Separation of church and state? Not when it comes to a federal court and Islamic Sharia law.

In a bizarre and troubling ruling, U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange on Tuesday struck down an Oklahoma constitutional amendment that banned Sharia law in the state.

Miles-LaGrange, apparently not a member of the National Organization for Women, said that restricting Sharia law conveyed a message that the state favors one religion or particular belief over others and, thus, violated the First Amendment’s clause prohibiting the establishment of a state religion.

If Miles-LaGrange had bothered to read the Quran or kept up with current events, she would know that Sharia’s ultimate purpose is to impose a state religion — and it’s not Christianity.

Miles-LaGrange’s fundamental misinterpretation of the First Amendment harks back to the days when Mormons tried to impose their system of matrimony under the cover of religious freedom. U.S. courts have consistently ruled that expression of beliefs is constitutional, but that the practice of those tenets is subject to restrictions or outright prohibition by Congress and the judiciary.

That’s how this country outlawed plural marriage more than a century ago.

Now, thanks to the tortured and anti-democratic intervention of a judge who summarily overturned a vote of the people, Muslims are one step closer to making a legal case for putting polygamy back on our shores. Under Sharia law, Muslim men are permitted up to four wives.

And we won’t even get into the stoning, clitoral circumcision and other barbaric practices that are sanctioned, or even required, by Islam’s Sharia law.

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