Muslims and Pictures Today

No pictures in the home includes no television in the home. When television in Saudi Arabia began having pictures of people and animals, there were violent riots. On the other hand, in the west at least, most Muslims do not observe any prohibitions against pictures.

Moustapha Akkad was the Muslim who produced and directed the movie “Muhammad Messenger of God”. It is widely used by Muslims as a missionary tool to invite people to Islam. Although the person of Muhammad is not shown in the movie, the actors are playing many of his companions, contradicting the above Islamic rules. It is ironic that the producer of this flattering movie was himself killed by Muslims. Moustapha was one of the people who died in the hotel bombing in Amman Jordan on November 9, 2005.

Moreover, you can see many pictures of Muhammad, created by Muslims themselves, in museums and on web sites, e.g. The Birth of Muhammad, Muhammad’s call to prophethood, The Night Journey of Muhammad on His Steed, Buraq, etc. (1, 2, 3). The Mohammed Image Archive has two substantial collections of Muslim art containing depictions of Muhammad.

The following are examples of pictures of people from current Muslim books about prayer. While probably the majority of Muslims would have no problem with the book covers below, Sharia Muslims who tell people to follow the hadiths would see that this disobeys the previously mentioned hadiths.

Here is another picture, actually a large painting, of Saddam Hussain praying. Look at this, and then ask if this goes against the teaching of the hadiths. It is understandable though that no Muslims in Iraq voiced any criticism about this, because they would have been killed if they did. Hussein had numerous other pictures of him too. I am not aware of Muslims outside of Iran having outrage over this picture:

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