In my previous article, I have discussed how Prophet Muhammad’s holy tradition, namely the example of his marrying 6-year-old Aisha at the age of 52, inspires Muslims across the world to engage in child-marriage and pedophilia.

As a matter of fact, child-marriage devastates the lives of little girls in many ways. Most importantly, a marriage between two individuals of such unequal age and maturity can never develop in a loving and mutually respectful one, which should be the central component in marriage, or between couples. It becomes a relationship between master or slave, to be more accurate, between master and sex-slave.

There is another, rather cruel and tragic, aspect of it, it is bodily torture, not only by beating as allowed by Allah, but also by forcing those little girls into sex, for which she is not physically prepared too, even if we ignore their mental preparedness.

The perversity of Islamic culture is that when a man brings his new wife, often a complete stranger, home, he must have sex with her on the very first night. Else friends and neighbours would tease him of lacking manhood.

Because of such social pressure, the husband would normally have sex with his wife, even if that requires forcing (i.e. rape; in Islam, there is no such thing as marital rape: “Your wife is your tilth for you, plough her how, where and when you want”, says the Koran 2:223) to prove his manhood. When this is done on little girls, they suffer extreme pain and genital injury, which could, tragically, even fatal, leading to death.

The features discussed above support the view that, in Islam, women are to be raped and not to be loved. In this world, Muslims are to rape their wives, their sex-slaves and kafir women, and in the other life in paradise, they are to rape heavenly virgins or houris.

A 13-year-old Yemeni Bride died due to Genital Injury and Bleeding:

A 13-year-old Yemeni bride bleeds to death after intercourse

On April 2, this tear (2010) a 13-year-old Yemeni girl has died of injuries to her genitals four days after a family-arranged marriage, in Hajja, Yemen. The practice of marrying young girls is widespread in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen and in many other Islamic countries. But the incident that took place in Yemen has drawn the attention of international human rights groups seeking to pressure the government to declare child marriages illegal and fix 17 as the lowest age for marrying off girls. According to Majed al-Madhaji, a spokesman for the Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights, the said 13-year-old girl was married to a 23-year-old boy and she died 4 days after marriage, on April 2. A medical report from al-Thawra hospital said she suffered a tear to her genitals and severe bleeding was the cause of her death. The Associated Press reported the girl was allegedly raped, and that her 23-year-old husband is now in police custody.

Another Yemeni human rights group said the girl was married off in an agreement between two men to marry each other’s sisters to avoid having to pay expensive bride-prices. The group said that was a common arrangement in the deeply impoverished country. According to a survey by the Social Affairs Ministry of Yemen, more than a quarter of Yemen’s girls marry before age of 15. The report also said that the tribal custom also plays a role, including the belief that a young bride can be shaped into an obedient wife, bear more children and be kept away from temptation.

In February, last year (2009), the Parliament legislated a law banning child marriage and setting the 17 years as the minimum age of marriage for girls. But it was disapproved and repealed by the highest religious authority and sent back to parliament’s constitutional committee for review. Some lawmakers called the move  un-Islamic and a group of the country’s highest Islamic authorities declared that those who support a ban on child marriage as apostates. Some of Yemen’s most influential Islamic leaders, including one of the US, said that Osama bin Laden have declared supporters of a ban on child marriage to be apostates.

Another Yemeni child bride hospitalized with genital injuries:

It should be mentioned here that, on April 14, another Yemeni child bride, 11-year-old, has been hospitalized with similar genital injury. According to the report of a human rights group in Sanaa, an 11-year-old Yemeni girl who was married to a man in country’s Hajja province was hospitalized on April 14, with genital injuries. So, it was the second incident genital injury involving a child bride within a couple of weeks in Yemen after being sexually assaulted by their adult husbands. It should also be noticed that both girls were married in the Hajja province of the country..

It should be mentioned here that the said 11-year-old girl was married last year only under the condition that her adult husband would wait to consummate the marriage until she reached puberty. “But he, like many other men who marry child brides, did not wait”, says Amal Basha, director of the Arabic Sisters Forum, a human rights organization. “She looked like she was butchered,” said the girl’s mother, Nijma Ahmed. A police report says that the husband forced himself on his young bride, feeling under pressure to prove his manhood.

A study has revealed that nearly 50 percent of the women in Yemen are married before age 18, some as young as 8 and as many as 8 girls die each day in Yemen due to child marriage. “Many of them in childbirth”, Last year a child marriage case in Yemen made international headlines after a 12-year-old girl died in childbirth, together with the baby” says Ms Basha. “The group, Arabic Sisters Forum, also runs a hotline for victims of domestic violence and has been lobbying in support of a minimum marriage age now under consideration by the Yemeni parliament” she adds..But the Islamic conservatives in Yemen. Clerics have declared a war against women like Amal Basha declaring them apostates from Islam for opposing child marriage, which they see as divinely ordained by Allah. “The government”, she says, “is intimidated by the religious and tribal customs.” While talking to the journalists, she said, “They say that the attempt to ban child marriage is un-Islamic. They also declared jihad against the UN treaty on women’s rights. … They say my campaign is a Western agenda, that it will lead to sex out of wedlock and prostitution,” Ms Basha said.

It should be mentioned here that Ms Basha was repeatedly threatened, had a liquid sprayed in her face on the street, the headquarters of her organization was ransacked and the brakes on her car were cut in an assassination attempt. Many believe that the reasons for the such attacks on her include, beside her support for stopping child marriage, her advocacy for arbitrarily detained prisoners and a report on torture in Yemen submitted by several Yemeni human rights organizations to the UN which contributed to the UN’s findings on November 19th, expressing “grave concern” and calling for an investigation of unlawful killings (murder) by security forces.

Yemeni Women oppose child marriage ban:

It is really astonishing that for whom the social activist like Amal Basha and many others are fighting, ignoring the threats and attacks on their lives by the conservatives, the Yemeni women in thousands, clad in head to toe burqa, held a demonstration on Sunday, March 21, 2010, outside the parliament in San’a, to oppose the proposed legislation banning the marriage of girls under 17. The protesters held up banners proclaiming “Don’t ban what Allah made permissible”, or “Stop violating Islamic sharia law in the name of rights and freedoms”.  an AFP correspondent said. It is not difficult to understand that the said demonstration was organized by the Muslim clerics who oppose the proposal on grounds it goes against Islamic sharia law. They also brought the protesters in organized buses. “Most importantly, the religious decree, issued after Sunday’s demonstration, deeply imperils efforts to salvage legislation that would make it illegal for those under the age of 17 to marry” says AP.

“A handful of women’s rights activists outside the parliament were seen leaving after being outnumbered by the demonstrators. ‘It is unreasonable to marry our daughters at the age of eight or nine. This is a serious problem”, said Houriya Mashhour, deputy director of Yemen’s Women National Committee. “It is really a tough task to liberate people who prefer to remain shackled”, said an observer. Such is the power of Muhammad’s vicious cult, which can so imperviously inspire Muslim women to embrace even a tragic end to their lives.

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