You might call this confession of a reluctant sanction-monger.

Advocating sanctions against ones homeland is as strange as advocating for ones extended family to go without, so there better be a damn good reason(s) for such odd advocacy.

First a little personal background which might help in dispelling any false notion or prejudgment. My entire extended family except one sibling live in Iran, all except one world-class rich distant cousin, are middle to lower middle class with most being like the overwhelming majority of Iranians in the hand to mouth category. So my advocacy of sanctions does come from the point of view of someone who knows what it is to be of limited means, what a precarious situation it is and what real airtight economic sanctions could do.

All that said I am for sanctioning IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, here are some but not all my reasons:

I am convinced that the way IRR is abusing the nation, disintegration, wide spread armed civil strife and general lawlessness are not that far off, some of it already exists.

I am convinced that due to its nuke and regional interference policies IRR is imposing a devastating war on woefully unprepared Iran and Iranians.

I am convinced that the opposition to the IRR, both inside and outside, are opportunistic go with the flow type, therefore do not have any plan to head off the coming devastation. And even if they had plans they lack the means to face up to such barbaric regime.

I am convinced former IRR guys, a PM, President and Speaker of Majles, who are its opposition now as the Persian saying goes are like the knife’s blade which does not cut its own handle. Their opposition will not amount to anything meaningful just adding to peoples’ piled up dashed hopes which will one day explode with devastating consequences.

I am convinced that the opposition to war and sanction at any price has become an end to itself therefore will end up in having both war and sanction imposed on Iran and Iranians.

I am convinced that unless the ruling Islamist system including the “reformist, pragmatist and principalist” is gotten rid of by the Iranian people, others with no care whatsoever for Iran or Iranian will do it and nothing will stop them.

I am convinced that IRR is way past its ideological phase and now depends on paid thugs as opposed to volunteers to do its suppression operations; less funds will mean far less thugs beating, raping and killing Iranians which is the basic tactic in any such fight to reduce the regime’s forces making the it more vulnerable to people power.

I am convinced that without airtight sanctions in addition to moral and material help to Iranians to soften the sanction blow and to quicken the fall of the Islamist Rapists, war is inevitable.

There are many models for bringing unreformable regimes such as the IRR down, for the stated reasons, to avoid war, I believe downfall of the regime should be the goal and, reluctantly believe sanction is part of any solution in that regards. Now if that makes me a warmonger so be it.

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