By Jeff Skrzypek

PORTLAND, Ore. — New information is being released about the Portland tree lighting bomb suspect.

Some believe certain internet sites could have inspired his alleged plot.

The websites aim at encouraging youth around the globe to inflict violence against the western part of the world.

The FBI says Mohamed Osman Mohamud wanted to travel to Pakistan for training for a violent jihad.

That outreach Mohamud desired might be traced back to the growing number of extremist websites that target young people.

The Department of Homeland Security says only 15 of these sites were around a decade ago, but now there are more than 6,000 sites that try to recruit and inspire youth with violence against the west.

So in an effort to help curb these kinds of sites, promotes love for all and hatred for none.

“Hopefully, they’ll find us more powerful in our message because it’s based on documented teachings of Islam rather than a political ideology,” said Harris Zafar, Muslims For Peace.

The Portland bombing suspect wrote pieces for magazines Inspire and Jihad Recollections, which experts say reach out to the youth but have an overall message that the U.S. is an enemy.

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