Sharia Law, Pictures, and the Hypocrites

Moderate Muslims have no problem with pictures, as long as they are not used in idolatry. But for Sharia Muslims, are you criticizing what non-Muslims do based on the hadiths, when you as a Muslim break these same hadiths?

If you have been a Muslim hypocrite, but do not want to be anymore, I am ready to help. I will be happy to go over to your house, and help you destroy all of your books and newspapers that have photographs of people or animals in them, and break your TV, VCR, and video camera. When can I come over?

So if a conservative Muslim tries to tell you that Sharia Law should be practiced today, or is outraged over a picture, ask them if they have a TV. If following the hadiths does not work for them, they are a hypocrite to demand from others to follow it.

Now God does not want us to be hypocrites. If you teach other people to follow something, then you should try to follow it yourself. But if you do not think you should follow something, such as Sharia, then do not tell others that they should follow it.

Summary: The points of this article are very simple:

  • Contrary to what most Muslims think, no pictures of people or animals are allowed.
  • If you would consistently follow Sharia Law in the hadiths, then get rid of all your pictures.
  • If not, don’t advocate Sharia Law.

Furthermore, this article was written as background information for gaining a better understanding in regard to the controversy about the Muhammad Cartoons. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been protesting, and thousands of Muslims became violent, attacking and destroying embassies of Denmark and other countries, issuing death threats, etc.

The above discussion shows that the prohibition of pictures cannot be the reason. What then is really going on here? What is the reason for thousands of Muslims to go on a rampage?

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