD through Christ our Lord and Saviour.
    I love your chosen words: If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.
    GOD BLESS YOU Prime Minister Julia Gillard and GOD bless and protect AUSTRALIA.

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      Gillard is an Atheist, google it if you don’t believe me. She lied to get elected PM by promising no carbon tax under her Government and then for her to form a minority Government she sold her soul to Bob Brown (Greens leader), promised him a carbon tax in return for his support.

      I could got on and on about what this horrible woman has done, is doing and is planning to do to our great country but it’s getting late here and just thinking about her gives me that anxious feeling in my stomach. I love what you believe Australia is and it’s what it should be, sadly it’s not though.

  244. Robert says:

    I’m Canadain and I feel the same live by our laws or leave

  245. Georgia says:

    What an awesome PM- I wish she was in charge in the US. That is the way it should be- you want to be in my country then assimilate.

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      Aussies are in the same boat as you Georgia. She never said this, most of the country hate her as yours hates Obama. She says the opposite here.

      • Margaret Scott says:

        To who ever is interested…………….

        Whether you love him or hate him, he hits a raw nerve!
        Bob Katter …. Saying it as it is:
        My great, great, great grandfather watched as his friends died in the Boer War.
        My grandfather watched and bled as his friends died in World Wars 1&2.
        My grandfather watched as his friends & brothers died in the Depression of 32.
        My father watched as his friends died in Korea .
        I watched as my friends died in Vietnam, East Timor & Desert Storm.
        Our sons and daughters watched & bled as their friends died in Afghanistan and Iraq .
        None of them died for the Afghanistan and Iraq Flag.
        Every Australian died for the Australian flag.
        At a Victorian high school foreign students raised a Middle East flag on a school flag pole.
        Australian students took it down. Guess who was expelled…the students who took it down.
        West Australian high school students were sent home,
        because they wore T-shirts with the Australian flag printed on them.
        Enough is enough.
        This message needs to be viewed by every Australian; and every
        Australian needs to stand up for Australia .
        We’ve bent over to appease the Aussie-haters long enough. I’m taking a stand.
        I’m standing up because of the hundreds of thousands who died fighting in wars for this country,
        and for the Australian flag.
        And shame on anyone who tries to make this a racist message.
        AUSTRALIANS, stop giving away Your RIGHTS!


        This statement DOES NOT mean I’m against immigration!
        YOU ARE WELCOME HERE, IN MY COUNTRY, welcome to come legally:

        1. Get a sponsor!
        2. Learn the LANGUAGE, as immigrants have in the past!
        3. Live by OUR rules! Dress as we Australians Do
        4. Get a job!
        5. Pay YOUR Taxes!
        6. No Social Security until you have earned it and Paid for it!
        7. NOW find a place to lay your head!

        If you don’t want to forward this for fear of offending someone,
        We’ve gone so far the other way…bent over backwards not to offend anyone.

        Only AUSTRALIANS seem to care when Australian Citizens are being offended!

        Written By An Australian and PROUD OF IT

  246. rhys says:

    Extremely well said. Well done, I just wish somebody over here in England could speak the truth and not beat around the bush and try not to ‘offend’ the minority. Good on you.

  247. Bert Rivera says:

    All of you peoples arguments pale against the undeniable facts of history….happens over and over again, its a wonder why people don’t read history….Hitler took the guns away from the populace and then he was free to do what he wished. I don’t need some bureaucrat in Washington or elsewhere tell me I don’t have the right to defend myself, my family or my fellow citizens from dirt bag criminals. Nuf said….read your history. Oh, yeah, one more thing….love your country Australians, but rapes and murders have risen dramatically since your politicians enacted sweeping gun bans…..hmmmmmmm.

  248. Wow..Amen for that Word hoping the World will read this…it was great…Madam Prime Minister Continue that Faith and Courage God given you…May the Lord Protect you and Bless you more…

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      She’s an Atheist for one and two, she says the exact opposite in Australia. This speech is a load of crap.

  249. outsidein says:

    “We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.”
    Funny People didn’t feel like this as the wiped out the Aborigines from their LAND and imposed their LIFESTYLE….

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      ‘outsidin’, What do you think would have happened if the Brits didn’t get here when they did? Do you honestly think that Australia would still be untouched and populated by only Aboriginals? Dude, If the Japs got here there wouldn’t be any such thing as an Australian Aboriginal! I wish people would use that thing in their head called a ‘brain’ before they try on the persecution line. Get over it and get on with it.

  250. Dan Cotton says:

    As an Englishman (in the UK) I love the Australian way of life I’d love one day to be part of it (we can all dream!)

    It is about time a national (and international to a point) figurehead voiced this concern and what has become a growing problem, It is highly refreshing to hear and see….. I wish her well and hope this sets off the neccesary chain of other leaders to follow although I doubt it will as too many people are too scared of the subject at hand.

    Madame I salute thee!

  251. carlos says:

    I live in a Muslim country and muslims ask for the same ex-pats should respect thei religion and culture”. So, I shouldnt be a big deal if all tha countries of the world ask for the same against muslims. During Ramadan, people are affraid even to drink water in public, I am not offending you, I am thirsty at more that 50 degrees, if you are muslim and dont want to drink water during the day in Ramadan, you are very welcome but I dont believe in your sacriface and dont make you drink water, please leave alone, I shouldnt have to do what you do, just cause is Ramadan.
    Go, prime minister. I think we should enforce our beliefs as well.

  252. Elie Ziede says:

    i am a lebanese and you are totaly right Mrs Prime Minister the truth should be said, May god protect you and Australia love to see Sidney some day

  253. George from Atlanta says:

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard.. I wish you could run as the Republican Presidential candidate in America!! You have more courage and conviction than our entire congress…combined!
    I wish you the best and greatest success for Australia!

    • Charles Leal says:

      George from Atlanta: I am with you, along with several million People !

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      Yes George, PLEASE TAKE HER AWAY FROM US!!!! Australia hates her!!! Research that speech and you’ll find it was said by many people before her. She says the exact opposite and takes in anyone who wants to be here… legally or otherwise!

  254. Gary Smith says:

    half of you are good Aussies supporting all the underdogs, the other half are just media, Abott, 2GB driven numb bots with no opinion of their own as they can only be led by the right wing media of this country. But even you good guys are NOT standing up for your Gay and Lesbian sons and daughters who are second class citizens until we get equal rights. marriage laws have to be changed for this to happen. Religion has nothing to do with it as marriage is a CIVIL, not religious act under the law. Your children are tye first to consider, not the religious beliefs of a few people, muslim or christian, Buddist or Hindi, who the hell cares when some of us are NOT equal.. First things first. equality for all and the rest will fall in place when society doesnt MAKE an underclass to pick on.

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      Gary, I couldn’t give two shits who a person chooses to love. Marriage is to do with religion and however you choose to try and put it down there are people out there who do still believe it to be a sacred bond between a man and a woman; why should your belief take precedent over theirs when theirs is the original belief?

      I’m not a religious person but I take great offence to your ‘who the hell cares (about the religious) when some of us are not equal’ DUDE, some people were born without limbs, they may be able to marry but in some peoples eyes they’re not ‘equal’ and ‘Your children are the first to consider, not the religious beliefs of a few people’ You do know that there are many children out there who don’t even have a healthy environment to grow up in? Yet instead you worry about this, jump on the ‘think of the children’ train whilst there are far more important issues facing children that the right for two blokes to wed!
      Think before you speak, you offensive little man.

  255. Ellana says:

    Julie you need to unite us not divide us, we are Australians as much as you and if you have done this speach,and it wan’t hoax,you ahould be done it in a respectful manner.

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      Ellana, She never said this, if you did in fact pay any attention to the politics in this great country you’d know this. This speech has an under current to it; If you were to get a 1m x 1m box and put a couple of mice in it with some food and water, it’d be fine but when you keep adding mice to the box and you’ve still got the same resources that could only comfortably feed two mice… what happens??? Death? Violence? War?

      • Margaret Scott says:

        AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE…Out with Gilliar &her Dick friend….Turn away boat people we cannot afford them.

  256. Ellana says:

    yes very disappointng speech no mention about us being faithful and real Australian, shame, shame , shame Julia

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  258. The Man with the TRUTH! says:

    She just forgot one thing, it isn’t THEIR country, it is that of the indigenous people, the Aborigninals. Maybe all Australians and should be conforming to THEIR way of life, and THEIR Culture while in THEIR country.

    • Maddy in the real world says:

      Where are you ‘man with the truth’? What do you know about Australia? Did you know that all countries were once joined and life originated from Africa? You conform to them.
      Sorry but I had nothing to do with any of that shit that went on 100years ago, why should I conform? I have an Aboriginal relative that wants nothing to do with the ‘handouts’ he’d be entitled to because he’s a God damn equal to the rest of us!

      This is my country, how dare you say it isn’t! I’m a 6th gen Australian and I’d die for this country… you wouldn’t find many Aboriginals in their missions that would say the same.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, haha I totally agree, it was hypocritical, maybe food for thought the next time she criticises immagrants! However, I do agree what she is arguing, immagrants should conform to the nation they want to join, if they don’t why come?!?! It is a Christian state or aboriginal, there is no room for racist, sexist and discrimative laws like this, racism is a two way street, and right now not all but a fair amount of Muslims are being racist, Most christians today are liberal, they tolerate everyone and welcome everyone into their culture, but why attack a community that is doing this? There needs to be some order taken whether it is educating most young and often secluded Muslims that fall into the hands of people like Bin Laden, who himself did not kill himself?!?! Was he a martyrr, NO! He was shot dead because he was a horrible person who took in young confused and vulnerable Muslims and made them commit suicide and murder, and to be honest if the Muslim community and the world community cannot realise this and come to their senses then there is no help for anyone! Aboriginies should be given greater respect and the Australian population could learn from them!

  259. Mike says:

    She’s totally right – so when are Aussies going to stop kissing Royal Butt? (The English Queen)

    • peter copper says:

      Whether fake or not it is still what is needed in the UK. Also what i said about the UK government and it’s leaders is my opinion and i stand firmly by comment.
      We are under the thumb of unelected institutions ie. EU. and court of human rights and do not act in the interest people like myself ( ENGLISH) the country is becoming more and more diluted and it is by people who HATE us.

      • Chris says:

        The EU is elected, the court of human rights cannot be elected but you can become a member there or judge if you want it is open to all, lets not slate the EU, its there to stop another world war happening and dictatorships forming, to be honest I’m glad it is there. The Reason we don’t have an empire anymore though, is because of the disinterest in the 1960’s! They ruined our reputation by acting like idiots! And another thing the CONSERVATIVES! Why do you ENGLISH (not all but most) keep voting them in? Is there something wrong with you? Can you not see the worst polices this country has seen unravels from them?!?! Do everyone including yourselfs a favour and be shot of them next election! The mines brought this country great wealth! The shipping industry, the steele industry and our manufacturing industry! ALL GONE IN THE 1980’s!!! The banking sector was built up by Thatcher policies, which have crashed and are now being felt by the Nation! And Don’t get me started on Labour or the Lib Dems! Vote in someone who stands for you, and what you need! Like the SNP, they are pro free Education, NHS and Pension protection, why did no one set up a savings scheme like Norway, now reching 3 trillion?!?!? We can afford the elderly, They worked all their lives to do good by us and see that we would grow up with education, an NHS and an a job. Why is it that you do not welcome people into your country? The consevatives let all those people enter like Labour have done from mainly African nations, India, the middle east and the carribean, and created an abundance of culture on this nation. In Scotland we PRIDE ourselves on this and make people feel welcome and inturn they participate in the community, they adopt our language and accents our culture! Come and visit us, maybe even move here, trust me when we get independence and you get a fairer parliament but no pension, you will be leaping Hadrians Wall, so just join our community, we will welcome you with open arms… Our nation and our people ALL our people matter to us!

      • peter copper says:

        I completely and utterly stand by my comments and find no reason to change , i lived through world war 2 and a lot of the disruption caused as well as debt but at least them days we worked together ( part of that time we were governed by a coalition government ) you mentioned England and industry, well i also was working during the strike culture , the miners , steel workers ,dockers, power workers, as one lot finished another started and my community as with myself were thoroughly fed up to the back teeth being held to ransom and losing wages and in some cases getting into debt, the power of unions,demarcation and power hungry Arthur Scargill types brought about the industry downfall in this country.
        Now the EU (common market) as it was then , i didn’t get a vote and i know not one person who did. in fact during the time i only ever met 2 people who were in favour of joining, we had a very good trading and relationship with Australia, NZ,Canada, Holland ,Denmark Sweden Norway, yes even Argentina, where was the benefit of joining a community who didn’t even want us and kept saying NON until they got their terms ie paying more than anyone else to join, i still say get out now.
        All parties are the same nowadays (generally ) greedy ,corrupt and promoting self interest irrespective of what the voting public want or in national interest, socialists please don’t make me laugh, they speak about toffs and buller boys but a good many of them are filthy rich coming from wealthy backgrounds and never done a days work in their lives.
        I left school at 14 and started work and continued never having been unemployed (fortunately) until i retired at 68 yrs old, i have never had anything that i did not work for, overtime when ever it was available, a while back i was looking at some old payslips and seen 103 hrs worked a week, my daughter at one time only knew sunday as the day she saw me and we had dinner together, ( i finished work at 1-0 pm sundays ) these days with handouts, benefits coupled with litigation ie health and safety and the instant stardom shows work is the last thing some people want, Banks and most of the big institutions , all the utility industry bbc etc all reward their top people for failure where you or i would have got “the boot” everybody thinks the world owe them a living, the UK is the dustbin of the world full stop.
        I am quite happy that i am coming up to 89 and hopefully not be around too much longer to see it get so much worse , because it will i’m sure.

      • Chris says:

        First of all Big Woop, I dont care what war you lived through! You did not contribute to it you were here, yeah you might have had black outs, so what!!! I don’t care about what age you are, another thing the correct word would be (those) as in those days not them days! Honestly, and who joined Europe without a referendum, the tories!!! Heath’s government practically begging the french to let us in! I totally believe the commonwealth came first! As I said before the greed of the tories means that the closer we are to trade and even free trade means the less we have to spend on tariffs and fuel charges!!! I believe we would have had a great relationship with argentina, why wouldn’t we, some were British, there were are lot of Scottish farmers went over there as well and the people would not have been to different to the spanish. I totally agree with your point about most of the parties being the same, and they have not ever even dreamt about a days work in their lives, as you can see with this budget, its the old who are suffering the most, cost of living going up, pensions being raided, slashed even and now taxed!!! Can you stop voting for Labour – a Scottish party – when even the Scottish have gave up on them… What does that tell you?!?!?! Vote for a party such as the greens or someone else that hasn’t been in before, we voted for the SNP, this is a non racist party unlike UKIP or the BNP, which leads me to believe that England is broken! Completely Broken, we welcome all cultures into our society which would explain why we have only had one terrorist attack in living memory (Lockerbie does not count as it was a PANAM flight aimed at the Americans) Yes Glasgow airport, and they got dragged out of a burning Jeep and battered to fuck!!! They deserved it! But most of your terrorists are successful, and born in england, dictators such as Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe were educated in England. Honest to goodness you are a terrorist hub!!! Maybe its the way you treat people! have you ever thought of that?!?! Look I don’t understand how any banker can be paid full stop never mind us getting interest on top of that, they take in our money type it on a screen then spend it into their own wages or into shares?!?! I mean no wonder they have no money!!! Millions of pounds in salaries and bonuses don’t even calculate, Lord Ilay first Govenor of the Royal Bank of Scotland would be turning in his grave right now and given half a chance would shoot that idiot Fred Goodwin right in the back of the head, for the risk and greed he has taken! Please spare me the bullshit, My granda worked 7 days a week just to provide for his family, never took a holiday abroad and any money he had spare would be given to his family or neighbours, or anyone who needed it! He couldn’t afford to take a day off, he worked right until the day he died down those mines in the 1992! My other granda on my mum’s side is coming up for 75 and still works as a mechanic so spare me the bullshit about you being the only hard working person left in this country, there is people to this day risking their lives abroad for us becaus you voted in a daft torie government that will not pull out of Afghanistan, and Labour who bloody started it all! never in my life have I voted for either and never in my life will I!!! I vote SNP because they do good for our communities and promote our industries, I vote SNP as they are against war and Nuclear Weapons, we have no business owning anything that could dessimate millions of people or wipe out a full nation, including our own!!! I am sure once you and and all the other idiots (including Camerons generation) are gone, we can restore this world back to peace and prosperity, we need to give more power to the UN and get unified laws all over including giving them an army to keep the peace if need be and reduce the size of armies for individual states, Scotland will become a major player in the world with the NEW Green Revolution taking place and England must decide if it wants to follow, or build more Nuclear bases, infact why don’t you just spread out minorities more by building new housing and coaxing them away from major cities instead of concentrated amounts of people in just London and Birmingham? Promote England and its greatness without being forceful and segregating people, make every culture feel welcome and proud to be apart of it, and just watch, there will be an improvement!!!!

      • peter copper says:

        I just don’t know who the fucks comment your read but it cant have been mine from stupid fucking remarks you have made , a good many of the things you have said were in my comments, i said about france not wanting us until we we begged them and gave in to there terms. You do however have the same view as i do regarding them all being the same, you appear from your inaccurate statement about me voting Tory i did not but i am not telling you who i voted for as it’s none of you stupid business, you do make some good points most of them are my views also, i have not begged sympathy nor anything from you about living through the war, it was not about black outs some of us ( being me) parted from parents , brothers and sisters at five years old, it was a tottaly different time and enviroment to the present day and the indication i get from your granfather being seventy -five tell me you wasn’t even a twinkle in your fathers eye, from your general attitude toward me and my life maybe that’s how it should have remained. I did not get to the bottom of the page to finish reading your rant as i had had a gut load long before that, you do have a pop at me over my grammar ( one word incorrect ) now take a look at your own and spellings , from a lot of them i have gathered you are a American so i will not pull you up on some , but oh would you be so gracious ?????, but in the english language spoken in england where it originated as it is spoken now conservative is one word, i concede that there will be that there will be differences between US and English perhaps you should the same instead of nit picking , perhaps you in your youthfulness and lack of adult experience believe it may validate your argument. I still believe you to be an ignorant twat !

      • Chris says:

        First of all Peter, I have to say I am absolutely in tears laughing at your ridiculous attempt to sound older than you actually are! If you really are 88 years old then you would call it Great Britain! I am not American, as you are trying to justify my IGNORANCE as it were, then you clearly are a fool, as I have mentioned throughout my comments SNP, Scotland and our nation! Why in the hell would I be American, and if you had seen any of my other comments I have been having a pop at the Americans as I find them also ridiculous. Secondly, the fact of the matter is that you are a dying breed, because you have clearly been affected by my statement which has caused you to react in a very naive manner, there is no need to SWEAR we are simply having a debate and I have not told you what age I am so I do not care for the accusations of you calling me young when you have no idea what age I am. Thirdly, I believe you should have said; now look at your own spelling. In addition, your opening sentence does not make any sense at all. Finally, I do not care who you voted for so don’t tell me because it will not make any difference now anyway, but the fact that you cannot even proudly say who you support, just demonstrates the current state of affairs in England and your shameful political decision making mistakes! I love australia and what drew me to this point in the first place was the fact that it has a good message in it, if you are not happy where you live then move and do not try going somewhere that you will hate, and do not try to change people’s beliefs or way of life to a minority view! I know this point is a fake, it clearly is and I have to say I love Scotland and before reading most of these points I had a great respect for England and quite enjoyed our social union of Great Britain, but now know that England is a failing state and under your current goverenment and in general beliefs towards other English people I cannot say that this Union will last much longer, nor will the influence Britain has on the world stage, you can join America in becoming the next third world!

      • peter copper says:

        Firstly i assumed you were American because of your spelling of some words , you have put labour , you might be in Britain old son i am not , i am English and England is where i am. I am still not convinced you read my original comments and even more so now as you have completely lost it , you have gone rambling on about something as different as it could possibly be from the original subject, and you try to pull the old ” you must be a fool ” stunt like you are an intellectual , my turn to crack up laughing, i would rather be an eighty- eight year fool than a complete sad all-seeing idealist, follow Scotland or whoever you must, if you really want to impress with your supreme knowledge that only you possess then take a look at you own grammar and spelling as you so pointed out to me (one ) error i made, surgeon not surgen you numpty, how many hours you work, not how many hours what you work , i could easily go on finding fault but that is more your forte than mine . I will neither read nor will i respond to any more of you comments as it is pointless as you point at me over certain points when yours are exactly my sentiments but you are unable or perhaps incapable of seeing that, ie i mentioned working all my life , long hours etc what did you say to that you act like you are the only one working, i stand by my original comments with the additional one That you Sir,are a TWAT whats more i am bored with you and your inane ramblings. For me subject closed, what i have spoke is what i have experienced the past, you are speaking of the future of which you have no knowledge , you don’t even know if you will make it as far as i have , Goodbye and sort yourself out.

      • Chris says:

        Hahahaha, love it!

  260. Jake says:

    Well done ! To many people frightened of saying anything, Muslims are the people not wanting to mix with others the world over, they are going to cause some serious shit watch and see, not all but the majority are war mongers !

  261. Janet says:

    Gillard did NOT say this. John Howard made a similar speech when he was PM. People have been circulating this speech crediting Rudd, and then Gillard, with it but neither feel this way (just the opposite, unfortunately – Rudd was letting the muslims in by the boatload

  262. gonot that way says:

    I thought the country belinged to the orignal natives the ones that are now marganilized…..

  263. rene rawcliffe says:

    Well said gonot that way… America was built on immigrant and slave labor. I am British and except my history warts and all. Just remember who the true Americans are… Maybe America should except theirs… They were the first Immigrants …. They may not be the last … If America stayed in their own back yard and sorted out their own mistakes in that back yard maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess now. And as for Russia …. Go and learn your history … Not the garbage that you see in the movies but academic history, then you will know why the cold war started … Then come back and we will have an intelligent discussion … Have a nice day…

  264. rene rawcliffe says:

    Just a reply to Chris regarding the Con servatives… No its not a spelling mistake .. Look up the history of the Con servatives and capitalism and communism … The chief and fundamental principle of capitalism is cheep labor … It will not work without it … So capitalists ship out work to the third world and move from one 3rd word country to the next … Unemployment creates cheep labor. The more people chasing jobs the cheaper people are willing to work for. In times of high wages, during booms governments will relax immigration in an attempt to provide capitalism with cheep labor. However you can not just send them home, as the capitalists system needs them to keep labor cheep (more people chasing jobs keeps wages low). Its all their in history just go and look if you don’t believe me. I will supply you with the information. I am not a Marxist, a communist or a Muslim … This is a theory that I was introduced to during my studies as an undergraduate at university … But all those round pegs suddenly went into those square holes … It all made sence at last … America has been told that capitalism is the only way. They are not taught anything else in school .. Socialism to them is communism the big scary monster… Waiting to nuke em … After the witch hunt in the fifty’s which they are still reeling from, most Americans have no idea of their own history or Europe’s. I suggest that if you would like to learn then start on Wikipedia… Type in Marxism … Type in Ingold .. Then type in Capitalism … Then Con servative, Then Keynesian economics…. That might give American’s and a lot of Con servitive voters around the world an idea why Con servitive policy has put the world the state that it is in at the moment . Its about abandoning state ownership of both industry and the financial services ie the BANKS, and taking away regulation. THAT MEANS THEY CAN DO AS THEY LIKE .. The only job that government have in this scenario is to provide cheep labor…. Anyway to those who have bothered to stick with this thread then go and look its not a conspiracy theory, its not a commie trying to win over hearts and minds… Its little old me who has read a little bit and has seen the light ….Good luck and happy reading …

    • Chris says:

      As I have mentioned in my previous comments it is a police state they live in and under an elected dictatorship! By the way it is Labour, as we are in Britain, not labor and also I am talking about the political parties not the theories, it was originally the tories and whigs (Conservatives and Liberals) in the beginning, We have lived in a society where we have had fairtrade and decent wages for the working class and middle classes before, back in the 1000 – 1500 Ad we had not a big gap between these classes the only problem was the rich upper class which was distinct back then, if we get it out our heads that we need capitalism to survive and communism to counter it then finally we can get a working theory. A balance between the three class systems where there isn’t too much of a gap, first of all and then the more income you earn for the harder the job but also to reflect how much hours you work, take the NHS system as a working model, more income for jobs that are more difficult, such as surgens and consultants but keep their wages similar, except more wages for experience so each year you get an increase, this can work as its working just now. Bonuses should be given 1 every so often to one hard working individual not every like banks are operating and wages should be capped and given to the needy like Bill gates – who already takes some initiative and gives to charity, I am not saying cap at 1 million a year or even 100000 pounds a year but you know when your making 500 million a year and cannot spend it you know your making too much, I mean some people make more in salaries than some countries have in GDP!!! Its a disgrace! I am not a socialist nut job! I am in favour of working, I have been told that working is the way forward all my life, and I strongly believe in it! But I also believe that the existence of a public sector is there when the market fails and brings with it the private sector, although it does tend to recover it causes problems for the mass population, I hate seeing my family in trouble between jobs and also my neighbours or general people in my town, but I hate seeing people who exploit the system so they don’t need to work in their lives, benefits are not a RIGHT they are a cushion for people who need it most when they are in difficult times! We need a balance, an overhaul and people need to give themselves a shake, and realise they cannot live in a society like this, but also the rich middle class OX-BRIDGE idiots in Westminster cannot take us down the right path because they share no universal view! I do not want to punish the rich, its not ROBIN HOOD anymore, most people who have money now, have worked hard for it and deserve a comfortable living, but the poor should not have to be poor either, the over the top rich people like TRUMP and COWELL, even though I like Simon, have too much money and think they are ALL-POWERFUL but money isn’t everything, and I would love to go to America and just tell them this from an early age as they will eventually corrupt themselves and become a third world nation! It is already happening, with their TENT CITIES and NO UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, who the hell decided that health and education is a priviledge anyway?!?! It should be a right! I am glad Scotland sees this! Hopefully the world will too! I will say this though, I’m pretty sure the people who decided it was a priviledge, was the same people that have retained power and money for generations!

      • Chris is a loser says:


        You are a loser. Do you jerk off when you respond to these comments. You are pathetic. Do you work? You are a disrespectful ass. It’s obvious you never had your ass kicked. It’s obvious someone should. My 7 yearl old even thinks you are a loser. Pathetic! Stop jerking off and go out and get laid. You need it and do it before someone seriously kicks your ass.

      • Millard says:

        Talk about a potty mouth. The only person that needs there ass kicked is you. How the hell did you manage to have kids? Must have been dumb luck.

      • Millard says:

        You certainly havee your name right.

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  268. gillard most definitely did not say this.
    she is a quisling and panders to any group other than her own for votes. she is the most destructive, most machiavellian, most manipulative, most marxist politician australia has ever had.
    she has pandered to muslims by allowing thousands of them to illegally enter our country by opening up the borders.
    she cares little about anyone or anything aside form her own political gain not forgetting her lying and compltete dishonesty.
    maddy’s comment above are 100% correct

  269. Colin says:

    What a great speech from the aussie prime minister, I resent the fact that in England we accept imigrants into our country from so called war torn countries, then once in they go on a crimespree, pick pocketing, prostetution rings, ripping off cash machines. All this after they claim all the free benefits they can get, They also get priority on the housing lists, and complain about everything. I believe in helping people who are genuinely in need, but it really makes me sick when I am a minority in my own country and being surrounded by a hoard of foriegn spongers most of whom are a drain on society. It really boils my blood when i think of how my young daughter is forced to be raised due to the Gutless polititions who run England today. If I had enough money today I would be out of this garbage hole country in a flash, However people are not allowed to earn a decent wage in this country due to the thieving government that tax you on everything except the air you breath, that wont be long coming…..and you cannot even retire after you have worked all your life because the government have stolen all the pension contributions.

    • Olga says:

      Where would you go? Spain, who is in a deep…, Germany with her mini-jobs worth of 300 euros a month and with her lies,lies,lies…France who has just woken up after Sarkozy and doesn’t realy know which way to take…USA who are coming to the end of their political power…? Stay where you are and fight for your rights and dignity. We are fighting in Spain in spite of the Police’s clubs and batons.

  270. upaces88 says:

    Is this the “3rd or 4th” time this has been done? I wondered because the first and second time were very successful…why in the world did he change his mind?

  271. Kirk says:

    AWESOME!! Good for her!! I wish we would do that in AMERICA!! Life has become too complicated to be “THAT” P.C…..You dont like our ways? GET THE FUK OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    used to be a amusement account it. Look advanced to far delivered agreeable
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  273. michael says:

    might as well say my farther inlaw part owner of a electronic securty systems and p.a. and intercoms and stuff for the government . this bisness is called w.r. sounds. and when i was about 16 years of age i was present when you had a micraphone instaled into a room or office . now the only room that can take the sound out the meeting is to be the recording room or where the days sitings are recorded and then this is what the media gets . knowing in witch room this was placed and via switch on the p.a. speeker has three setings . and this is when keeting was wondering old parlement house i seen him there . now say left wing been in office for ten years so right wing is lift wings maskaraid or puppet and all els you all dont know stuff all m. irvine

  274. hitler says:

    amen!! why can’t Canada be this way? political correctness is ruining the world and creating a generation with no concept of reality, especially North America. Muslims and ni$$ers flooding in all the the worlds countries, having 10 kids and weakening society. Get them all out of Canada and nuke the middle eas/Africa, im tired of this sh!t. They dont even like Canadians we’re infidels to them, they don’t even try to learn english, they still call their home country their home, they never fought, nor would they ever fight for Canada and know nothing about Canadian history. We need to eliminate this threat soon but it’s already too late. It’s merry christmas not happy holidays. If you don’t like it then get out! they should adapt to us, not the other way around

  275. cowboybobmt says:


    let’s be clear on the 2nd amendment once and for all…instead of just making stuff up on the fly about hunting, natives, wild animals, etc. It is primarily about the ability to prevent foreign invasion in the form of militias (even our Army could not protect this country from the types of attacks we can expect in this day and age even if they were allowed to,,,which they are not…ref: posse comitatus) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, for the citizenry to maintain the capability to overthrow a tyrannical government. Read Jefferson and the other Founders for more FACTS on this subject and quit making arguments to fit your political persuasion. And oh by the way, America will NEVER disarm under any circumstances…any attempt to do so forcefully will lead to many years of strife which might well take down the republic. So quit with all the idiotic statements about sportsmen and citizens protecting themselves only wanting guns so lunatics on government prescribed drugs (ref: ritalin dispensed in the public schools/indoctrination centers) can go on rampages. Study all the latest binge shooters and understand ALL the warning signs they displayed which were ignored. Then remember that 100 million other guns harmed NO ONE yesterday.

  276. guess who says:

    This Speech is an absolute Lie, Julia Gillard did not say this nor did John Rudd or John Howard, these are horrible lies believed by people who are too darn lazy to find out the truth

  277. Pingback: Thoughts on gun control? - Page 5 - Toyota Minis - Dedicated to Classic Toyota Pickup, Hilux, and Stout Truck Owners

  278. Elissa says:

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  279. butters says:

    The reason most of my american friends are upset with Obama is we don’t trust the people around him. Bill Ayers ( weather underground fame) and Van Jones are both Communists and taking any guns from us reminds us of what has happened to countries in the past. The slow sneaky process of disarming it’s citizens seems to be the agenda. In Miller vs. US 1939 the Supreme Court felt it was necessary for citizens to have the same type of weapons as it’s Army in order to protect people from it’s own government. The mass shootings in our country are being committed by mentally ill people and that issue is not getting enough attention. Most states allow the posession of flame throwers for Christs sake! If they take guns away and someone torches 100 kids with a flame thrower, is that when they will finally look at identifying people who are mental and addressing the core problem. :(

  280. Pingback: Aussie Prime Minister Says it like it is.. or does she.. What do you think? | Terry Ladouceur

  281. cna says:

    I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
    Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for
    you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. kudos

  282. if you follow the current policies of political corectness and allowing immigrant scum to dictate our future and culture you will pay with genocide on the australian race wake up you gutless white trash

  283. Denise says:

    Wish Obama would say the same in the USA we welcome everyone and then we are being Targeted look at Boston Merathon!

  284. Disney Cruises During the Caribbean

  285. mike john says:

    have the australian prime minister got a spare set of balls she could send to david cameron

  286. nora says:

    Strange isnt it, we havent heard one word of the Australian Prime Ministers speech is England/Britain, the media are very selective are’nt they they showed us when she lost her shoe like that was important,
    its about time a leader stood up and spoke straight instead of dancing round the handbag like the rest of these so called democracies!!!

  287. Deb Martin says:

    Thank you for Ayling what most of the U

  288. Deb Martin says:

    Thank you for speaking out loud what all free
    Citizens are thinking but cannot say out loud.
    Put these freedom haters back in their own
    Poverty stricken country and leave them there
    Leave the people that love freedom alone we
    Know how to live and treat others

  289. asshatdick says:

    Its all BS she never said it. I am from Australia and this whole page is a god damn lie.

  290. asshatdick says:

    sorry bud. but we need her ass gone from government too get any really change. I like the sex party personally. lol
    I cant stand her on TV. just a NWO Puppet.
    We don’t need any FEMA camps or DHS or any security because most of the population are asleep sheep’s. mindless zombies working everyday for a nice patch of land in a cemetery under a tree. Sorry too disappoint.

    • upaces88 says:

      Well, it looks like Japan is the only country reallly standing up to them. Canada’s Harper is holding his own…but he had to beat back idiots to get back in office again.

  291. asshatdick says:

    Yeah they can send some radioactive people over their too take care of them LOL

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  300. adam says:

    what a retard ,she is trying to hide behind Christianity mean time she is a scam bag.all of a sudden you are christian after killing the natives of Australia and Canada.and talking about Islam .you are like a fly talking about a big elephant you dirt bag.i practice Islam in Australia everyday like it or not,and all my kids are born in Australia and they study Islam.

  301. nicole says:

    yea she is trying to get supporters again for election .is she christian ,i guess she is on here .reality she is an atheist ,stop talking about god you retard


  303. upaces88 says:

    The date on this is 2011. Did she do it again since then?

  304. amjad shah says:

    sir help me i com your country

  305. Brandi Reynolds says:

    This is awesome! AMERICA wake up and stop your political correctness! Australia is the perfect example of taking it to the basics! I wish every politician, president and citizen of America understood the basics.
    Mrs. Prime Minister of Australia, you are awesome and I wish I could join your country! Your not afraid to stand up for what your country was founded on and your not telling everyone else to make this huge conversion, but your not changing YOUR CULTURE to fit other CULTURES that choose to COME there. Either except the way of the land or get the hell out! America, it’s the ABC ‘S OF LIVING.

  306. Doug Graham says:

    I could WISH that Ms. Gillard had made these remarks, but unfortunately, it’s an Intenet Urban Myth. See this link:

  307. matt says:

    well said ,….. explanatory , understandable …… muslims who don’t like this speech . They should understand what made some body say this .. what changes they should adopt to be part of society

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