Karachi: November 27, 2010. (PCP) On November 20 a Christian named Zohab son of s/o pervaiz rahi age 20 years eloped with a Muslim girl named Anum age 18 daughter of Mohammad Abid resident of Baldia town, Karachi. Young Christian man had accepted Islam and got married with a Muslim girl.

The Muslims of that area and the parents and relatives of the ran away girl particularly people of Hazara community backed by the religious elements started harassing and practically and attacked several Christians in the area.

Many Christians had fled from their houses due to the fear their lives.

The police initially favored the attackers and began to harass poor innocent Christians who have nothing to do with this marriage at all.

After sometime when the well organized mob fuelled with religious anger planning to burn the houses of poor Christians and during this time police got alerted and many of us have been calling the different people to pacify the situation so the pressure developed on the police and than they deployed police and ranger as well for the protection of Christians.

St Luke school and church were also attacked as well and the oppressors had warned the school administration to close the school or face the consequences and those consequences were that the oppressors will burn the school, children and the entire staff as well, due to the fear the school was closed for two days. It opened yesterday.

Christians are still in fear and expecting attacks or acts of provocation and the biggest concern they had expressed is the safety of their women, children and particularly young girls.

I am busy in that and will be visiting the area often and meeting different people and consoling them and giving them hope.

So called Christian representatives are affiliated with political parties they always use their position to silence the voices of their very own people.

Plus in this particularly matter nobody will support us from the majority side.

Many young Christian girls had fled the area due to fear of rape and abduction.

The warning has been given to the already fear stricken poor Christian community that

If they can’t produce the Muslim girl than the Christians girls will face severe consequences like rape and abduction.

They oppressors are using this marriage/ eloped couple as an excuse to not jus to harass but burn the houses and kill the Christians in order to satisfy their hatred.

The former MPA parliamentarian of that area who belongs to Islamic political party Jamaat –e- Islami is provoking plus another religious party called Sunni Teherek is also involved in this well organized conspiracy against destitute, defenseless and helpless Christians.

It is the uneducated people who are always influenced by the hate mongers and the narrow minded clerics.

I am doing my level best to pacify the situation and above all to extend further protection to the traumatized Christian community of the above cited area, reports Minority rights advocate Elvis Steven.

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